Top 9 Moments in 2015! Why not 10? Because Instagram. 

Welp, Poodles. 2015 is almost a wrap. I would be remiss if I didn’t at LEAST post a sort of “Colby’s Year in Review” post for auld lang syne. Seeing as how #2015bestnine is taking the Insta-nets by storm, I figured I’d jump on the Trendy Bus, give it a whirl and see what moments were memorable. There were plenty more than nine, and I’m not sure how Rudolph made the cut, but he did. And so did Shalane Freaking Flanagan! So there’s that. Let’s review Colby’s Epic 2015, shall we? 

1. Hansons Marathon Method. How could I put together a “Best of” list without my beloved Hansons? 2015 saw me setting a super high running goal- To Run a BQ. With great goals, comes a great training program. And a shit load of craft beer and lobster rolls. I loved them. I hated them. The Hansons Method kicked my ass. That damn training program pushed me so far out of my comfort zone I might as well have been in orbit. But it worked. And in the process I learned I am far tougher and stronger than I ever thought possible. 

ermahgerd hernserns mahtherd
2. I found a unicorn! I qualified for Boston! And in the process had one of the BEST weekends of the year with my BEST friend and Blogging Partner in Crime, Tina. We both ran the races of a lifetime and did it together. Two friends. Two BQ’s. Two PR’s. And 200 beers.  Ain’t nothin’ better. 

3. I watched Tina run her first Boston Marathon! In the pouring rain with Shalane Flanagan (see above). I was overflowing with happiness. So proud of her. I can’t wait to run it together. 2017 here we come! 

4. I rode in my 11th consecutive Pan-Massachusetts Challenge! ~200 miles in two days across the state of Massachusetts- all to raise money for cancer research. Personally, I have raised over $73,000. Yeah. I’m pretty proud of that one. My heart simply overflows. ❤

4. Drunk Otis. I mean, do I really need to write another word about this sock-eating-hot mess-drunken-frat-boy of a chocolate lab we rescued this year? I hate to say it, but in some ways he’s rescued us. We love him. And sometimes hate him. Maybe we should have named him Drunken Hanson.  

Drunk Otis.

5. I am healthy. I had a very real cancer scare this year. It was terrifying. Thankfully, after surgery, all was well. I exhaled. And realized that without health, you have nothing. Nothing at all.

6. Janji! I am honored to be associated with such an amazing, socially responsible running apparel company. Each item of clothing provides a year of clean water to a person in an impoverished country. And the stuff is cute to boot. My fellow Janji Corps Ambassadors are an AMAZING group of runners- some of whom qualified for Olympic trials. Um. That wasn’t me. Not even with Hansons Method.


Janji kit on point.

7. I discovered Hoka One One. And my legs and feet rejoiced. I also discovered InsideTracker. And my health did an about face. 

8. I fell in love with trail running. And plan on running more trail races in 2016 and quite possibly, another ultra. Gulp! I ran a bunch of trail races this year and loved every muddy, hard ass technicical minute of it. Run Wild! Get Outside, Poodles! 

9. I have amazing people in my life. My Other Half is referred to as such, because he is. He makes me whole. I watched him run his first marathon this year and race cyclocross like an Elite BOSS. He qualified for Boston straight out of the gate. He makes me proud. All of my friends do. This year wasn’t the “Best” for many of my friends. Yet, they handled their year with strength and grace. I am honored to be their friend.


You know, in writing this 2015 Best Moment list and thinking about what 2016 will bring, what goals and accomplishments I am gunning for, what races I will run, a thought occurred to me. I don’t want 2016 to be all about things I want. Instead, I’d rather work on becoming the Best Me I can be. A better listener. More present. And far more kind. I think we all need a lot more of that. Besides, aren’t we all a work in progress? I’ve got my hard hat on. That’s it.  I’m officially “Under Construction.” To a happier, healthier, kinder 2016! 

Cheers, Friends! 


20 thoughts on “Top 9 Moments in 2015! Why not 10? Because Instagram. 

  1. I have loved this year for you. You battled through Hansons, and you came out with the Unicorn. And you know how I feel about your animals 😀 Drunk Otis and I (and you, obvs) need to party. Happy New Year, my crazy friend!

    • Thank you, My Sweet Friend. I’m so glad we “met” this year. I love that you’re coaching and I hate that you’re dealing with an injury. Here’s to a Real Life Meet up in 2016!!! Much love to you and Alex!!! Xoxo

  2. What a great way to recap an epic year! I’m with you…trying to figure out my 2016 goals is tough. Because this year isn’t about finish times for me, it’s going to be about finish lines. Corny? Yes. But that is my goal. I want to enjoy the ride instead of pushing so hard. Let’s see how that works out for this uber competitive old lady…

    • Wendy I have so enjoyed your posts, your grit and your overall badassery! I don’t think it’s corny one bit. In fact, I am embracing the Finish Lines Theory. As for running, 2015 was about my BQ goal. That was it. I committed. I wanted it. I worked my can off. But. I love running without a Garmin. I love trail running. Which for me, has nothing to do with time. It has to do with the experience. The joy of running wild. I’m with you, Sister! To a wonderful new year!! Xoxo

  3. What a great year you’ve had! Just bought the new Hansons Marathon Method book and am seriously considering trying the Just Finish program to re-enter the marathon scene after a 3 yr absence (oh, and cancer). Biting my nails!!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. So many really great moments for you in 2015 & it’s so good to do this reflecting at the end of the year. I usually just plough on into the next year without a minute’s thought but when you actually stop and take stock, you realise how many awesome things you got into the year. Trail running is on my list for this year too 😉 Best of luck for 2016!

    • Same to you Fiona! It’s only in the past few years that I’ve begun to really take a look at where I started and where I wound up. It usually occurs on my New Year’s Eve run! It’s a great time to take stock! All the best in the year ahead! 🙂

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