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I love a fresh clean slate. That’s just what I woke up to. This morning, I woke up with a mild grade New Year’s Eve hangover. Yet, I was excited. The day seemed ripe with new possibilities despite my slight haze. Shit. Even my breakfast was happy.

Which of course made me happy. So, in Pure Colby fashion, I drank a gallon of coffee, chased it with a tall glass of SkratchLabs and searched for my new trail kicks. I was stoked for the first run of 2016.  Not to be over shadowed by the Last Run of 2015, which was a glorious seven mile jaunt on my favorite route. It was a beautiful, contemplative 7 miles of happiness. 

But today, Drunk Otis, My Other Half and I headed to Our Favorite Trails to run wild. As only Drunk Otis could. What fun we had! I love trail running. Simply love it. I haven’t felt that free since I was a 10 year old kid, racing through the woods next to the golf course near our house to snatch fly golf balls that would wind up in the scrub. Then we’d sell them back to the Rogue Golfers at a discount. #freeenterprise 

Drunk Otis is happiest when he is running with his Humans. I swear I heard that dog let out a whoop! He’s amazing. Picks the right line every time. He’s the Scott Jurek of dogs. He sails through the trail, turning back every so often to make sure I am there. And if not? He waits. Patiently. Tongue out. Tail wagging so fast it’s blurry. So today, I took my first page, and handed it to Otis to write.  

The Natural.

 Life for him, is a godamn party every single second. He doesn’t worry about his feet, or his ankles. He is not afraid of falling and hasn’t stumbled yet. If he did, he’d probably laugh out loud, then catch up with his peeps and tell an overinflated tale of the rock that tried to bite his chocolate brown ass. He looks for the line, and tears it up. He is fearless. He is joyful. He is confident. Otis lives life LOUD. Bullhorn Style. 

Sun’s out, tongue’s out.

That dog can run. For the pure joy of running. It was exhilarating watching him. Made my whole heart smile. 

What a great way to begin. πŸ™‚

Do you run with your dog? What’s your spirit animal? Trails or road. Go! 

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26 thoughts on “Page 1 of 366

  1. I love running/walking/hiking/biking with my chocolate dog too (labxpointer named Norm)! Whenever I’m not feeling it I try to focus on how happy he is to be out and moving. We mostly run gravel roads as we’re out on a farm but he loves sniffing new trails.

    • Norm! I love him already! We rescued Otis in June so we’re really just hitting our stride. He loves it. And he’s come such a long way! He’s under 2 and needed some manners. But in the woods? He’s home. πŸ™‚

    • Honestly, I think Drunk Otis prefers my pace to My Other Half’s. He’s super zippy. But either way he aims to please. Oh and by the way. Drunk Otis has been firmly planted in front of the fire for 2 hours. The longest we’ll take him is 8. But I know he would run longer. He just loves to be in the great outdoors!

  2. Alas, we no longer have pooches. We had two while my daughters were growing up (2 dogs = Healthy Kids) but I’ve grown fond of picking up dog poop… and freedom!

  3. I think my spirit animal is a cross between Zoe and drunk Otis. A combo of crazy, craft beer, laziness, and need to run.
    And don’t forget my dear… It’s a leap year! An extra day of being ridiculous!

  4. Yes I too enjoyed my first run of 2016 in the trails which I love with a great friend and our 4 legged friends. It always gives me great joy when I’m running with my buds and if it wasn’t for them I probably would have stopped running. Now it feels great to be cuddling up with them andd going to sleep here’s to the rest of 2016

    • That’s a lot of dog! Hang on! Otis is 90lb. He’s massive to me. We also have two others, Leon James and Evil Beagle (aka Pearl Anne). The total pounds of dog in our house is ridiculous. It outweighs me by a small child. πŸ™‚

  5. Best breakfast ever! Think this would make me happy for the rest of the day, regardless of how it tasted – I’m gonna have to add to my list of resolutions “Make Breakfast Look Happy”. Good luck for 2016!

  6. I *heart* Drunk Otis. I wish I could fun carefree like him! I’m way too scared of spraining my ankle on a rogue tree root or something. I do love trail running, though. I also love the look of that avocado toast – yum! Here’s to an awesome 2016 full of awesome running adventures! πŸ™‚

    • He would *heart* you alright! He super *hearts* bike. Runs like a nut after them! That damn toast made me happy all day. And same to you, Buddy! To an adventure filled, happy, healthy 2016!

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