The Mark Zuckerberg Run Streak Challenge. And robots.

I was skimming through the Internets last night, as I am wont to do on a frigid Tuesday after sweating my face off at the gym, and came across Mark Zuckerberg’s 2016 Running Challenge. I also read something about him building a robot butler.  While I am not an authority on Robot Butlers, I do know a little bit about Robot Maids and know that Rosie the Robot Maid on the Jetson’s was a pretty badass broad. Unless he makes him in her spitting image, I don’t think anything he whips up will come close to emulating Rosie’s panache. Such a sassy little Robot, that Rosie was.


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Mark Zuckerberg’s physical challenge is “easy.” Run 1 mile a day. Every day. For a year. For your health.

Personally? I think it’s great. Absolutely great. If it inspires a handful of folks to unplug, get out and move, I am all for it. Mind you, this is THE Facebook Guy. This dude is tethered to a million computers every second of every day. To infinity and beyond. He’s asking you to log OFF of Facebook for roughly 10 minutes each day, give or take. He’s challenging you to get the hell off of social media for a minute or so, get outside and move! I think it’s fantastic. But that’s me. As you can imagine, the Internet Volcanos erupted, oozing its annoying, exhausting, judgy lava everywhere.

  • MARK ZUCKERBERG IS ONLY GOING TO RUN A MILE A DAY? Pfft. Bitch, please. That’s child’s play. Make it 5 a day. Minimally. Then run an ultra every other.

I’m exhausted. Stop. Just stop.

You know what I think? I think the first mile is the hardest. Always. Beginner or expert. Never trust it. It’s a liar, but that’s a post for another day. I think the average person thinks running 365 miles in one year is pretty goddamn far. It is, by the way. I think we “Runners” need to remember where we all started. Which was at the beginning. Mile 0. For me, it was running telephone pole to telephone pole. First one mile then three, then in time, five. I’ll never forget starting. It’s the hardest part. I also think that doing something every single day transforms a New Year’s Physical Challenge into a Habit. A healthy habit. A lifestyle change. And the sense of pride and accomplishment that says anything you put your mind to is possible. And that is nothing but good.

Unless of course you run like Mark Zuckerberg. Who will apparently be laid up in traction and in a full leg cast by next Wednesday. I sure hope his Robot Butler can take care of him. 😉

What’s the longest number of days you’ve run for? Do you remember your first run? Are you up for Mark’s Challenge?




34 thoughts on “The Mark Zuckerberg Run Streak Challenge. And robots.

  1. Guilty, I totally thought “he’s running with his phone”. But yes, it is a good motivator and I’m all for it. I don’t remember my first mile, but I do remember the first time I ran 10 miles. I could barely lift my feet up high enough to go over the grass in my yard at the end. And just this morning I ran 10 miles before work. Love what you can condition your body to do!!

    • I remember my first 10 miles too! I think I got to the driveway, fist pumped to no one, then promptly bust into tears. What a moment! It’s certainly is amazing what your body can do! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure how many days in a row is the most I’ve run, but I am almost certain it is 7 or less. Mostly to allow for recovery time, and heck I failed the challenge to run at least a mile every day in January on January 2? No excuse, life events got in the way. One of these months I am going to try the one mile a day challenge.

  3. Doubt I’ve run many more than 7 days in a row. Not sure. Maybe? Not recently.
    Can’t remember my first run but I’m sure it involved trying to impress my older brother and equally sure it failed to do so.
    I love Mark’s challenge. I don’t understand why everyone has to get their knickers in a twist about everything. When did we all become such critics? Dude wants to run 365 more miles this year than he did last year. How could anyone possibly have a problem with that? It’s the “Run Streak” challenge, not the “Drown Cats” challenge- why the controversy? I mean honestly, chill out. SO WHAT IF HE HURTS HIS KNEES? He’s trying something out of his comfort zone. And for that, he should be lauded, not criticized.
    That said, I’m not one to participate in run streaks because it doesn’t make sense for the way I run – I like to push and then have rest days. But if every single other person in the world wants to do it, I say good on them and you’ll hear no criticism from me.
    I’ve got better things to bitch about! 😉

  4. Here, here! Any challenge that means moving, consistently, for your health, that makes you happy…go for it. It’s not hurting anybody 🙂 great point!

  5. Wow! That is awesome! The need for physical activity is become so relevant these days and the more people we can get moving….the better.

    I have never done a run streak of any kind and will not likely do this one. I personally don’t like the pressure and feeling like running is a chore. I enjoy running to much to let that happen.

    I totally applaud him and will be interested to see how many people join him.

  6. This is great! Anyone who runs is a runner in my book – I don’t care how far or how fast. I’m personally not great with streaks. I think mine is 9 whole days. But I plan on running my ass of this year on non-consecutive days!

  7. My first race was when I was in the fourth grade at an elementary school field day. I ran in long pants and shoes. Eisenhower occupied the White House. A classmate had an older brother who ran real track in high school. We thought he was an Olympic god. We were easily impressed. I still am, easily impressed that is.

  8. I think my longest streak was 7 days. I did notice his heel strike but mostly because I have been trying to change where my foot lands. 🙂 I was a little miffed at his “moderate effort is less than 10 minutes” though. Hey, I’m slow, don’t rub it in!

  9. Totally agree! The first mile is the hardest for sure. I also feel like half of the challenge is the actual changing of clothes/lacing up/getting out the door or on the treadmill…on tired legs, no less! People seem to listen to him, I really think he will motivate more people than his average running critic ever could.

  10. The first training run I went on was in January 2003. It was about 30F outside and a mild breeze. I was bundled up pretty good, not knowing a thing about running ya know.
    My two colleagues were jogging along chatting with each other as I struggled to keep up.
    As we ran along a back road in Littleton, MA I thought to my self, “Why the hell are we running away from a perfectly comfortable and warm building? and Can’t we do this inside?”
    On New Year’s Day I ran a 5K with my daughter. This was her 3rd 5K and first with Dad. It made me realize that everyone doesn’t run like “we” do. We averaged 10 minute miles and even walked for a few hundred yards! I was was flamoxxed, shagrinned even. But I was there to run with my daughter and not to get a PR. Mission accomplished.
    I think if everyone ran or walked 1 mile a day it would make a huge difference. Eventually many people would get tired of doing a mile and want to go a little further and then a little further still.
    BTW – I’m a heal striker also!

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