The Back To Reality Blues.

 It took exactly 3 hours after landing in the frozen tundra that is New England, for me to forget that I had spent 7 relaxing days in South Florida. 


Tan. Faint whiff of Hawaiian Tropic on my skin. Perfect Beach Hair…All faded memories now. I’ve been home less than a day and it’s like I never left. I hate that. I hate that I allowed The Daily Grind to bogart my damn relaxing week. So much for easing back into work/life/routine.  

Sweet dreams, South Florida.

 Re-entry was less than optimal today. It was more like being caught in an avalanche. Which, by the way, may actually be possible seeing as how Snowmageddon is waiting to rear its ugly frostbitten head this weekend and bite us all in the ass.  

Whaddup, Pelican?

  I’m usually still clinging to vacation mode for several days after returning back to reality. This time it was several hours. Next time it will be several minutes. The next, I may not return. 

Intense dread. That’s what I had today. Combined with feeling stale. Not moldy, stale. That tells me I need a change. Which can be quite interesting. And will always be exciting. It might just be time for one. Minor? Major? A new attitude? Christ. I’ll even take a new hairdo at this point.  Or maybe it’s just the Return to Reality Blues which always seems to follow a lovely time with My Other Half. 


However, Bike Tour Guide in Europe or a Lounge Singer in a Sexy Red Dress is sounding wayyyy better than Scientist these days. Meh. Maybe it’s just a phase. I’ll snap out of it.

Probably while I’m shoveling. 

Wine is ALWAYS the answer.

 Do you get hit with the Back to Reality Blues following a great vacation? What did you want to be when you grew up? Have you ever dodged falling coconuts while running?  I have! 

Danger! Falling Coconuts!


21 thoughts on “The Back To Reality Blues.

  1. We’re on our last night in Maui, so can totally relate…pretty sure I’ll be writing something similar real soon…back to reality indeed, but at least for one more night, Aloha!

      • I’m back home but suffering from severe jet lag. Been falling asleep at 4 pm and waking up at 2 am the last couple of days. My eating schedule is also off. I’m trying to adopt a normal sleep-wake schedule but it seems to be a little harder this time around.

      • You too! THREE WEEKS!! That’s awesome!!! My last 3 weeker was back packing through Switzerland about a million years ago. I did have a 2.5 weeker in the Greek Islands too. That. Did not suck. Bandit must have went bananas!!! Welcome home! Glad you’re safe. Two days after I left Kenya the West Gate Shopping Center in Nairobi was bombed and under siege. The images on CNN haunted me. There were bodies slumped where I had just sat. My heart broke. I adored Kenya. xoxo

  2. Oh, I definitely feel your pain! Last winter we came back to Michigan from a week in sunny south Florida to -30 degrees. It SUCKED! That anguish will fade in a few days. Till then, yep… sucks to be you.

  3. I loved your pictures. They were gorgeous! And yeah, I think I talked about it one other time this week, but it took me all of a few minutes to be like… what vacation? I think that is why I am still talking about it so much–to remind myself that it happened.

    • Talk on Suze!!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Cabo! It looked GLORIOUS. I need to catch up on my blog reading. Which I’ll be doing this weekend seeing as how I’ll be homebound! Happy Blizzard! Xo

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