The Saturday Six. Blizzard Edition!

Blizzard Run. Complete!

  I had every intention of linking up with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar for their Friday Five Link Up but before I knew it, Friday turned into Saturday which turned into a Big Ass Blizzard. In the spirit of being semi-productive, and before I drink copious amounts of IPAs and eat tubs of guacamole, I decided I’d tell you about 6 Things I Am Currently Obsessed With. And yes, a delicious IPA made the list. I know. You’re shocked.

1. Skratch Labs Hot Apples and Cinnamon Hydration Mix. I can’t even. This stuff was the perfect way to thaw out and rehydrate after today’s Blizzard Run. I drink it all through winter. It’s like sippin’ a cup of comfort. Now only if it would roll out my hammies…

2. On Cloudsurfers. I was introduced to these super jazzy kicks a while ago by Tina who not only texted me dozens of pictures of her happy feet, she RAVED about them. She first blogged about them HERE. Her piggies were quite happy running on clouds. In fact, she BQ’d and PR’d with nary a blister. I myself have fallen in love with Hokas, but when a deal popped up for On Cloudsurfers, I rejoiced! Colby loves a deal. The verdict: They are comfy lil’ clouds! Not super squishy either if that makes sense. They have some stiffness which I dig. I need to run more miles in them but they felt really good straight outta da box. My feet cheered. And. They’re cute. Thanks for the recommendation , T-Bone!

Running On Clouds

3. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.  Stop right now. Put down this fantastic, yet rambling blog post and go get this book. GO. Hands down it is one of the most gripping books I have read…in…well? Ever. I can’t shake it. The book follows the lives of four college friends through adulthood. Their lives are like none I’ve ever read. It is a painful read. Yet the book is not dark. The pendulum swings from the central character’s profound suffering to his experiencing incredible acts compassion.  It is a heart wrenching portrait of enduring friendships written so elegantly. Read it. Then pour yourself a drink and call me. I’ll talk you through it.  

What a book.

4. G-Bot, New England Brewing Company. Hello, you delicious double IPA formerly known as Ghandi-Bot. Which didn’t go down well with the Indian-American community prompting the company to change its name.  The good news is that the deliciously hoppy elixir tastes exactly the same. Like heaven. Smooth, delicious heaven. And it’s a Connecticut original. #drinklocal



5Janji Kenya Watercolor Running Jacket. File this jacket under BOMB.COM. In my humble opinion, this is one of Janji’s best pieces. 3/4 zip. The elusive high-low hem. Breathable. Perfect fit. Totally cute. And provides an individual in Kenya with a year of clean water. I call that A SEXTUPLE-DOG BONUS!  I’m obsessed. 

6. This. Be the hedgehog, Poodles. Be the hedgehog. 


What are you currently obsessed with?  Does that hedgehog crack you up, or is it just me? Favorite book. GO! 


17 thoughts on “The Saturday Six. Blizzard Edition!

  1. Skratch Labs Hot Apples and Cinnamon Hydration Mix-yuumms-never heard of this! Ggotta check it out!

    Neat looking shoes!

    Whoa! That books sounds interesting!

    Cuuute jacket!!

    Awww look at the hedgehog…hi cutie!

    Hmmm-not obsessed with anything at the moment.

    Stay warm! This Blizzard sucks!!

  2. Love the last one! You need a hedgehog sometimes… Also really keen to try out that Apple & Cinnamon drink, may have to see if you can get it in the UK. My recovery times have been naff recently so I need to do some research!

  3. I *love* that flavor of Skratch! It’s the only one I’ve tried so far, but you’re right – it is like a hot cup of comfort! I need to get me some more of that. “A Little Life” is one of those books I’ve been going back and forth about putting on my to-read list, but your review definitely pushed me to to-read πŸ™‚ I have too many faves to pick just one, but I will always love “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. I’m currently reading “Edge of Eternity” by Follett, the 3rd in an epic trilogy, and it is also fantastic so far!

    • I LOVED PILLARS OF THE EARTH!! And that other one….it’s name is escaping me. Pillars of the Earth was fantastic. It’s on my Top 20 list. I haven’t checked out Edge of Eternity! Ohhhh. Now I will! A Little Life is haunting. I still can’t shake it. I’m waiting for Tina to finish it so we can discuss. Over wine and bowls of Xanax. πŸ˜‰

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