It’s Our Super Bowl!

Know what this weekend is, Poodles? And I don’t mean Valentine’s Day. As far as I’m concerned, that nude, chubby little winged dude can take his quiver and keep on flying. IT’S OUR SUPER BOWL. No. I’m not a week late! I mean it’s the SUPER BOWL OF RUNNING! It’s the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials! Which will actually be televised this weekend. LIVE!!! As in, ON STINKING TELEVISION. First time, ever!elaine

Am I the only one who is super fly stoked? I am more super fly stoked than the average running bear because I actually have people to cheer for. I have some fast, badass friends! CAN YOU STAND IT?!?! Clearly. I can’t. I’m freaking sweating. There are 5. FIVE of my fellow Janji Corps Ambassadors who have run Olympic qualifying times. They will be competing this weekend in Los Angeles. Yeah. We’re all friends and junk. No big. goodluck_janjicorps-1

WHO AM I KIDDING? It’s huge! I am a totally Fan Girling here. I am so proud of my Janji Corps Peeps. I’ve been thinking about them all week. The talent. The discipline. The work. The dream. To be that close. Simply put. It blows my mind. I know how I felt about qualifying for Boston. But the Olympics? That’s Other Level stuff right there. That’s not just finding a Unicorn. That’s finding a Unicorn riding a Unicorn. Who’s reading The Meaning of Life. Then the Unicorn hands you the book, tells you to keep it and whispers every winning Powerball number for the next 100 years in your ear. He then tosses a case of Pappy Van Winkle at you and trots off into the sunset. THAT kind of other level. Running is such a gift. And they have been granted a big one. I’m honored to even be associated with them. And Janji. Great people. Great company. Run swiftly, Friends!!!

So how does one get there? For each Olympics there are obviously qualifying standards that athletes need to meet. And they ain’t slow. In the case of the marathon, both men and women have to run a specific qualifying time between August 1, 2013 and January 17, 2016. There is an “A” standard and a “B” standard. From what (little) research I have done, I think the only difference besides speed is that the “A” folks get a hospitality package. Read: They’re arrangements are paid for. VIPs among the VIPs if you will. 179 Men and 216 Women have qualified to race. I KNOW 5! Squeee! You can see who else qualified HERE.


  • Marathon A Standard: 2:15:00
  • Marathon B Standard: 2:19:00
  • ½ Marathon: 1:05:00


  • Marathon A Standard: 2:37:00
  • Marathon B Standard: 2:45:00
  • ½ Marathon: 1:15:00

Just because you qualified for the U.S Olympic Trials sadly doesn’t mean you’ll represent the good ol’ U.S of A in Rio. (Although, they will all be Olympians in my heart <3.) The top 3 Male and Females finishers will comprise Team USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics. And the purse?

690x600_trials-prize-purse2 rock n roll

Credit: Rock-n-Roll Marathon

When to tune in!
Los Angeles, CA on February 13, 2016.  If you’re in LA get out and watch! If not: 

  • Men Start | 10:06 am
  • Women start | 10:22 am

Live coverage begins at 10:00 am PST/1:00 pm EST on NBC or NBC Sports Live Extra. Get your pom poms ready. It’s live, Poodles! 

What’s the closest you have run to an Olympic Qualifying time? Have you known anyone who has qualified? Or, ever meet an Olympian? 🙂


22 thoughts on “It’s Our Super Bowl!

  1. I would need to lop off slightly more than 30 mins off my HM PR in order to OTQ. No biggie. I’ll just go start training. . .

    I’m excited to watch this tomorrow while being all snuggled up indoors. The OT is a good reason to day indoors this weekend. Brrrr!

    • It sure is! We are totally grounded and swaddled in fleece for the race. You and me both on the half hour. Ain’t no thang right? I’m lacing up right now….

      That’s a lie. I’m currently drinking a lovely glass of Côtes du Rhône. #fancy

  2. That is sooooo cool that you know people racing! My times are no where near there. lol. I do know someone that came pretty damn close to the half qualifier. so basically ran balls to the wall and then threw up. no thanks.

  3. Great post! I’m such a run fan too but I don’t know anyone who is racing and, heck, I’ve only known one personally who has even qualified for Boston. But after watching the Trials, it made me really start thinking seriously about a BQ because compared to Trial standards, a BQ sounds easy!! (it’s totally not easy but you know what I mean). I would love to see/meet these elite runners and Olympians one day but I never do the same races they do so I can’t see them at the expos and such. One day!

    • I qualified for Boston so add me to your list! 🙂 Tina too! I can’t even imagine having THAT talent. I met Meb last year after a talk he gave at Yale. He was an absolute joy. Talked to people for hours. I’m such a fan of his. ❤

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