The Friday Five: Puerto Rico Style!

Hola, Poodles! Where in the world has Colby been, you ask? In lovely PUERTO RICO! Drinking, eating, running, hiking and yukking it up! What a time it was! Let me tell you. Re-entry has been proving to be quite difficult. I landed back in the States a tan, bloated hot mess. Hello, Vegetables? Where are you? You know, all the trademarks of a great vacation.  This week I’m hooking up with the DC Gals- Courtney , Mar and Cynthia for this week’s Friday Five Link Up- Colby’s Puerto Rican Fun Fest! DC-Trifecta-Friday-Five-linkup

Sit tight. It’s booze soaked. I know. You’re shocked.

First things first. We arrived in Puerto Rico after what seemed like a 15 day journey. In reality it was less than ten hours from door to door, but alas, we have a flair for the dramatic. We landed, grabbed our rental car (aka The Versa) and hightailed it to our condo. Which was everything we had hoped for, and more. The view from the veranda was EPIC. From there we boogied straight to the famed Kioskos de luquillo for some food and drink. And more drink. Our first sip? The mojito. Ahhhhhh. Ice cold and muddled with lime and mint, this rum drink was on point. It was a nice cold glass of WELCOME POODLE! You home, Girl.

A photo posted by Colby (@runcolbyrun) on Mar 4, 2016 at 12:27pm PST


Our second sip? You guessed it. A pina colada. When in Rome. Or, when in Puerto Rico as it were. This wasn’t your ordinary pre-made synthetic pina colada served up by some whirling slushy machine. This was a big ass fresh pineapple, hacked open with a machete and cored. The delicious rum soaked elixir was served up right inside. Fresh. And fabulous. Oh. And floated with some 151. When in…hiccup!

So this is happening. #cheers #pinacolada #beach #puertorico #vacation #happinessisatinyumbrella #sun #tan

A photo posted by Colby (@runcolbyrun) on Mar 5, 2016 at 10:38am PST


Our third sip? Beer. We would have been remiss if we did not get a bucket of the local suds. You can’t swing a baccalito (delicious cod fritter) without hitting a Medalla. This beer couldn’t have been farther away in taste from one of my delicious IPAs, but it did the trick. Cold, wet, local. And seeing as how my water intake was measured in thimbles this week, let’s call it my hydration mix.


Bucket O’ Suds.

Our fourth sip? Coffee. Strong, delicious coffee. There is no better way to shake off a Puerto Rican Medalla and Rum Soaked Hang Over than by drinking coffee. Tankards of it. It’s is delicious. Our favorite brand was a Special Reserve Alto Grande. And we drank copious amounts of it right here.


A photo posted by Colby (@runcolbyrun) on Mar 11, 2016 at 3:47am PST


Our fifth sip? Screw the sips. We needed some grub to soak up all dat rum! Besides we were ravenous after hiking all day through the rain forest at El Yunque National Park. It was glorious. If you find yourself in Puerto Rico, check out El Yunque. We hiked for miles. Miles and green, lush miles. Right on up to the top.  No trip to Puerto Rico would be complete without sampling the local favorite- Mofongo. Made with mashed plantains, garlic, olive oil, and love, I ordered mine stuffed with vegetables. It was delicious. I also sprinkled on a local hot cha cha sauce. Plate of mofongo, a platter of tostones and a splash of hot sauce- HEAVEN!

I’m having serious withdrawals. Just sayin’.


Have you ever gone to Puerto Rico? Would you rather Resort It! Or, Go Local!? What was your last vacation? Favorite cocktail. GO!


11 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Puerto Rico Style!

  1. I actually have been to Puerto Rico and have had a Medalla!! 🙂 I also had a flaming cucaracha (cockroach) which was a shot of who knows what on fire, lol! Great pics and glad you had so much fun!!!

  2. so glad you had a fun, tropical vaca! so necessary in winter. i just got back from Maui myself and am in total “is this real life” shock still….my body is NAHT recovering happily to being back in the concrete jungle, and it’s not b/c of alcohol — i only had like 5 drinks the whole trip — i just need to live somewhere warm and tropical and beautiful, i think. haven’t been to PR but hopefully will get there some day, as it seems i’m the only human who hasn’t!

    • Maui!!! Now that’s a trip!! What a place!! I have not been to Hawaii. Yet. It’s totally on my list. The food and drink notwithstanding, I’m not happy about the concrete jungle either. Way to harsh our jam.

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