Life, Pi and Drunk Otis.

happypidayHappy Pi Day, you irrational and transcendental Little Poodles! Sorry. Had to nerd out there for a brief second. Ahh good old 3.14, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. Where would we be without it? Wait. Don’t answer that. You probably learned about Pi in who-the-hell-can-remember-what grade, but the number itself was calculated about 4,000 years ago.  Go on and geek out by listening to this piece on NPR.  It’s filled with fun facts. And I love fun facts.

In addition to it being, Pi Day AND Albert Einstein’s 137th Birthday, it’s also the incomparable Drunk Otis’ Birthday!!! Beers! All around! Yup. Our big brown frat boy is 2 today! Of course in pure Drunk Otis fashion he will spend his birthday in the woods running after his dad, then annoying the bejesus out of his sister, Evil Beagle, who will undoubtedly bite him on the face. Life is good here. Especially if you’re Drunk Otis.


I, on the other hand, am throwing down the gauntlet on this day of Pi, Einstein and Drunk Otis to get serious about my running. While my running has been quasi-consistent lately, it hasn’t been anything of substance. I’m running. And lifting. And yoga-ing. But not with any real form or purpose. Colby needs a schedule. Especially coming off of my fantastic Puerto Rican getaway last week. You know, the trip where I laughed, ate and drank my face off? Holy Bloat. Like I said on Friday, re-entry has been difficult. God. I love a vacation.  It’s cleaning up after it that stinks. But it is worth it. Every laugh, bite and sip. What good is all the discipline if you can’t pull your pony tail out and rage a bit? Balance. It’s about balance.balance

I also registered for a few races- YIPPEEE!- and need to start getting it together. Some trail races, a half and as of tomorrow, another full! MCM in 2016 for me!  I actually deferred my registration last year when I got in via the lottery, and am running it this year. I’m stoked. GET READY HANSON’S MARATHON METHOD. I’M COMIN’ BACK!!!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein, Genius.

Taking my cue from the Birthday Boy, (Einstein, not Drunk Otis) I think I’m switching things up a bit. I’m also putting down the IPAs. And picking up spinach. I’m not kidding. I feel a mess. I feel a definite need for an InsideTracker retest. I need to know where I’m starting post-winter hibernation. Because if you ask me, it ain’t at the top. It’s more like the bottom of a beer soaked kiddie pool.

Any Big Races on your running horizon? Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Do you immediately get back from vacation and embark on a fast? Or is that just me?




27 thoughts on “Life, Pi and Drunk Otis.

  1. Awesome about MCM!!! I think I am going to do the 10k this year 😉

    Vacation=return week cleanse for sure!!! I do try not to go too over board on vacation but….when in Rome….ha!

    It is true about balance….we have to enjoy life! Right!?

    I am running the Charlotsville 10 miler this weekend and the Philly Hot Chocolate in 2 weeks 😉

    • Oh awesome! I’m looking forward to MCM! I ran it once during Hurricane Sandy. Yeah. So let’s hope this time the weather report doesn’t include the words hurricane, torrential downpour or gale force winds. 🙂

      Cleanse in progress!!!

  2. Woot MCM! I was thinking about going into the lottery for the full, but I think I’ll be safe and register for the 10K instead. After last year’s overtraining/ucky calves debacle I’m not ready to attempt the 26.2 beast again.

  3. Do I celebrate my pets birthday? Hell ya! I don’t even know her exact birthdate, but I made it September 21st. She gets to have an epic adventure of her choice, gets as many treats as she wants and then she gets a leg massage. Wait a minute, that’s every day. We actually do a few more extra awesome things on her day and then put it on Instagram – hmm, again, that sounds like every day. I’m going to stop now.

    • You crack me up, Angie! You’re right. Every day is a holiday if you’re Drunk Otis! I love that he wakes up thinking TODAY IS MY DAY! YIPPPEE! Such pure joy. Every. Damn. Day. God I love dogs.

  4. MCM was my first marathon, so it always will have a soft spot for me 😀
    Why not mix spinach and IPA’s? I feel like someone out there has considered that a good idea before. Not that it actually panned out to be a good idea, but at least they thought it was in the beginning.

    • I love that MCM. I am looking forward to NOT running it in a hurricane. Such a great spectator friendly course. I’m stoked. Come Suze, whip me up some spinach and IPA based noms! That’s your jam!!! Xo

  5. I took 6 weeks after my last marathon of quasi training. Like running, but not with a purpose. Certainly no SOS runs 😉 I think when you start your MCM training, your legs and your brain will thank you for the break. Mine did!!! However, were your ears ringing on Sunday? I was cursing you and Hansons during my long run. I can safely say that I now know what cumulative fatigue feels like. Oddly enough, I feel like I should thank you. There’s something wrong with me, I’m sure of it.

    • I love ya, Girl!!! You are going to SLAY Boston! And I will be there, cheering your cumulative fatigued strong ass on! I’m so proud of you! And you’re right. When I kick this training off, I will be ready for the work. I couldn’t have imagined going straight into another round immediately. My legs would have fallen off. And I would have cried. Big huge tears. xoxoxo

      • Haha! Thanks and can’t wait to hopefully meet you!!! I love (mostly) how strong this plan has made me feel and I owe it to you! I am considering a fall marathon on 10/2 and it would give me four weeks of doing whatever the fuck I want post marathon season. I’m running Kentucky Derby on 4/30 like a dumbass, but after that I can rest for four solid weeks before the Hansons torture ensues again. Is it sick that I like it? All your fault.

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