Every Day Can’t Be A Damn Holiday.

Three long weeks ago I was all like…


Boom! Source: Giphy

Blogging! Running! New Job-ing! Shit. It was a holiday! Colby IS BACK! I even ran an awesome trail race- Kettletown State Park in the Trail 2 Trail Series. If you can recall, last year I busted my paw. Relive the glory HERE. This year I survived intact! It was AWESOME! 

Lookit me GO! 

Gorgeous trails. Photo: trail2trailseries.com

Then I promptly fell into the abyss…

I was a bit premature in my re-emergence as Runner Blogger Taco Loving Goddess, Colby. The New Gig promptly overwhelmed me and so did running and cycling. It always overwhelms me as I navigate training for a marathon AND training to ride 193 miles in two days in the Pan Mass Challenge. Throw in a new job and it becomes a very crazy juggling act. I have zero clue how triathletes train for three disciplines and then, you know, live life. If I had to add swimming to my repertoire,  I would shank myself with a whittled Bic pen.  I have also been consuming roughly the equivalent of a thimble of water per day which is reeking havoc on my body. I was convinced I had Lyme Disease. Or even fibromyalgia. I texted Tina in a panic. Which didn’t help. She had her own laundry list of rare diseases she was diagnosing. Between us we needed to be admitted.  Come to find out, I’m  just tired and dehydrated.

Such. Shit.

kimLesson learned? Every day can’t be a damn holiday. It’s not all sunshine, kick ass runs, stellar data and clean eating. Sometimes it pours, your legs feel like sausages, the study you’re working on turns to dust and you eat donuts like it’s your job. It’s called balance, Poodles. As much as I might want it to be perfect, it’s not. Just like me, Perfectly Imperfect. In spite of my hot mess of a self, I am feeling like I am starting to get back in the swing of things which is prompting me to dust off my InsideTracker data and see exactly where I am starting. My guess? The beginning. Which is a very good place to start if you ask me. πŸ™‚

Have you ever done a triathlon? What is your favorite way to treat yourself? Trails, road or treadmill? GO!

30 thoughts on “Every Day Can’t Be A Damn Holiday.

  1. I’ll run through your circle of hell with you, my love.
    And if Britney can do it, we can do it. Oh wait, she does nothing and just waffles about.

  2. You’re back!! This post made me laugh so hard! Yeah, I’ve had times like that when I convinced myself I had diabetes, or anaemia, or even that I was pregnant…and it’s obviously always been a case of doing too much, sleeping too little and eating like crap. We all have those days!! xx

  3. Ack, sorry to hear things got away from you for a bit. Glad to see you back, and hope you’re feeling more balanced soon. Also, triathletes be crazy. For real.

  4. I was convinced I had multiple sclerosis on my last long run. Seriously. I’m blaming it on our current streak of 90% humidity tropical-like weather this past year. Drink more water, Colby!!!

  5. Hopefully you’ll emerge from the long weekend feeling awesome and rebalanced. Oh, and HYDRATED!!! A thimbleful of water a day?? You can’t control fatigue from training, hectic schedules, sunshine, or many other things in life, but you do have some control over water intake. Don’t let dehydration get you down! πŸ˜‰ I think of water as medicine that I have to consume before I can enjoy an alcoholic beverage. (i.e. “First I must drain this entire 32 oz ball jar of water before I’m allowed to open that delicious-looking IPA.”) It works surprisingly well!

    I like trails, roads AND the treadmill. Variety is the spice of life. As long as I’m running I let the weather and my mood dictate where I run. Have a great weekend!!

    • Annie. You’re a damn GENIUS. I love that mindset!!!! And in a nod to your infinite wisdom, I just got to Vermont and drank the last of my 32oz THEN poured an IPA. #babysteps. Xoxo Hi, Pipes!!!!!

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