Happy Anniversary Drunk Otis! 

The Incomparable Drunk Otis.

One year ago today, our lives were forever changed by a huge, slobbery, brown, frat boy who came BOUNDING into our lives, full tilt boogie. One minute he could be on the cover of Field and Stream, then next he could be the centerfold of Campus Lyfe, complete with a cone on, throwing back Jaeger Bombs and doing keg stands. He has his own Instagram. He’s huge in the New England Cyclocross Scene. He has a sick and expensive sock fetish. He’s our Drunk Otis Brown.

It’s all fun and games until someone winds up in a cone.

And he’s a hot mess.

Happy Rescue Day, Oats!

It’s great to be ALIVE! And RESCUED!

For all of his “drunken” antics, that boy loves to RUN. I’ve said it before, he is the Scott Jurek of Dogs on the trail. Focused. Driven. Happiest. He aims to please you in a way that our other pups, Leon James and Pearl “Evil Beagle” Anne just don’t do. Leon James is the sensitive, sweetest boy. He’s a loyal mush ball. My Most Handsome Leon James is what I call him. Sweet Butterbeans. Such a good dog. I adopted him during Colby’s Life Part 1, from a local rescue group. He was a love from the go. Evil Beagle on the other hand, is a different beast. Evil Beagle could frankly give a shit less about loyalty.  

“Whaaaaaat?!?!? Oh Heeeeeeyyy Everybody!!”
*ticky tacky, ticky tacky*  

That’s her.

Evil Beagle.

She is a non-stop, tri-colored wag fest. But show her a baby bunny and she’ll have that thing pinned and de-fuzzed in 3 minutes flat. I’m not kidding. She’s gotten two. I give her some slack. She’s a former laboratory research beagle I rescued from a pharmaceutical company. It took her a while to become A Real Dog. Much of it I owe to Leon James.

Three Amigos.

He was so patient with her. Now? She’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She’s a DOG. A real dog. Who fetches. And runs like hell. She’ll lay smack dab in the middle of the yard, sun on her face, tattooed ear flipped, like she’s posing for her Glamour Shot. Drunk Otis adores her. And quite frankly, other than antagonizing the snot out of Evil Beagle, and pissing off his brother Leon James for sport, he’d much rather be with his Humans. I’ve never had a dog like Drunk Otis. He’s just…well…different. He’s a lab. And a chocolate one at that. Which I swear is a totally different thing. I keep asking My Other Half, who always had labs “Uh. Babe. Is he ALWAYS gonna be like this?” He shakes his head yes. Ever so slowly. Every single time.

Two Peas.

Rescue a pup. Don’t buy one. There are so many Evil Beagles, Leon James’ and Drunk Otis’ out there. A rescue dog’s capacity to love unconditionally knows no bounds. Sure, they’ll drain your bank accounts, eat your socks and wreck your hard wood floors.  But trust me.  They are worth it. Each and every silly one of them. 

Squad goals.

Have you ever rescued a dog? Did you grow up with dogs? Do you run with your pup?

19 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Drunk Otis! 

  1. I have rescued a dog, twice. The second one was touted as a dalmatian mix. He wasn’t. Try German Short-haired Pointer and Great Dane mix. Dude was HUGE. He lived an awesome 14 years though, double that of a normal Great Dane. I loved that dog.

  2. We rescued my sister’s dog. Our mom wanted her to have a dog to keep her company because I was already living away from home and our other sister was about to go to college. We went to a shelter with explicit orders from our mother to only look at dogs, but not to get one. We went and we found that one dog was about to be put down that afternoon if no one adopted him that morning. It was his last day. We were horrified and said we would take him. Then we went home to break the news to our mom that we disobeyed her. Strangely we didn’t get in trouble for that.

    • Of course you saved him. And of course your Mom let it go. Sweet lucky dog:-) Evil Beagle was in a similar, albeit vastly different scenario. That was always to be her fate. However, the pharmaceutical company I was working for at the time put together an adoption protocol for retired research beagles. She was just a puppy at the time but there was a huge reorganization within the company and our site was to close. Which meant her fate was sealed- as a puppy. So, a group of my wonderful friends worked incredibly hard to get as many of the beagles adopted. And VIOLA! Evil Beagle came home on Christmas. I was determined to make this work for her. To turn her into a real beagle. And now? She’s amazing. 🙂

  3. If I ever got a dog, which I won’t because there would not be enough benadryl in the world for me and Chris, I would absolutely go rescue. And I love your pups. Happy Anniversary, DO! And congratulations on making it through the year, LJ and PA! You both deserve medals!

  4. We’ve rescued a few dogs and we rescued Zoe and you know how I feel about her! I want to rescue a dog (a rescue Corgi) later this year a) I don’t have time for a puppy right now and b) I like to rescue things.

    • At some point in my life, I will own a corgi. They CRACK me up! Otherwise, bring on the mutts! Bring on the rescues! #crazydoglady. And Zoe is such a pretty little lady. Xo

  5. Wonder Mutt is my third Lab and I can’t imagine my life without her. Each of my girls has left such a warm, loving, and Lab-silly impression on me that I can’t imagine ever having any other breed. I AM A BREED SNOB AND I FREELY ADMIT IT. Happy Adoptaversary handsome boy! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. What sweet puppies! We can’t have dogs right now due to where we live, but we definitely plan to have one or two once our living situation allows it. I’m totally open to rescuing dogs-my in-laws got a mixed breed puppy from a Georgia rescue group and she’s AWESOME.

    • Leon James is part pit! At least we think so. He’s such a good boy. I’m a fan of pitbulls. They get a horrible rap, but at heart they’re sweet dogs. Oh I am already a Crazy Dog Lady so you’re in good nutty company! 🙂

  7. Yes, yes and yes. You of course know the infamous Kobi. She and her siblings were about 8 hours away from death by hypothermia when I found them at 5 weeks old. Now she’s a rockstar and knows it. My dog before her, Eli, was a lab border collie mix. I got him from the SPCA. He was an amazing dog. He flew in helicopters, bush planes, rode on ATVs, boats, and snowmobiles and chased many bears away for me. He unfortunately passed away at 10 because of cancer.

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