Spotted: A Unicorn in TJ Maxx. 

Before I launch into my rant about running, TJ Maxx and counting chickens before those bastards actually hatch, I’m pleased to announce that WE HAVE A SKRATCH LABS HYDRATION PACK #GIVEAWAY WINNER up in here!!!! Congrats, Adrienne!!! Stay hydrated, Girl. 🙂

Drink up, Adrienne!

I love a #Giveaway. Probably because I am a sucker for a deal. However, I don’t like to feel like a sucker when I stumble across a deal that reaches up and slaps a big old sign on my back reading “You’ve Been Hosed!” This brings me to my next point. Settle in, Poodles. This one got me. Here’s what happened. 

I woke yesterday all full of ambition and decided to put on my new Janji duds and head out for a run at ass crack o’clock in the morning.  It was barely light out. And it was glorious. Crisp. Cool. Gorgeous. I had a fantastic, zippy 6 miles by the sea. Before coffee. Before avocado-sriracha-toast which I am totally obsessed with lately. It must have been the shorts. Cute, right? Adorbs

Anywho, my run totally rocked, I had my coffee and toast, showered, fluffed up and skipped off to work feeling accomplished. With OODLES of time left after work because I ran early, I took a spin to my local TJ Maxx.  Mill around, check out shoes and possibly snag a new pair of jammies. (Negative.) What do I stumble across in clearance? This. *jaw drops*


Yup. A freaking 2015 Adidas Boston Marathon jacket. FOR TWENTY BONES. There was a rack of them. I just purchased one for my Other Half- I ordered it in advance- and paid the original price of $110.  Just so he’d be guaranteed to get one in his size to wear AFTER he finished. He didn’t even try it on before for fear of bad running juju. 

Now here’s the thing. I know this is last year’s. I know it’s on clearance. But what in the actual hell is it doing in TJ MAXX to begin with?!?! Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird? I didn’t even want to touch the thing because I’m superstitious. Try it on? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sacrilege! BLASPHEMER! That’s like the Holy Shroud of Running. In TJ MAXX.  For twenty bucks. That jacket is earned. I can not wait to have earned mine. And next year, *makes sign of the cross, sprinkles holy water on head* I will slip mine on, selfie the hell out it, and cry with glee. 

But for twenty… 



Not until it’s earned. However, I do believe I’ve earned this one. And yes, of course I bought it.


I wouldn’t buy that jacket out of superstition, but I will admit that I booked my hotel for next year. Totally uncharacteristic of me. And I don’t even know if I’m in Boston 2017 yet. I mean other than death and taxes, is anything in life a given?  I’m willing to take my chances. Either way, at least one of us is running. I have a high 3 minute window and my Other Half and Tina have gobs of time to spare. So minimally, I’ll be a spectator. In a phat hotel. While there have been some chatter on the interwebs about prospective qualifying times and cut-offs for Boston already, it remains to be seen. Patience, Colby. Patience. If I don’t get in, I’m buying that damn jacket. At least I qualified in 2015.

There is ALWAYS an opportunity to run the Boston Marathon for an amazing charity.  Like Miles for Miracles and Bain Capital benefitting Boston Children’s Hospital! They reached out to us with an amazing info graphic to share. See what great things they did in 2016 below. Running for a reason is always an incredible experience- Boston notwithstanding.  And if I miss the cut off?  At least there are wonderful options to run for another. Besides, I’ve got the hotel room. 

And quite possibly a jacket. 😋
More Than Miles 2x

What’s your greatest TJ MAXX find? Would you purchase and wear an item for a race you haven’t run? Have you ever run for a charity? 


29 thoughts on “Spotted: A Unicorn in TJ Maxx. 

  1. I saw those jackets in TJ Maxx too and thought to myself….this just isn’t right. You can’t wear that jacket if you didn’t EARN it. I, too, forked out full price for one for my son who ran this year. He wouldn’t wear it until AFTER he completed the race.

  2. I’m superstitious, too, but I do think you’ll be using the room as a runner. Just sayin.’ 3 is a good buffer and the weather gods have not been kind to marathoners this year, which makes the chance of a higher cutoff less likely.
    And no one can take away the fact that you ARE a qualifier. I WAS THERE!!!
    As an aside – Baystate posted a picture of some finishers on FB today and I don’t know why the hell they didn’t use a photo of you finishing like an Oprah’s Favorite Things audience member. Best. Finish. Ever. Even if you did hug your new rando BFF before me.
    Back to the jacket – that’s my jacket! And I paid a lot more than $20 for it!!
    Who buys a jacket for a marathon they didn’t run? Even for $20? Seriously? Who???

    • I forgot to answer your other questions.
      1. Best TJ Maxx find? That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child. They’re all brilliant. Thought the LK Bennett knee-high black suede boots I picked up last winter made me giddy.

      2. I have run charity races but not run a race fundraising for a charity. I think it is awesome, though, and the only reason I don’t do it is because my circle is so generous with my PMC ride every year I wouldn’t want to ask for more funds.

    • I know right?!?!? I was OFF THE RAILS AT THAT FINISH!! YOU GET A BQ! YOU GET A BQ! Total Oprah”s Favorites moment. I have my paws crossed. And can’t wait for our adventure TOGETHER! I’m already planning…..Either way, we shall RAGE!

  3. No freaking way. I can’t believe that showed up in TJ MAXX! And…I still think $20 is a little much. I passed on the jacket the one year I ran. I already had a light jacket, and the price! Astronomical!

  4. That’s so weird!! I would’ve been scared to touch them too. My dad bought me a 1999 finisher’s jacket for Christmas two years ago and I didn’t know how to react. It’s folded nicely in the back of the closet and I try to forget I own it because it feels wrong. So I get it! My best TJ Maxx find is boring but useful – a black blazer I’ve worn for a few job interviews. So grownup!

  5. Wow I can’t believe that was at TJ Maxx. I have always tried on the jackets to make sure they fit. I mean, like you said, they are over $100. I want to make sure I bought the right size! But obviously I have never sported it until after the race. And I actually rarely wear them because I think they are really freaking flashy. The one is the orange one from 2014. The only time I wore it was on the drive home! But it hangs in my closet like a shrine. 🙂

    • If I ran it in 2014 you can bet that shit would be hanging in a shadow box on my wall. Well done Meg!!! And I was seriously stunned myself. I even let out a ARE YOU KIDDING ME. And the lady next to me thought I was nuts.

  6. I say that wearing that jacket would be asking to struck by lightning and thunder by old Zeus or whoever the Greek god of running might be himself. No. That is just plain wrong, wrongo, wrongest, wrongissimus. There are lines you don’t cross, things you don’t do and jackets you don’t wear. I’m creeped out just looking at it on the rack where it doesn’t belong and in a store where it doesn’t belong. Run the official 26 miles and you can buy a dozen jackets. Until then –

  7. I was thinking about what might happen if you wore the jacket without earning it. Remember what happened to that guy at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark when he looked into the Ark? Exactly.

  8. I would love to have one for that price! I ran in 2015 so I certainly earned it, but tried to wait it out for a discount or an Adidas tent sale. Unfortunately by that time only sizes available were XL or small.

    I did buy a white Boston 2015 track jacket at the expo but I wound up loosing it last December when I was on a cruise ship for work.

    • What size are you, Eddie? I’ll mill around the men’s section. I bet I can get one for $15 bucks this week. And I have no idea why you were on a cruise ship for work, but I am GREEN WITH ENVY. about it. Losing the jacket? Not so much. 😦

  9. I know the feeling, they had those jackets at our Ohio TJ Maxx too… I paid $90 for my jacket pre-Boston, with a “discount” code from Adidas. Feeling so suckered now. And now when I wear it around town, I wonder if there is a gardener, or a homeless man wearing the same jacket because he liked the flashy colors. Yikes. I booked my room for Boston already too. Now I just need to re-qualify!! Just that little minor detail.

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