Top 5 Reasons I Haven’t Blogged All Damn Summer

Well smack my ass and call me Slacker!  I nearly forgot I had a blog. Actually. I’m fibbing. I did remember I had a blog. In fact, I missed This Little Blog dearly. But I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and write.

Even though I had tons to say.
Even though I missed writing with all of my heart.
Even though I had been running and riding my legs off.
Even though I jotted thoughts down, in the hopes of circling back are writing something hi-larious about running or lobster rolls or Drunk Otis or Life According to Colby…

And yet, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t.

Because I was disgusted.
Because I was sad.
Because I was overwhelmed.
Because I was enraged.
Because I had had it up to HERE with social media, current events, comments, lies, opinions, points of view, the election, and the goddamn Know It All’s who are The Authority on Everything. And by Everything, I mean everything from gorillas, to gators, to behavior, to child rearing, to religion, to immigrants, to race relations, to police, to foreign policy, the Election, Brangelina and any other topic that happens to be trending.

Who knew Everyone Knew Everything?
Everybody except Me, apparently.

Current events have been OFF THE RAILS enough without the torrent of hateful commentary that swims along in a sea of lies and untruths following each and every single unprecedented event as of late. Integrity may be dead. Or, minimally it’s being held hostage somewhere. I can’t wait until it returns. Hatred is oooozing from every outlet, hiding behind the din of a computer screen. I can’t. I couldn’t.

Come on, People. We can do better. In every damn area.

I write a silly little irreverent blog, peppered with profanities, delicious IPAs and running. It’s filled with My Point of View. And over the past few months I felt like all I was getting was POINT OF VIEW. I was sick of it. It was from EVERYWHERE. And it was LOUD. Which is funny because I’m loud. I live loud. But there are times when even a Running Megaphone with a Ponytail needs a little quiet. Needs to try and make sense of a senseless time. Needs to clear their head.

Thank god for running.


Have you been rendered speechless lately? Have you reached your social media saturation point? Have you unplugged this summer?


36 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons I Haven’t Blogged All Damn Summer

  1. Don’t even know where to go with this. STRAIGHT.ON.FRIGGIN’.POINT. Everyone’s got an opinion, and gawd help you if it’s one you don’t agree with. That’s why I love dogs. All they have an opinion about is whether or not their food is served on time, or they’re getting the appropriate amount of belly rubs. Maybe that’s all that all of us just need in this world. More belly rubs. Just sayin’. Wonder Mutt agrees. There’s one opinion that matters…..:)

    • BRING ON THE BELLY RUBS!!!! That should be someone’s platform. I’d vote for a Drunk Otis – Wonder Mutt ticket ANY day. We all could use a few lessons from dogs. That’s for damn sure. Xoxo

  2. Can I get an A-MEN!!!! I’ve actually stopped reading a few blogs because of Know-it-alls and their Point-of-View. I’d read one and then give it a shot on their next post, and then give it a shot on the next post, and then finally stopped giving a shit; I wasn’t wasting anymore of my precious coffee reading time.

    Another reason I keep my blog to recaps–no one wants to hear *my* point-of-view on shit. *I* don’t want to hear my point-of-view on shit. And I certainly don’t know it all. I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing half the time.

    Glad you’re back sista!!! xoxo

    • I don’t want to hear my point of view on shit either! Ha! There’s just so much noise lately. The election and just the over all state of affairs have made it deafening. I think they’re important. Don’t get me wrong. They are quite important. But I’m not going to berate, hate, SWEAR IN ALL CAPS and lose my shit on a daily basis about it. I lose my shit enough with training with the Evil Hansons, I can only handle so much.

      And you are spot on- my coffee and reading time are sacred. Sip and read wisely, Girlfriend! Ps. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, BTW… I never reach my social media tipping point. I don’t participate. Too much stupid out there. Writing about cycling and recovery is generally pretty safe. Especially recovery because so many people just want a sliver of hope for a loved one or themselves… they’re grateful that I just open up and write about my experience. Truthfully, it pretty much rocks. Good luck and remember this sage piece of recovery wisdom: “Let the whirling dervishes whirl.”

  4. Wow. you hit the nail on the head for why I have also been MIA. So much talk. So much noise. I just haven’t been in a place where I want to add to it. Though I have missed this little corner of the world…

  5. I haven’t unplugged but sure thought about it enough. I’ve even debated not renewing my blog but for some reason I just keep going. I read less blogs, I write less blog posts and I’ve given up a long time ago to have “numbers”.

    • I really love it. It’s a great outlet. I just was at a loss for words. And writing something about a miserable 90 degree tempo run didn’t seem all that fabulous to me. (Note: It sucked. But I did it. 😉 )

  6. I still read blogs that voice opinions I don’t agree with. I think it’s important to try to understand what they think and why.
    I’ve stopped commenting on most of these blogs because it is a pointless waste of my time.
    It’s still hard to understand how people could possibly hold some of the beliefs that they do.
    I understand why people would want to disengage.

    • That second point- stopping commenting- I agree with 1000%. It became exhausting to me. It also left me shaking my head. You’re right about reading opposing viewpoints. I haven’t stopped that. I never will. I will continue to read both sides and come to my own hopefully well informed conclusion. It’s just the intensity and voracity of the arguments. The lack of respect. The lack of discourse. I just needed to step away. Christ. I didn’t even want to hear my own opinion! 🙂

  7. First of all, I will smack your ass for any and all reasons and at any and all opportunities. I think part of the reason that I have kept blogging throughout all of the nonsense going on is, more than anything, to help myself sort my feelings through what has been a very, very bizarre few months.
    I think that this October and November are going to be trying. We’ll see how they go.

  8. Hey, I find it funny how I’m thinking something, and then find somebody online saying it all at the same time. Weird. But more than that, yeah, i got to the point I haven’t watched t.v. in almost a month (except one episode of “Wheel of Fortune” because I’m sick of the whole election nonsense. If they were saying something interesting about the state of the country and what needs addressing, rather than the state of the candidates and THEIR views (or attributed views) I might pay more attention. I was afraid to start blogging because of this same crap, so I don’t blame you for taking a break. On the other hand, blogging this out (and i bet it felt good to get it out of your system) means it won’t taint all the other writing I have to do. Nice. Cathartic. Wish I didn’t have a cold or I would’ve gone to the gym myself this morning (hee hee). Have fun and keep on running.

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