5 Things I Did While I Wasn’t Blogging This Summer

Welp. I’d love to say this was my list:

  1. Wrote the great American novel
  2. Found a cure
  3. Danced in a Sia video in a unitard and cool wig
  4. Won an Emmy
  5. Found The World’s Best Lobster Roll – and it’s sold right next door to my house!

Yeah. Not so much. I may not have written the Great American Novel, but I did ride my bike in support of a cure for cancer. I also did get tickets to Sia and I wrote my Emmy acceptance speech in my head during one of my god-forsaken Hansons Marathon Method Tempo Runs and I did find a delicious lobster roll on MY DAMN RUNNING ROUTE! I know!??! Right?!?! Good times, Poodles. Good times. Here’s want really went down in Colby Town this summer. That is, besides lobster rolls and IPAs.

Nom nom nom…

1. Rode in my 12th Pan Massachsetts Challenge– with Tina! 200 miles in two days in support of cancer research at The Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Hands down, THE best weekend of the year. For one weekend, I feel as if I am a part of something great. Something impactful and meaningful. Something much bigger than myself. Happiness times 12.

Why I Ride. (πŸ“· http://www.pmc.org)

Your long lost cancer fighting bloggers!

Good Morning, Day 2! Bourne Bridge.

2. Rang the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Yup! True freaking story. That beats winning an Emmy! It was such an amazing experience made possible by my amazing friend, Mark. Mark is a survivor, a Marine, a veteran, a fellow PMCer and most importantly, a friend. He works tirelessly for Verterans and may be one of the most selfless people I have ever met. Tina and I were honored to be a part of such a special day with our friends at Convergex and the Pan-Mass Challenge. It was surreal!

Selfie at the NYSE!

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Colby and Tina at the NYSE!

3. Gutted my bathroom and remodeled my kitchen! I should also add:  “without killing one another.” I live in a small house, not a hipster trendy Tiny House, but a small house in a great spot. As you are well aware, I also live with My Other Half and our 3 Stooges- Leon James, Evil Beagle and Drunk Otis Brown. So. Maneuvering 2 humans, a pit bull mix, an Evil Beagle and a massive chocolate lab around while we gutted our home was…well…a goddamn comedy show. At the end of the day, my house looks fantastic, no dogs were harmed, and I’m in still in a loving relationship. In other news, I am also thinking about being a Paint Master for Benjamin Moore. You need a gray? I got it. 

I am in love with my bathroom vanity.

I am obsessed with this granite.

4. Hansons Marathon Method Training. Version 2.0.  I can’t. I love to hate Hansons Marathon Method. It’s hard. But it works. This time around, I was juggling a new job, a remodel, training for a 200 mile bike ride and a god forsaken cold/disease/plague for ONE MONTH right around marathon training kickoff. I can cry thinking about it. My training suffered because I was sinking in a Petri dish of despair and infectious yuck. I got in as many miles as my legs and lungs would allow, but it wasn’t perfect. Life isn’t. Which is why I need to accept the early weeks of training for what they were- an imperfect struggle- and embrace the final 8 which are feeling pretty good. I’m beginning week 14 which culminates with the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of week 18. It might not be my prettiest marathon, but it will certainly do.

She’s baaaaaack!

5. I registered for the Boston Marathon! And like thousands of other anxious runners, am chomping at the goddamn bit patiently waiting to hear if I am in. I should know by this week. I have over a 3.5 minute cushion. Cross your paws that it’s enough. Tina is IN! My BFF is wicked fast!  And she had the run of her life and qualified with ample time. What I wouldn’t give to run it with her. Say a prayer! Burn sage! Light a goddamn candle! Either way, I BQ’d. And PR’d. And also have a feeling I’ll be live tweeting the result from a local brewery. Stay tuned. I hope I find that unicorn. πŸ¦„


Isn’t she glorious?

Have you lived through a renovation? Has a nagging cold sidelined your training for more time than you liked? Are you waiting to hear from Boston?!?! 



20 thoughts on “5 Things I Did While I Wasn’t Blogging This Summer

    • No kitchen = No Bueno. I remember when you had none! Such crap. Alas it’s all a distant memory now. As for Boston, GOD WILLING, I think so? We’ll see how burned out I am post MCM. Really the goal for Boston *makes sign of cross* is to enjoy it. 😊

  1. My favorite part of this post is in the very beginning b/c I have been telling people my whole life (half-jokingly) that my life goal is to write the next great American novel. πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like an awesome/eventful/productive summer! Fingers crossed you get in for Boston! I didn’t make my BQ this year, and got a pretty beat up body trying to get through the Hansons plan with no results (due to stinking injuries). It’s just too much running for me I think. I need a bit more cushy rest days. I bet this is the year everyone will get in, just because I didn’t qualify! It works like that I think πŸ™‚

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that Hansons didn’t work for you. It’s a SHIT TON of running- even without a traditional long run. I was surprised my body adapted to it the first time around. This time, I’m a bit more broken. I can’t shake this damn cold! I am itching for a rest day!!! That’s tomorrow. But first strength intervals. God help me.

  3. My answers to your questions in no particular order are 1 – No, 2 – No and C – No. You can rearrange the order of my replies or reptiles and they still work. How about that? The only change in lifestyle this summer is that the dishwasher took a dump and I don’t care. Washing dishes by hand reminds me of a happier time when the sky was always blue, Ike was in the White House, summer was 8 months long and I didn’t pay taxes just like you know who.
    Oh, and I did a trail run where I tripped and fell at least three times. I’m lucky I still have my collarbones attached to my collar and bones.

  4. I’m so so curious about Hansons, think I’ll have to bite the bullet and check it out. Think I’m taking a step back from the marathon as a distance- my body just doesn’t seem to be up to it at the moment- but Hansons may well be where it’s at when I make my eventual comeback!

  5. You had a productive and busy summer. Congrats on the remodel. Your vanity is gorgeous and that’s the granite I think I would choose too. Someday. House goals. I guess by now, you’ve found out about Boston. I hope it was good news.

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