Everybody Just Keeps on Talking…


But Nobody seems to be listening.

I’ve been sitting with Colby on the “Stop the Madness and Step Away from Social Media” train.

Ducking and hiding for months. Kinda still am.

It seems the world is going mad and I for one am not hopping on the ride.

None of the noise is helping. Anything. I’ve been a lawyer for 25 years. I have 3 strong willed children. I live negotiation, argument and dispute resolution. I could work for the freaking UN.

And no one – no one succeeds at making a point when they are screaming, enraged and irrational. Like everyone seems to be these days.

So I have checked out. I know my thoughts on subjects. I’m interested in hearing views when they are expressed thoughtfully and respectfully. But “thoughtfully and respectfully” seldom show up these days. It got too hard to weed through the crazy, so I took a big leap back from all things social media.

But like Colby, I’ve missed our little blog.  I’ve missed interacting with all the great people here. So I hope I am in a place where I can start posting more. ‘Cause it really is our happy place.

Language and the ability to communicate are such gifts. Being able to voice our opinions freely is a privilege that not everyone in the world  enjoys. And frankly, the collective “we” have been pretty obnoxious about it lately. Just because you have the right and the ability to say something doesn’t mean you should yell it. Constantly.

My 5 year old nephew, W, is deaf. Fortunately, he is a rock star when it comes to sign language and is able to communicate (Every thought and emotion. Just ask my sister). But obviously, it is way more difficult for him to communicate than a hearing person. And I think of him when I see people spouting nonsense. Abusing their gift.

Last week my cousin posted 2 different videos for my sister on deaf experiences. Showing what a gift the ability to communicate really is. How lost we would be without it. They are great little videos and worth a watch. My favorite part?

They really make you think. Not talk.




5 thoughts on “Everybody Just Keeps on Talking…

    • Missed you too. Still miss you in fact. Let’s get that weekend getaway on the calendar…xo
      PS How freaking cute are the dog and the girl? Something about her reminds me of Miss E. Sweetness.

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