Ready for this crazy talk? Sweet Sacred Unicorn! I am running the Boston Marathon. I trained with Hansons Marathon Method. I ran the Baystate Marathon. I qualified. I registered. I got accepted.

Me! Me. Me? How in the actual fuck did that happen? If you were to have told me 7 years ago that I would be running the Boston Marathon, the Holy Grail of running, I would have laughed straight in your pretty little face. Never. Never in my life did I think I would be fast enough. Runner enough. Athlete enough. To qualify for the most sought after marathon around. Just never. 

I didn’t believe I had it in me. It wasn’t even on my radar. It was a mythical beast, a literal and figurative unicorn that existed only in the pages of Runner’s World. BQ? I hadn’t seriously considered it. Then last year rolled around. I decided THIS WAS IT. I am giving it all I got. I discovered Hansons Marathon Method and decided to give it a go (here). I also decided to blog about my weekly running recaps (here’s number 1 .)  It was my first REAL BQ try. I blogged faithfully. Each week I posted “Colby’s Week In Running” all the while apologizing for the profanities, beer and sweaty tired miles. Humor me, Poodles. Just read this. It kept me honest. It kept me accountable. Then I ran the Race of My Life (here and here) with Tina. Best Day Ever. That is, until yesterday. 

I found running, or rather running found me, in what seems like a million lifetimes ago. It was during one of the lowest points in my life. I have to say, I didn’t feel worthy of anything. I’ve blogged about that time before (here)  and several other times over the course of This Little Blog’s tenure. Running became my constant companion. It was my control in my time of chaos. I ran to feel pain that pieced the numbness and ran to let it all go. Each mile taught me I was capable of moving forward in the truest sense. It was transformative. I started to believe in myself. Believe that I was capable. Believe I was strong. Believe I could…{insert anything here}. 

So when I saw that email telling me I had been accepted into The Boston Marathon, I had the feeling that this arc of my life, from low to high, was closed. And I accepted it with an open heart. I started in one place and landed in another, having run the whole way. Never forget where you start- where you really start. It will give you the greatest perspective on where you are now. What a journey! I discovered who I AM!  Strong. Worthy. Capable.  

And in the process, found a damn unicorn. 


26 thoughts on “Acceptance. 

  1. YAYYYY!!!!! xxx go forth and fart rainbows!!!! *winks* 😘🍾

    (Ps… Just thought I’d let you know that I can see this post on my phone but on my Mac it says “this is a post on a private site that you are following, but not currently a member of. Please request membership to display posts in your reader” )

  2. So you wanted me to kick off my Friday in tears? BAM – you got it.
    What a journey. So thrilled, proud, excited – all the feels.

    I got two things to say, though:

    1. You were always worthy. You were always strong. You were always capable. And would have been had you never laced up once. (but I’m glad you did, since it has brought us even closer).

    2. I never doubted you for a second.

    Go forth and conquer, my beautiful, strong friend! xxxxoooo

  3. Tears! You are a rock star and this journey has been a joy to follow! Love you and can’t wait for the party in Boston! Let’s start planning!!

  4. WOOT. So proud of you Colby. Ha ha I never even considered the idea that you wouldn’t be running. You got this. I will be there to cheer on my two favorite and beloved marathon runners….

    Love Mimi

  5. Holy shit! Congratulations! That’s just bitchin’. And I reserve that word for choice ocassions. You really really rock. And I really love this post! It is a fucking unicorn, the BQ. And you did it!! You roped a unicorn. Go you! Seven years. Wow. Now I gotta look at this hansons thing. Great. Just great. But congrats for real. I hope you friggin celebrate your ass off this weekend. And then start training again. Are you going to do hanson’s for Boston again?? Can you use he method twice???

    • A million THANKS!!!!! So. Effen. Stoked. Yes!! I think I am going to do Hansons although I think I’m going to incorporate strength training. Either way, Imma blog the shit out of it. 😉

  6. In all seriousness, you were the inspiration to my nyc madness. I want to get a pr so badly and when I saw/read you kill it in your Hanson’s BQ training, it was the push I needed to get my ass in gear. I’m so freaking happy for you and you deserve this so much, my friend ♡ Love you to pieces!

  7. That’s so exciting!! And I loved the profanities in the updates, by the way. It made me feel less out of place in the world of fitness blogging, which can often be a wee bit too zen for my liking!

    I know what you mean about goals being completely off your radar- for instance I never thought I could get a good for age qualification to the London Marathon. And whilst it’s still a way away, it somehow seems remotely possible for the first time.

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