I need a little Christmas. Right this effen minute. 

I’m in the midst of a cheesy Hallmark  Christmas Movie Marathon. Wine in hand. Drunk Otis on lap. Half decorated Christmas tree blinking like it’s got an eyelash stuck in it’s eye. I can’t bring myself to find the goddamn flashy bulb and replace it with the steady calming Christmas glow I adore. For now, I’ll endure. I’m in super sonic lazy mode. And quite frankly, I’m not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday. I am however super ready to kick off the holidays. I’m usually not ALL IN for Christmas this soon. Christ. There’s still pumpkin pie in the house. But this year, I need a lil’ JOY up in here. 

I trained for 18 weeks with Hanson’s Marathon Method. I rode 193 miles across Massachusetts in my 12th Pan-Mass Challenge in the midst of it. I changed jobs. Dealt with an incredible amount of bullshit in the process and after feeling exhausted, drained and psychologically ill prepared- despite having trained hard- ran the Marine Corps Marathon a few weeks ago.  

Happiness is a shake out run.

It didn’t go as planned. It started out fantastic and was for at least 22 miles. Legs running like a metronome, keeping pace until they weren’t. That has less to do with my training and more to do with how damn hot it was. Running a marathon in the high-70s at the end of October ain’t my thing. My body wasn’t having it. I stopped sweating, got chills, got cold and nauseous and promptly got super nervous. There was a moment on that God forsaken hot highway near the Pentagon that I honestly thought I was going to DNF. Then I saw a paralyzed man running in an exoskeleton and promptly got it together. I’m not kidding. I was jolted back to life. I cried. And cheered for him. I’ve never seen anything like it. Talk about will. The Will. Will to the highest power. I was stunned. 


I finished in a time that I would have been happy about a year ago, but it wasn’t what I trained for. You can put your heart and soul into your training. You can light candles to the Gods of Perfect Weather and make offerings to the Gods of Perfect GI Health. You can run miles with a side of tempo runs and a shot of intervals until you are BEYOND ready. But on that day? You get what you get, and you don’t get upset. *pours third glass of wine*  


So as I sit here, half in the bag about to have a goddamn seizure from these flashing lights, I’m realizing that in spite of a somewhat disappointing bunch of months, imperfection can be perfection- as long as you have the right perspective. Not having the race you trained for happens. Imperfect conditions rarely yield perfect results. It’s what you take from it. There will always be lessons to learn.  That’s where the growth happens- as an athlete, as a runner, hell- even as a woman.  Yes. The heat made a very decent race totally turn to shit, but I will forever be grateful for the thrill of the run. There is nothing like it. Nothing. Every run is a great run. That much I am sure of. The tough ones just show you a little more of what you’re made of. #steel 


What’s next on your list? Next up for me: Boston Marathon! Training this time begins with an InsideTracker retest for me. Check out their #BlackFriday Deal for a huge discount on their “Ultimate” test. Here’s the LINK to their website. Use code: THANKSNICOLEB to save some dough and optimize your health. Now thru Cyber Monday, 10/28! 


21 thoughts on “I need a little Christmas. Right this effen minute. 

  1. Marathoning is such an uncontrollable beast. You can train all you want, eat well, etc, etc, etc, but on marathon day, who knows what will happen. I also had a sub-par marathon this cycle. We’ll raise our glasses and drink when we meet in person.

    • Sub-par. That’s exactly what it was. I was happy that I actually finished the damn thing. I haven’t felt that bad running ever. After dumping copious amounts of water on my head, I staggered on. What a bummer. We can MOST DEFINITELY raise a glass and toast in person! I can’t wait! xo

  2. Its amazing how people around you can motivate you when you are at rock bottom during a race. On a particularly rough race, I saw a woman carrying an American flag – like a full size one on a huge flagpole – and she was kicking my butt. I had a mini crying session for how awesome she was, then let her awesomeness motivate me!

    • Seriously Lauren. I went into a full on ugly cry. Moved me to the core! And there was no shortage of American flags being flown while running. I was on the verge of tears the whole damn way!! So inspiring!!! 🙂

  3. Me Chicago last year. I felt I’d done everything right and everything did not go right. But I was running for the Ronald McDonald House and because I was wearing their singlet, you woulda thought I was some kind of celebrity on that course. People were cheering for me left and right and I COUDLN’T be mad or sad. I was running for something way beyond me. And in a way, for charity or not, we always are running for something beyond us, no?

    Love you.

    • Always. There is something completely different when you run for a reason- other than your own personal goals of course. There’s also a crazy sense of pride that comes along with it. It’s something alright. Love you too! xo

      • While I can appreciate a warm day for running and maybe for running a marathon I know that it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s nice not to shiver for 2 hours prior to the race start but as pleasant as that is it creates a nagging feeling in the back of your mind. Sure, it’s great now at mile 5, 10 and 15 but the little common sense runner in your brain knows at some point, and we don’t know when that is, you’ll pay for temperate temperatures. Or as we like to say, ” It was fun while it lasted.” I’m glad you got through it.

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