Back in the Saddle

Well, well, well. Look who kicked off Boston Marathon training with a steaming hot cup of Hansons Marathon Method and 5 inches of snow? *points thumbs at chest* THIS GIRL! Week One of Hansons is actually an abbreviated week, a teaser if you will, of all things painful to come. It kicks off mid-week and begins with a Rest Day. I know. Laugh now. Because let me tell you, I’ll be celebrating these goddamn Rest Days like every Wednesday is Christmas for the next 18 weeks. 18 days of Christmas. One Rest Day a week, for 18 weeks. Not so silly now, huh, Poodle? Here’s what went down, Easy Week and all. 

Wednesday: Rest Day. 0 miles. Only it wasn’t a Rest Day. Gah. Already I’m switching shit around. Oh, Colby. The switch was definitely warranted. I pulled the old ‘bend and snap’ because I had a very important date with My Best Gals on Earth in NYC on Sunday and I knew running was going to be a struggle. So instead of resting, I ran 5 miles and did core. Totally worth it. 

Thursday: Back on track! 6 miles, Easy. According to The Bible of Hansons, easy pace is 9:15 to 10:15 minutes per mile. I ran them at 9:15. Boom. 6 miles down, 994 to go. JK. I have no idea how many miles I’ll be running. Quite frankly I prefer not to think about it, lest I black out and konk my head. 

Friday: 6 miles, Easy. Only easy is not easy when you have a decadent 3 hour Holiday Luch with you colleagues, drink bottles of Sancerre then decide it’s wise to run on a damn treadmill because goals. *hiccups* Rough run. But I did it. And at the prescribed pace. 

Saturday: 8 miles, Easy. I woke up super-fly excited. SNOW! And plenty of it! 5 inches of the white stuff! Peace, quiet, tranquility and 8 glorious miles! Have yak trax, will run. Wheeeeeee! 

It was gorgeous for more than half of my run. My sleepy town looked like a straight up Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland!

Then it started to get icy. Then it poured rain. Cold, miserable rain. I got tired. 

But kept running. 8 miles, done.

Colby the Soaked Grinch

Sunday: Rest Day NYC Brunch with my Homegirls! And Bloody Mary’s! And delicious Mediterranean plates of goodness! And chit chat, laughter, silliness and friendship. I couldn’t possibly have ended Week 1 of Training on a higher note. To friendship, health, running and laughter! Cheers! 

Deliciousness at Hundred Acres, New York City.

Week 1 By The Numbers:
Total number of miles: 25 + core 
Number of times I almost fell flat on my face running in snow, slush and ice: 0.
Yak trax RULE! 
Total number of times I felt blessed to have such strong, sassy, smart women in my life: Infinite. 

Patty, Jenn, T-BONE and Me.

Do you switch up your training or do you run by the book? Snowy runs or sweltering runs, which is your jam? 


16 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. I won’t lie, I haven’t run outside since 2 weeks ago. That is going to change tomorrow because it will be a more decent temperature, but I’m a wuss and I don’t like running on ice, yak trax or not.

    • Not for nothin’ Suze, from what I’ve been seeing, Chi-Town might as well be the frozen TUNDRA. Sweet Ice Cubes! I’d be inside too! In fact today was a balmy 3 degrees with the wind chill. It was a treadmill day for Colby.

  2. I am a winter weather wimp. Unless I have concrete plans to run with someone, I’m more likely to hit the treadmill until the temperature is warmer and the days are longer.

  3. Woohoo, week 1 done! I was shopping around for a half marathon plan and looked at Hansons half – then saw that it was also an 18 week plan and decided against that! I’m just not up for that challenge for a half 🙂 But I will have lots of fun reading about your training! And yes… savor those rest days!!

    • Miles in the bank! That’s how I think about it. Hansons is a whole hell of a lot of work. BUT if you’re willing to put in the time and massive effort and have a goal—- you’ll achieve it with this program. That’s of course totally my opinion- other than using them for my training and swearing them up and down from time to time, they don’t know I exist! Ha!

  4. Oh. Pretty snow! I wish Southern California (with the exception of Big Bear) had snow. All we’ve been getting is rain and it’s really tricky to run on wet pavement. Here’s to not slipping on water/snow! Cheers! 🙂

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