Running with The 7 Fishes

Ho, ho, ho, Poodles! Week 2 of Hansons Boston Marathon Training with Colby began with a very chilly wet run and ended with Santa, gallons of wine and a traditional Italian Christmas Eve Feast with The Fam. No shock that Christmas Day was spent hung over in jammies.  But as they say, ‘Tis the Season. Here’s how Week 2 shook out. 

Marathon Goal: 3:45 
Marathon Pace: 8:35

Monday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace: 9:18. Nothing remarkable about this run except for the fact that I desperately needed to finish my Christmas shopping and I obsessed about it the entire time. Then I went to work and these glorious donuts appeared. Seriously. They were off the chain. Who needs presents anyways? 

Donut Crazy.

Tuesday: Intervals! 12 X 400m, 400m recovery. 1 mile warm up/cool down. 8 miles total. Pace: 7:35. I did these bad boys on the goddamn treadmill. It happens. I did feel good though. Even though I swear I was covered in bacteria. The guy next to me was a Petri dish. Ick. 

Wednesday: Rest Day!!!! Which turned into a marathon of shopping. I banged those gifts out in no time. CHRISTMAS COMPLETE! 

Thursday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace: 9:37. I know. It seems weird that my easy run pace is “slow-er.” On Hansons, it’s actually a range. My marathon goal pace is 8:35. ATH ( according to Hansons), easy runs should be paced 1-2 minutes SLOWER than marathon pace. So for me it’s 9:35 to 10:35. You don’t want to run so slow that you break down tendon and bone without aerobic benefits, but easy runs are super helpful. They’re not “junk miles.” One goal of the easy run is to tune your slow-twitch muscles to utilize fat for energy. The longer you burn fat instead of carbs, the longer it takes for you to hit The Wall. Ain’t nobody got time for that, so slow I will go. 

Friday: Easy Run, 5 miles. Pace: Who knows. I trail ran with my running partner in crime, Drunk Otis Brown. He needed to get out of the house lest he shatter every ornament on the tree. So trail run we did. It was great. I was supposed to run 6, but I forgot my Garmin. *Sigh*

Drunk Otis Brown, Trail Guide.

Saturday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace: 9:46. In the pouring, freezing, rain. I was mega miserable. Until I remembered that it was THE MOST WONDERFUL NIGHT OF THE YEAR! Christmas Eve! If you’re an Italian like me, that means you eat fish X 7 and drink gallons of wine. You also laugh your ass of with family. I adore my family. And you discover Snap Chat with your nieces and they laugh at just how excited you are. ​#latetotheparty

Sunday: Christmas Day aka Hung Over Blown Out Rest Day. Hey, it happens. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, POODLES!!!!! I hope your holiday was filled with lots of love and laughter! 

Total number of miles run: 31
Number of types of fish consumed on Christmas Eve: 7
Number of eyerolls given to me by my nieces regarding Snap Chat: 18

Do you have any Holiday Traditions? Do you strategically place rest days on holidays? Does Snap Chat crack you up? 


19 thoughts on “Running with The 7 Fishes

  1. Holiday traditions are what makes the holidays fun! On Christmas Eve, my family plays Taboo (usually boys vs. girls or couple vs. couple) and drink way too much spiked egg nog! I usually plan my rest days to be Christmas Day and Boxing Day; by the time the 27th rolls around, I’m itching to run and burn off the turkey.

  2. I have holiday traditions up the wazoo (as you know), though my favorite is yet to come… FAKE CHRISTMAS!! That would be the day that is NOT Christmas that my siblings, parents and I celebrate. n one is missing, it’s no one’s off year” at their in-laws, etc. We pick a day that all can come and voila, a second Christmas. Favorite day of the year, hands down.
    I have a pretty sedate Christmas Eve -it’s just me, C and the kids, so a Christmas morning run is a bit of a tradition for me. I love it. Short and sweet, sandwiched between gift opening and pancakes and bacon. All runs should be sandwiched between gift opening and pancakes and bacon.
    I also love running on Thanksgiving, so I guess I don’t take rest days on holidays. Oh, maybe New Year’s. Definitely new Year’s. 🙂
    FYI, Snap Chat does not crack anyone up as much as it cracks you up. xo

  3. I wish I was Italian so that I could do the Feast of the 7 fishes.
    Also, can we start a feast of the 7 Bitches? Either to punch 7 bitches in the face, or to get our 7 favorite bitches together to hang out with them

  4. Nice week of training considering all the holiday madness! It’s great to see you taking the easy run pace so seriously. I think the biggest mistake many people make is running “easy” way too fast.

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