Let the Countdown Begin Already! Sheesh.

let the countdown begin.gif

The countdown begins. And thank you Sweet Baby New Year for that.

This year has been….

Yeah. Interesting. That sounds better than Off the Fucking Rails, so I guess I’ll just leave it at that lest another piece of my childhood pass away in an untimely fashion as punishment for the profanity. Bad enough Willy Wonka, David Bowie, Prince, Mrs. Brady, George Michael, Princess Leia were stolen but THE HEAT MISER too?  And the Dude who invented the red Solo cup, a permanent fixture in my hand during my hazy college days, has died. All of them. Gone. Just like my childhood. #RIP



Politically, personally, professionally-  this year was all out of whack. Lots of change. Lots of surprises. Lots of stress.  Although I will say rather optimistically that dawn always follows the darkness. Unless of course that changes after January 20th,  which will result in me curled up in a fetal position, bingeing on lobster rolls and IPAs ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ Style. I’ve got my 5-Point Harness at the ready. Buckle up, Poodles. It’s going to be quite a ride. wonka.gif

As much as this year has been de-railing, lots of wonderful things happened. Extracting myself from an absolute toxic situaiton, starting a new, exciting job, awesome adventures with friends, running the Marine Corps Marathon, riding in my 12th Pan Mass Challenge, good health, great friends and family, happiness, love, My Other Half and finding that unicorn. I am running the Boston Marathon. And not only am I running it, I am running it with the Love of My Life and My BFF, Tina. I can think of nothing better. Nothing.

As much as I want to set Goals for 2017 and bust out with a Top 10 List of Resolutions, including drink less, swear less, weigh less, I’m not going to this year. So, Fuck it! Cheers! *stuffs face with chips and salsa* Instead, I am going to work on being the best Me I can be. I’m going to listen more and talk less. I’m going to be kind. More present. More patient. More active in my own life. I want to be better. To evolve.

In the process I hope I become a better version of Colby. Colby 45.0 if you will. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Growth? 2016 may have taken quite a bit, but it’s certainly given quite a bit. Perspective for one. In a few days, I will run my last miles of 2016. I will be quietly contemplative, as I always am during that final run, and I will think about how grateful I am to live a life that, despite it’s imperfections, is really quite wonderful.  Magical even. Just like that unicorn.


What’s on tap for 2017? Are you a Resolution maker? 


12 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin Already! Sheesh.

  1. It has been one hell of a ride this year, and I know people who are perfectly happy with it.
    I just read another bloggers post about her partial blindness and possibly of having MS. So I do feel fortunate, but not blessed- that’s too religious sounding for me.
    Happy new year’s, keep running, writing and living!

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