Running, Celebrating and Settling In…

The final miles of 2016. 😊

Well roll my quads and call me Baby New Year! Happy 2017, Poodles! Finally. Next chapter. Page turned. A fresh clean slate. Ahhhh!  I love it. I love that ambitious feeling of I CAN DO ANYTHING! that accompanies each New Year. Of course, that’s after the hangover has worn off and you locate your missing winter running glove which you pad around looking for every damn day. I’m looking at YOU Drunk Otis Brown.

What? Me?!?! I only eat socks.

New Year’s Eve was lovely. Me, My Other Half, Thai food, friends and plenty o’ champagne. Perfection. Oh and running. There was plenty of running. In fact, I really feel as if I’m settling in to the miles nicely. It’s strange. Perhaps it’s because I started with a decent level of fitness after running the Marine Corps Marathon? Or, perhaps it’s because of all the HIIT workouts, lifting and stair milling prior to starting Hansons Marathon Method? It’s probably a bit of both. I’m also trying to get a solid night’s sleep each night. That’s definitely helping. Lord knows it’s not because I’ve been laying off the sauce. Colby needs a detox. Clearly. Here’s how Week 3 of Hansons went!

Marathon Goal: 3:45
Marathon Pace: 8:35
Easy Run Pace: 9:35 to 10:35
Interval Pace: 7:35
Tempo Run Pace: 8:35

Monday: Easy Run, 8 miles. Pace, 9:42. This was making up for Senior Skip Day on Christmas. After eating and drinking, and eating some more, this run was a bloated mess. There must be some bizarro time warp that happens between Christmas and New Year’s.  I swear, each year I lose all concept of space and time.

Tuesday: Intervals, 8x600m, 400m recovery. Pace, 7:32. With warm up and cool down, 7 miles total. YES! These felt good! Probably because I actually drank WATER and got a decent night’s sleep. Imagine? Huh. Who knew?

Wednesday: This was supposed to be a rest day but because I decided to make Sunday my rest day, I ran. Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace, 9:59. Hey, I didn’t say it was pretty. But I did get it done. Besides, Thursday’s are for Tempo Runs beginning at Week 3. And that’s what scares me. The Dreaded Tempo Run. That’s where the magic happens.

Thursday: Tempo Run, 6 miles at 8:35. With warm up/cool down 8 miles total. Why do the Tempo Runs on Hansons terrify me? Because they’re truly the dress rehearsal for the marathon. That’s what they’re designed for. They are run at your goal marathon pace. Which also means that if you’re not sustaining your goal pace during these runs, perhaps Girlfriend should adjust her goal. However, one bad tempo run does not mean throw the baby out with the bathwater, the tub and the rubber duckie, but if you’re struggling to maintain the pace, you may want to adjust. There are tons of benefits of the Dreaded Tempo Run on this program- training your legs and internalizing marathon pace is key as is improving running economy at goal pace and improving endurance. This week? My tempo run was on point! And so became my confidence. #winner

Friday: Easy Run, 7 miles. Pace, 9:08. What a difference a day makes! I think it was the Tempo Run. Or my new found confidence. Either way, I’ll take it.

Saturday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace, 9:13. The last run of 2016! Always my favorite run of the year. Quiet and contemplative, this run always makes me smile. To health! To happiness! To moving forward and never looking back! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday: Long Run, 10 miles. Pace, 9:32. This run was brought to you by the letter “H” for Hungover.Thank you SkratchLabs for keeping me together. I know, I did it to myself.

Total Number of Miles Run: 52
Number of hours spent dreading Tempo Run: 24
Number of times I blamed Drunk Otis for taking my shit: 6

What did you do for New Year’s Eve- Stay In or RAGE? Do you savor your last run of the year? Am I the only one who is a blown out mess? 


21 thoughts on “Running, Celebrating and Settling In…

  1. We’ve got kids. Little ones. So yeah, New Year’s was spent at home in bed by 10 🙂

    Tempo runs scare me too. Excite and scare me. I do love how it prepares us for the real deal b/c any amount of readiness I can get I’ll accept, lol! But yeah, when I’m done, I’m both ecstatic I did it and afraid how I still have to do that for X amount of miles more jaja!!

    Great week, my friend!! Happy New Year!!

  2. You’re one of the reasons I used Hanson’s this summer, and oof – those tempos in 90F+ weather were nearly the death of me. I was shocked, surprised, and happy to see that winter weather makes all the difference!

    • GO, GRACIE GO! I would have made a voodoo doll of me and stuck a pin in my head for those Tempo runs. I did Hansons in the summer too. And it was so awful during a nasty heat wave we had. Despite how wet and cold its been lately, I’ll take this over summer any day! 😊

  3. Tempo runs scare me too!! I didn’t run NyE but my run on New Years Day was the worst, I swear I was sweating prosecco and carrying an extra 20lb, but hey I did it!

  4. Great graphic; I was definitely full of cheese Dec 27-31st. But I had a 5k run on the 31st that helped me get rid of some of it! And I’m impressed at your mileage so early in the training! You are definitely benefiting from the pre Hanson workouts! Great week 🙂
    P.s. I was in flight on the Eve, entertained by a pilot who may have had some champagne himself. I think he let his co-pilot do all the flying.

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