4 Weeks of Training Down!

And 98 days until Boston. But who’s counting?

elle woods.gif

DOUBLE DIGIT COUNTDOWN! Which sounds kinda close. Until you realize that there are 14 more weeks of training, 10,000 more miles and gallons of sweat to drip with Hanson’s Marathon Method before toeing the line in Hopkinton. Yeah. It might as well be an eternity away. My legs certainly think so.

I actually felt pretty strong last week all things considered. I’m definitely getting back into the swing of it. I am digging the structured training and of course BLOGGING about this whole insane journey to Boston. Thank you for following along. I mean it with all of 4 chambers of my heart. Your comments and support keep this tuckered broad motivated AF. A million sweaty kisses!  Here’s what went down during Week 4!

Monday: Easy Run, 6 miles total. Pace, 9:15. I’m not gonna lie. I was tired. If we can recall last week’s recap, I did the old “bend and switch” and insisted on switching my rest day to coincide with Christmas, which meant I would be running 9 days straight with nary a rest. Dumb? Yes. But for for the love of Baby Jesus, it was Christmas.

Tuesday: Intervals, 6 X 800, 400m recovery. Pace 7:30. Warm up/cool down 7 miles total. These were a beast. Something about an 800m that simply kicks the snot out of me. 1200m? Not so bad. That just doesn’t make sense. So I’ve determined it’s completely in my head. #CrazyPants

Wednesday: *cue Barry Manilow* LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT!!!! Phew. Somebody pour me a big old cup of REST…STAT!  0 miles total.

Thursday: Tempo Run, 6 miles at marathon pace, 8:35. Warm up/cool down, 8 miles total. This run was a total sufferfest. Why? See below. 

Friday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace, 9:20. I had to squeeeze this puppy in because My Other Half was racing in US National Cyclocross Championships which were right here in good old Hartford, Connecticut! Squeeee! Such exciting stuff!  I was The Pit Crew for him. So offish!

Saturday: Easy Run, 7miles. Pace, no clue. This was a snowy trail run with Drunk Otis and My Other Half. Yes, he raced in a National Championship the day before and no, he is not resting. He’s running Boston too. Talk about shifting gears. See what I did right there? 

Drunk Otis, Reindog.

Sunday: Easy Run, 8 miles. Pace, 9:45. Easy run this was not. It was bitter cold- single digit temps- and in 6 inches of snow. Thankfully, the roads were plowed and my YakTrax KILLED IT! No slip, no slide. WIN! 

Me, Freezing.

Total number of miles run: 42

Number of times I had to swap out My Other Half’s frozen mud caked bike in the pit: 3

Number of times I fell flat on my face running in snow and ice: ZERO!!!!!!! 

Do you have a distance that completely psychs you out for no damn reason? Do you run in the snow with YakTrax? Coldest temperature you will run in- GO! 


25 thoughts on “4 Weeks of Training Down!

  1. So whip me, but I’ve been “distracted” and didn’t know you were running Boston. Sooooo, obvious we must meet there. Because who knows when I’ll qualify again and go back. And I promise I will read more regularly.
    Would it be horrible that I was proud this Iowa girl turned southerner went out in 20-something non-snow to run? I do remember running in snow, and it was one of my favorite things!

  2. Anything over 13 miles is like this out of body experience for the first mile where I have to realize that I am actually not stopping for a long time…its awful. BUT, not as awful as running in those temps, screw that.

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