The Weekly Running Recap. This is NOT a test. 

If I had to grade myself on this Week’s Hansons Marathon Training with Colby, I’d give myself a big, fat “C.”  Welcome to Medicore Ville, can I take your sub par order?kim-kardashian-on-giphy

Gah. It was like I studied all damn semester, popped a Red Bull and crammed for the test, only to bomb it. I still ran ALL THE MILES. I even nailed my pace during The Dreaded Tempo Run. But Intervals? Fail. I bombed that test. It certainly wasn’t The Final. That’s Boston. So what was it? A quiz? A mere 5% of my grade? So, why did I beat myself up about it all week then?

I tend to think about marathon training like a series of tests, which you study for allllll effen semester, each one building on what you’ve learned and retained all semester long. The final of course, is cumulative. This week I had a bad session of intervals. A bad stomach (I’m looking at YOU New England clam chowder), a busy, screwed up day and the wrong workout entirely contributed to my “failure.” It was a Trifecta of Suck. I was convinced my GPA had plummeted.  I was bummed. After a series of panicky  texts to Tina, my BFF, she said something that calmed me.

Boom. There it was. Training. It’s training. And it was rough. And I didn’t fail. Why? Because my BFF told me so. That’s why. Calm, plainly and oh so, pointedly. And she’s right. I put so much pressure on myself. Unnecessary pressure. It’s not an Organic Chem final. Or the goddamn SATs. It’s one workout. Chill. Out. Sometimes I think I need to train my mind, more than my legs. Does Hansons make a training guide for that? I’m a hot mess.  Let’s get on with the running…

Monday: Easy Run,  6 miles. Pace, 9:15. Yawn. Not a great run. Not a bad run. It was just “Meh.” And it was on a treadmill. And my sports bra bit me. See? I should have just stayed in bed all week. 

Tuesday: Intervals, 7 miles total. 4 X 1200m, 400m recovery, warm up/cool down. 7:35 pace for two, then it went to shit. Literally and figuratively. I am blaming this on the chowder. Nothing like a hot, heavy cream and clam based soup prior to make you SPRINT to the loo. Bad. All bad. It was even the wrong work out. It was supposed to be 5 X 1000m. Goofed all around. But it’s training right? I will say that I did cover the miles. So there’s that. 

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. 0, miles. Zero chowder. 

Just stick a clam in his hand and its me.

Thursday: Tempo Run, 8 miles total. 6 miles at 8:35, warm up/cool down. Even though this was a strong run, I was still bummed about my Intervals. I know. Build a bridge, Colby. And get the hell over it. 

Friday: Easy Run, 7 miles. Pace, 9:17. My legs felt like sausages, but otherwise it was good. It was really good for Drunk Otis. He got a new baby! 

Meet, Baby. He hasn’t put it down yet.

Saturday: Easy run, 6 miles. Pace, 9:20. Run, hair cut & color and a Surprise Birthday Party for one of my oldest and dearest friends. Such a great day! Jonna is the friend you could not see for 5 years then get together and not miss a beat. That’s my Jonny. I adore her. And cherish our decades long friendship. 

Sunday: Long run, 12 miles. Pace, 9:22. Cold, icy and moderately hung over, this run was beautiful. 


Total number of miles run: 46 miles
Number of bowls of New England Clam Chowder consumed: 1 too many
Times I doubted myself: 100

How do you deal with a “failed” workout? Do you beat yourself up about it all week or just suck it up? New England, Manhattan or Rhode Island clam chowdah? Go! 


21 thoughts on “The Weekly Running Recap. This is NOT a test. 

  1. Yes to Tina. It is NOT a test. Shit training days and great training days just show us what we’re made of and are bricks on our path. Some of ’em might be crumbly around the edges, but the rest are SOLID. Besides, this was a valuable lesson in race day nutrition. I will remember not to bring a piping hot cup of chowdah as a fuel hand up in Boston. 😂🤢

  2. They’re more like homework than exams. As for whether I beat myself up for the workout, it depends. If I feel that I had no excuse for not getting it, then yeah, I do. Otherwise I have a memory like a goldfish when it comes to bad workouts.

    New England clam chowdah all the way. Don’t even get me started on the other two.

    • Homework it is. But seriously, why do we obsess? I seriously can’t remember shit, but I’ll remember this crap interval session. And really, why bother with the other two? MAYBE Rhode Island. But Manhattan? No.

  3. I think we remember the bad because it gives us an excuse for when we fail in other ways… It’s self defense, in a way.
    But Tina gave a great response, because while the race is like a cumulative final, the race is also only 20% of the grade. Getting to the line healthy is another 20%, learning something from the race for the future is another twenty, and getting the training in (Consistency! It’s like homework graded only for doing it!) is 40%
    You’re doing really well sticking to the miles and paces. And even 2×400 done well is a valuable interval session 🙂

      • Daily may be too much, but I’m pleased 🙂
        once in a while may do the trick. You e got a lot of self-motivating strength too… don’t ever forget that! And sharing your struggles def helps me with mine. 🙂

  4. I’ve definitely had superb runs where I feel on top of the world followed by runs where I think to myself, “I should quit now. Why did I ever think I could be a runner?” We’ve all had those days, but it doesn’t mean you’re any less awesome. 🙂 Have a great rest of your training!

  5. I stress about shitty runs while they’re happening but once it’s over, out of sight, out of mind. I gotta move on.

    I’ve never had any kind of chowder. Would that exist in Arizona/Mexico? Lol!!!

    • I need to be more like you! It’s gotta be the Italian “I hold a grudge forever and never forget” in me! I’m guessing there’s no such thing as Arizona Chowdah. Unless it’s a cold ceviche- gazpachoey thing. COME BACK TO NEW ENGLAND! We’re brimming with chowder. 😜

    • Right?!?! I feel awful too. And it’s just plain dumb. We shouldn’t. Let’s make a pact. *puts out pinky* As per chowdah, it’s New England. But it’s probably going to be at least a year before I eat it again. Lobster rolls however are completely on the table. 😊

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