The Weekly Running Recap. Fun in the sun! Well, kinda…

I almost forgot I was going on vacation. Like, really. I had the days all screwed up. And the flights. Who the hell does that. Answer: Me. 

Who forgets this?

Were we landing in Ft. Laudetdale or West Palm Beach? And when were we coming back? Zero goddamn clue. These are some crazy ass times when a gal forgets she’s leaving for a week in the sun. Clearly, I needed it. Hell. The world needs it. Fasten your 5- point harnesses, Poodles. We are in for one hell of a 4 year ride. I’ll bring the Xanax. You supply the puppies. We’ll get through this. Last week  I wound up with lots of much needed sunshine & chill time, lots of decompressing, tons of running and one rouge stomach virus. Nothing like getting a debilitating stomach bug that kicks you in the teeth whilst on vacation. The vodka tonics quickly turned in Pedialyte martinis. Thanks, Stomach. And still, the Hanson’s marathon training continued. Moving on, Poodles.  Moving on. 

Monday: Easy Run. 6 miles. Trail Run. I was off on Monday which made Drunk Otis Brown the happiest chocolate monster in the world. We hit the trails. Then it occurred to me that I was leaving on vacation early Wednesday morning. So I exchanged my winter Janji running tights for bikinis and flip flops. 

Spot the chocolate monster…

Tuesday: Intervals. 4 x 1200, 400m recovery, 7:34 min mile. 7 miles total. If we remember last week’s EPIC Interval Failure and subsequent self-flogging, I had an ax to grind. A bone to pick. A score to settle. #IdiomsRule I’m coming for you Intervals!  And? SUCCESS! Thank you for all of your insightful comments last week. They helped more than you know! Muaaaahh! 

Wednesday: Rest Day, 0 miles run. 1400 miles flown. Hello, Beach! 

Flops off. Tan on.

Thursday: Tempo Run, 7 miles at 8:34, 9.5 miles total. It was 84 degrees out. I did not melt. I LOVED IT! Success! Over the course of training this run gets longer. Every 3 weeks it increases until you top out with 10 miles at marathon pace. For me that’s 8:35. This run is a beast. And my most dreaded run. I was thrilled with this one. Then disaster struck. 

Blue skies and pain. #nofilter

Friday: Bathroom Run, 2 miles total. Sweet Baby Dysentery. What a disaster. Sick. Just sick. Weak. Dehydrated. No running. Just liters of Pedialyte, poolside. What a bummer. I don’t like missing runs. However, when you have the runs, there is but one choice. Miss. 

Saturday: Easy Run, 6 miles. It was stupid. I was dehydrated. But I did it. Let’s try and forget it, shall we? Gah. Ugly. 

Sunday: Long Run, 10 miles. Pace, 9:17 min. Talk about a comeback. Reborn! Much, much better. I might not have had the perfect week, but I definitely had a near perfect run.

Happiness ☺️

Total number of miles run: 38.5
Total number of miles missed due to The Stomach Plague: 8
Number of trips to the bathroom in one 24h period: 19
Number of #alternativefacts contained in this blog post: Absolute effen zero.

Do you run while on vacation? Have you ever been grounded with a stomach bug? How was YOUR week? 


10 thoughts on “The Weekly Running Recap. Fun in the sun! Well, kinda…

  1. Boo stomach virus. Glad you were able to still kick ass while ON vacation! I’ve tried running in Spain, but I didn’t know the streets well enough nor the language soooooo it didn’t turn out that well. LOL 🙂

    • Spain is so lovely! I have tried to run in every place I’ve ever been. I am proud to say that I was able to run in Kenya- although I was under the watchful eye of armed guards! Stomach bugs are THE WORST. I haven’t had one like that in decades. Kicked me right in the teeth!!!

      • Oh nice! I would be so scared to run in Kenya. How was that like? Running under the watch of armed guards? Some guy tried grabbing me when I was on a run in Spain so I was a bit shaken up after the incident. I still intend to try and run when I travel. It’s the best way to explore. 🙂

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