The Weekly Running Recap. Blizzard Edition. 

Welp. It only took until February for Old Man Winter to rear his frozen crusty ass. And boy did he. We essentially got a 1-2-3 punch. Right in the kisser, the chin and the kidney. Which, due to onset of said blizzard, had me missing my scheduled run! GASP! True story. Listen. I’m nuts. But not nuts enough to run in high winds, driving snow and- wait for it– THUNDER. Yup. Thundersnow. That’s a real damn thing. And it happened. I heard it. And promptly went back to bed. Of course, the day before the Thundersnow, it was 60 degrees. And of course, it was my Rest Day. I know. Piss poor planning, Colby. Funny how that happens.

Nevertheless, here’s what else happened during Week 9 of Hansons Marathon Method!

In case you’ve forgotten (because I sure as shit haven’t), here are my paces:

  • Marathon Goal: 3:45
  • Marathon Pace: 8:35
  • Easy Run Pace: 9:35 to 10:35
  • Interval Pace: 7:35
  • Tempo Run Pace: 8:35

Monday: Easy Run. 9:19 pace. 7 miles total. In all, not a bad run. I was coming off of a very sore ankle from my Adventures in Vermont and was pleasantly surprised my ankle held up. As a reward, I took her out for froyo.

Tuesday: Intervals. 6×800, 400m recovery. 7:35 pace. 7 miles total with warm up and recovery. Not bad. I don’t want to say that they’re getting “easy” but I’m definitely recovering better. Pretty soon my speed intervals turn to strength intervals and that’s when I rock in the corner. Strength sessions fine tune you for marathon specific adaptations- lacatate clearance, lactate tolerance, improved endurance and improved 02 delivery, among other things.

Wednesday: Rest Day. Yes, it was 60 degrees. Yes, I went out and drank a couple of lovely IPAs called ‘Sip of Sunshine’ in honor of the temps. Yes, I thought about running my Tempo Run instead of tomorrow. But I just couldn’t. I was pooped. No way was I running two super hard workouts back to back again. Hard. Stop.

Thursday: Snowthunder. Total miles 0. Total inches of snow 14.  Instead I did a killer HIIT workout in my living room with My Other Half. I nearly died. I crawled around on the kitchen floor afterwards looking for tools to craft a home made defibrillator while he repeated the workout. LIKE IT WAS NOTHING.  Poodles, I’m in decent shape right now.  He is in other world shape. Little shit. If I didn’t love him, I’d hate him.❤

Friday: Tempo Run. 8 miles at 8:35, 10 miles total. On a damn treadmill. Which, I might add made me sick. {Spoiler Alert!} I swear. Happens every year. Every damn time I spend time in that petri dish of a gym, I wind up with some infectious disease.

Saturday: Icy, snowy Easy Run. 8 miles total. Cold. Miserable. With a very tired, almost sick face.

Tired face.

Sunday: Easy Run, 10 miles, 9:35 pace. I contemplated running my scheduled long run which was 15 miles but with driving snow and a miserable cough, I decided to go for as long as I felt like. I’ll re-do my long run this Sunday. Hopefully without issue. It was such a weird week with all the snow and ice and rearranging. Despite that, it wasn’t that bad of a week running-wise. Sometimes you get what you get, and you don’t get upset. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 😊

  • Total number of miles run: 42
  • Number of minutes spent on the kitchen floor, gasping for air post HIIT workout: 6
  • Total inches of snowfall all week: 17 give or take.

Are you good for one doozy of a cold per year, or a bunch of annoying small episodes- How often do you get sick in winter?  When do you stop- fever, antibiotics, broken bones?!


26 thoughts on “The Weekly Running Recap. Blizzard Edition. 

  1. Are you sure you’re not overdoing it? Even in my pomp (which I will blog about one day) I only averaged 31 miles per week leading into a marathon. Anything more than that a) impinged on family life and b) wore me out! Either way, they’re impressive stats for a ‘bad’ week! Well done.

  2. Thundersnow is the coolest thing ever. I remember having it here, and I was running on a treadmill in our old apartment’s gym, which had huge windows, and it was AMAZING.
    Good job figuring out all this nonsense. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT IS 😀

  3. Small episodes of colds get me all the time, especially in winter when the temps yo yo. Except for that one winter where I had a cold for two months. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Great week of training! The weather was crazy last week. I had such a hard time believing on Wed that the next day I was going to wake up to a blizzard. Anyway it seems as if we’ll have good weather this weekend, so a beautiful day for your long run will make up for last week?

    Boo to getting sick. 😦

  5. Dirty gyms! Yuck. I keep a giant bottle of sanitizer close at hand after my weekly visit to the gym. Your training is stellar! I’m impressed!

    I usually get one doozy of a cold/flue per year. That’s enough! I think of them as opportunities to get stronger, or build character, or an opportunity to cough on a co-workers key board (only a co-worker you don’t like of course). I figure I’m going to hell anyway. Sorry, that might be offensive to some 😐

    • No need to apologize. I intentionally sneezed at someone who was annoying me to death. Horrible? Yes. But it made me feel slightly better. I am obsessive about washing my hands. Obsessive. I do feel as if I’m turning a corner today. Phew! And thank you! I’m trying like hell! 😊

  6. Great job on this past week! You’re killing it, well, when you’re not on the fly gasping for air. Haha Cardio kickboxing does that to me. There’s something about HIIT that does that to a person. 😛

    • It’s this crazy thing when it’s snowing like mad, super windy and all of the sudden you hear a MASSIVE clap of thunder (sometimes even lightning) and turn around, pour yourself a cup of coffee and take it straight to bed. #truth

  7. Love your recap, especially as I’m running that week this week (I think) on my first go-around with Hanson although my target goal pace is a little slower at 8:45…i missed my first week with the plague though i was jumping in at week 5…looking forward to tempo tomorrow, well not really not at all but i just keep saying that, got a long way to go!! best of luck rest of the way but it seems like you’ve done this before, cheers!

    • OH GREAT!!!! Good luck with Hansons!!! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!!! Tempo runs SUCK. As does the plague. But I feel you. 100%! I’m here if you need to cry, vent, bitch or need a virtual high five or hug!! Best of luck!!!

      • you’re not kidding on the tempo runs sucking..that or i just suck at them!! but, i’m getting into the plan, will be interesting to see how/if i make it! will definitely stop by for some encouragement or commiseration and check your updates! cheers!

  8. Crazy weather over here in the desert as well. Sunshine all week and then bam!!! RAIN. Which freaks us all out and makes us drive like maniacs. Bummed too because Amber’s coming over and she wanted legit AZ weather 😥 #notgonnagetit

    I LOVE YOUR RECAPS. They so get me pumped for BQ training. Is it crazy that I’m excited? Oh, it is?? Yeah, I’m crazy. ❤ you!!!!!!!!!

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