Weekly Running Recap: Highs and lows notwithstanding, I’m coming for you Boston! 

Though my legs be but tired. They are jazzy AF.

Two high points this week whilst training with Hansons Marathon Method, Poodles. High Point Number 1: The Cassie Rift Valley Running Capri by Janji. {See: Jazzy AF, above.} I’m obsessed with these capris. They are stunning, comfy, super flattering and provide a year of clean water to a person in Kenya. WINS all around. They’re my new favorite thing. I swear they made me run faster all week. High Point Number 2: I ran IN SHORTS in New England in February. Unheard of up in here. It was 70. Drunk Otis even went swimming. Bananas.

Of course with the High Points, come the Low Points. Sadly, it’s about balance. I wouldn’t have minded a little lopsided teeter tottering in the High Point direction after last week’s Bacterial Bonanza, but alas, this is my real life. And sometimes it’s straight up Crazy Town, USA. Low Point Number 1: I missed a run. Life, work, responsibilities all collided, resulting in a 2 mile walk and swim with 3 dogs and a kid instead of a 7 mile Easy Run. It happens. Everyone is probably all the better for it- the dogs and kid especially. But I did selfishly stress my face off about missing a scheduled run. If that one missed run derails all of these 18 weeks of busting my ass to run Boston, then I have much bigger problems. Like biting off a goal way bigger than I could chew.

Low Point Number 1. #notreally

Low Point Number 2: An incomplete Tempo Run due to a crazy high heart rate. What in the name of tachycardia was that about?!? Stress. Dehydration. Overexertion. Remnants of my aforementioned Bacterial Bonanza. All of the above? I’m not entirely sure but it freaked me out enough to slow down and call it quits. The good news is that it hasn’t happened again. But I’ve got my eye on you, Ticker.  Drama Rama. Here’s last week – the drama + the miles.

Monday: Easy Run. 7 miles total. 9:17 pace. After coming off of a Long Run and wrapping up antibiotics, this run was a bit of a struggle. I know, SHOCKER.

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 6 x 1 mile, 400m recovery. 8:12 pace. 10 miles total. Tough stuff. For the remainder of this god forsaken training, my speed intervals turn to strength intervals. And I promptly rock in the corner and sob, loudly.

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. 0 miles total. If I could have gotten around via Roomba I would have. Tuckered.

Thursday: Tempo Run. 8+ miles total. This is where my heart beat faster than my legs would carry me. 1 mile, warm up. 6 miles were at marathon pace, 8:35. The rest? No good. I stopped. I was slightly freaked. Eventually, much longer than normal, my heart rate came back down. I honestly think it was because I was dehydrated. I fixed that super quick. *chug, chug, chug*

Friday: 2 mile walk. Now that I’m actually putting the week together, it was probably a good thing that my missed run followed my “episode.” Uh, yeah Dumb Ass. Chill, Girl. Chill.

Saturday: Easy Run, 9 miles. 9:30 pace. Super. Hilly. Heart rate completely back to normal. Phew.

Sunday: Long Run, 16 miles. 9:05 pace. WHAAAAAT?!?! Hello, High Point Number 3!!! Where did that come from? Heaven. That’s where. One of my best Long Runs in recent memory. Heart rate normal. I was thrilled. Thrilled! The work is paying off despite a few speed bumps. I couldn’t be happier. After my heart pounding, rollercoaster of a week, I’ll take it. And hug it and wrap it with a big glittery bow. It is about balance. But every now and then, a little lopsided happiness spills right on over and out. 😄

Happy Face.

  • Total number of mile run: 50
  • Number of miles walked with 3 dogs and a kid: 2 
  • Number of beats per minute before I decided to pull the plug on my Tempo Run: 178 bpm 😳 Yeah, no. 

Do you pay attention to your heart rate while running? Is your resting heart rate low? 


27 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap: Highs and lows notwithstanding, I’m coming for you Boston! 

  1. I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes converting all your mins per mile to mins per km to see how we match up (in training anyway) and it’s pretty close. I plan a 15.5 miler today so I’ll see how that compares with your 16. (Am I right in thinking your marathon goal is 3h 45m?) Love the pants btw – very cool – but wouldn’t look very good on me I’m afraid!! 🙂

    • YES!!! 3:45!! Nice job with conversions! That’s my goal. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting there. We shall see. How’s the training??? We’re a week apart right? And don’t be afraid. You’ve got some strong ass legs. They deserve to look a lil’ jazzy. 😊

      • Me too – I’m just starting to feel like I’m running again, rather than plodding. My run today went quite well, though I haven’t downloaded the stats yet – so, I’ll be posting something shortly. My race is the week before yours, though my target (other than just to finish) is ‘only’ sub-4. I’m still not sure about the leggings… but flattery will get you everywhere! 🙂

      • Isn’t that funny how that happens- feeling like a runner. It’s true though. And I know what you mean. I’m feeling the same way. And for the sake of our marathons, PHEW! Only??? Finishing the damn thing is WINNING enough! I’m rooting for you. And the leggings. 😉

  2. I used to have a resting heart rate in the 50s (at the best of my training). Now I’m in the 60s. When I was a kid it was in the 80s so I’m calling it a win. I’ve got a low blood pressure, though–averages 90/60.
    And YOU are jazzy AF

    • That sure is a win, Sister!!!! And shit. That is low BP. Mine is normal to slightly high. I’m swimming in a bad gene pool so I’ll take my low 40s resting heart rate as a big ass win. YOU are Queen JAZZY AF. Always rocking the killer tights. And those narwhal socks. Those were the bomb.

  3. Those capris are jazzy AF!

    My heart rate is about “average” but I do notice that it spikes faster when I’m tired/dehydrated/not recovered from a run/at the onset or offset of being sick. Or all of the above.

    • Exactly. I think it was a perfect storm for me. And just hung there, high as the sky. Not my favorite thing. I’m obsessed with those capris. I’ve worn them 3 out of 7 days last week. They clearly wash well! 😊


    So those tempo runs… 🙂 I pretty much did the same week as you except I did a long run last week instead of this week because life. But those tempos kill me. When they are good, they are ohhhh so good. But when they aren’t happening it’s like what the fuck. You are straight killing it and we need to make sure we meet up in BOSTON THIS YEAR!

    • HEY MY SWEET POLE DANCING DEMON FRIEND!!!! I have literally screwed up my Sunday runs for the past three weeks. Ankle. Ears. Mess. I’m all caught up though and am not sure if I’m looking forward to this weeks 10-10-8 on Monday nonesense but alas, here we are. Tempo Run fails are the worst. Because it ain’t like you’re re-doing them the next day. Onward and upward!!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET UP IN BOSTON. I can’t even believe I’ll be running. You’ll DEFINITELY be with Tim. I’ll be behind you, freaking the fuck out. 🙂 xoxoxoxoox

  5. Interesting you bring up heart rate. Mine is usually high. My resting is in the 60s, but when I work out, it seems disproportionally high. I remember one time a few years ago I was on a stationary bike with my trainer, and he saw the heart rate monitor on the bike, freaked out, asked me if I was feeling ok, and yanked me off the bike. I was totally conversational, not tired, not out of breath, etc, and my heart rate was 190. I saw my doctor after that and I don’t have any issues. They determined that as long as I’m properly conditioned to do the workout, I am not faint or out of breath, and my heart rate recovers well, I’m just going to have a higher than normal heart rate when working out. My mom and my brother are both the same way. Since then, I have worked to better condition myself, and train based on heart rate and effort.

    • I’ll preface this with saying, while I am neither a doctor nor a health care professional, I would think that as long as you are under the care of your doctor, continue on with what you’re doing, Sister! That was abnormally high for me. My resting is in the low 40s. When I do my tempo run it ususally is in the low 150s. Intervals it’s low 160s. Last week’s tempo was 178-180. That’s crazy for me. My guess was definitely dehydration combined with residual illness. As the weeks tick on with training, those numbers come down, and my recovery is nice and fast. That makes me super happy! I’m swimming in a shitty cardiovascular gene pool. While my family has “heart” they’re not the healthiest in that arena. High cholesterol, heart attacks, pace makers, stents- mess. Which is why I am a running fool. I figureif there are some variables I can control for, I might as well. Here’s to health! And fitness!!! 🙂

  6. And, there’s my preview of next week!! I got my first crushed by Hanson’s long run experience last Sunday…the 15 about killed me and I could not make pace. I think we are targeting very similar paces but it sounds you might be a bit faster – my very stretch marathon goal is 3:50, will be interesting to see if I can hold up. I got a changeup this week with a half on Saturday. Look forward to next week’s preview, cheers!!

    • I am shooting for a 3:45. I have to be honest with you, this is my 3rd round of training with Hansons. The first time I literally shaved 26 minutes off of my average marathon time and BQ’d. BEST RUN EVER!!! And during that training?? I RARELY kept my long run pace. That was true for the second time around too. I find that the most important indicator of how you will run on race day is that goddamn tempo run. My point is- don’t sweat it. You’re running on tired legs. If you can’t “nail the pace” don’t fret. It will come together on race day as long as you trust the training! OHHHHH GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR HALF!!! Funny you should say that! I was going to run one too this weekend. But I screwed up the dates. It was last weekend. CHEERS, FRIEND!!!! 🙂

      • That’s awesome Colby…I love hearing these great reports regarding Hansons…especially when I’m hyper-ventilating and cussing my way through a ridiculous speed session that keeps getting longer and longer, and how come the recovery periods dont get any longer dammit?!! I appreciate the reassurance on the long run…I was a bit taken aback after all that hard work to get my arse kicked on a 15 milers. Looking forward to the 1/2…it’s my 4th time at this particular event, then it’s back to Hanson’s the next day…btw, my target pace is 3:50 so a little slower than yours and it would represent a 9 minute PR which I would be more than happy with, though the course I’m running is a bitch so not sure I can PR as I don’t do hills too well, but still…Cheers to you too and look forward to next week’s installment 🙂

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