Weekly Running Recap! The Quick, Cold and Miserable Version. 

Because nothing says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” like a micro pig in a top hat pushing a shopping cart of Guinness.

Sweet Baby Leprechauns. It’s St. Paddy’s Day Eve and I haven’t blogged a lick about LAST week’s Boston Marathon training with My Beloved Hansons Marathon Method. Nevermind mind that THIS week’s running recap is a mere pint of Guinness away. Ok. 3 pints. A blizzard and far too many annoying treadmill runs got in my way of blogging. Seriously, Poodles. I’m starting to freak out a bit. Boston, like Winter, is (still) coming. Fast. I’ve been anxious about it all damn week. More of my Boston Marathon Neuroses later. Promise. Let’s talk about last week, shall we? At least before I freak about this week.  Here’s how it went!

  • Marathon Goal: 3:45
  • Marathon Pace/Tempo Run Pace: 8:35
  • Easy Run Pace: 9:35 to 10:35
  • Speed Interval Pace: 7:35
  • Strength Interval Pace: 8:15

Monday: Easy run. 8 miles. 9:28 pace. And just like that. Cumulative fatigue has reared it’s dead head. I was tuckered. I rolled. I stretched. I drank a beer. Nothing helped.

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 3 x 2 miles, 800m recovery. 8:16 pace. 10 miles total with warm up/ recovery. Hard. These were hard. Especially considering Monday’s run was spent jogging through a kiddie pool of cumulative fatigue and regret. And guess what, Colby? The next few weeks of training? Stinks.  It’s awful. They’re the hardest weeks. Physically, mentally – all a Sufferfest. I’m talking to myself in the third person so I READ THIS SHIT AND REALIZE THAT I NEED TO SUCK IT UP. BOSTON IS COMING, COLBY. GET IT TOGETHER. DO WERK.  EYE OF THE TIGER, BITCH!

Sorry. That needed to happen.

Wednesday; Restfuckingday.

Clearly, I needed it.

Thursday: Tempo Run. 9 miles at 8:35. 11 miles total. Although I felt as if every damn run was killing me softly, this one actually felt good. Despite my angst, the training is working. The paces ARE becoming comfortable. Familiar, even. Trust the training, Colby.

See?!? There I go again. I need a serious talking to.

Friday: Easy Run. 7 miles total. 9:20 pace. And the miles just keep on coming! Long day. Long run. Late supper. Agony.

Saturday; Easy Run. 8 miles total. 9:22 pace. Bitter. Cold. Wind. I just….can’t. Or, couldn’t. This run was such an effort. It amazes me how you can run an out and back and have a bone chilling fierce headwind THE WHOLE GODDAMN TIME.

Sunday: Long Run. 16 miles. 9:28 pace.  And here I thought Saturday was miserable. So cold. With wind chill it was a single degree in the morning. Looking on the brighter, warmer side, I should really be thankful.  I’ve been training all winter in New England. It’s usually a Snowy Shit Show up in here. While this winter was relatively “mild”, days like this make me realize that I could have been a miserable, cold Snow Monster for 3 months instead of 3 days.

So at least there’s that. 😊

  • Total number of miles run: 60
  • Number of hours of lost sleep panicking about running Boston: 5
  • Number of tears shed whilst running into a bitter cold headwind: Too many to count. Besides, they were frozen. 

Do you experience a Pre-Marathon Nervous Breakdown while training? Do you occasionally burst into tears while training or am I the only one? 😫


18 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap! The Quick, Cold and Miserable Version. 

  1. It sounds like your training is going just fine. (No injuries, no bruised ribs*, not over-weight – always look on the bright side ! 😉 ) You’re bound to have good days (or weeks) and bad days (or weeks).
    *6 days on and I can now put my socks on with two hands and just about feel no pain. (Only 3 and a bit weeks to my marathon… Yikes!)

  2. I think if I had just survived last week marathon training in New England I’d totally have a little breakdown too. And then drown my woes in beer tonight

    • Gurl. It was rough. Real rough. And (spoiler alert!) this week was no damn better in the weather department. Chi Town has been better than normal, right? At least one of us should be less miserable about winter!!! Cheers, Lady!!!!

  3. Yes to tears!!! ::waves hand furiously:: I shed many when I was training but like you always do, you just dust yourself off and keep going. And I thought a lot about those tough runs during the race… it really helped fuel me to keep going during the rough patches. I’m sure it will for you too!! ❤

  4. awesome, so the tears come next week, ain’t gonna lie it was close this week…your blog updates are awesome and nightmarish at the same time 🙂 but, way to keep going and keep pushing…i’m feeling it, i hate it, i love it…the weekly updates and the inspiration really helps knowing the end result is there somewhere if i can just keep going! its got me thinking if i were ever to attempt to even think about anything BQ related, i would likely try this again but, for now, cheers to restfuckingday!

  5. I am LITERALLY THE WORST when I’m marathon training. I’ll freak out at my co-workers because “my 15 mile run was 10 seconds a mile below my target pace” and they seriously do not give a shit or understand what the hell I’m on about! I’ve also literally stopped to cry ugly tears halfway through an “easy 6 miler” because why the hell does an easy 6 miler feel so damn hard?!

    Keep going Colby! Boston shall be yours!!

    • I have seriously busted into the Oprah Winfrey Ugly Cry at least 6 times recently. I’m a mess. I think if I were a toddler, I’d stomp my foot and go take a nap. Which I actually may do. Thanks for the encouragement, Lady!!!! xoxox

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