The Weekly Running Recap: Are we there yet? 

For the love of fartleks, are we there yet??? I mean. ARE. WE. THERE. YET.  I’ve aged.  I am haggard. I’m crying into my delicious IPA nightly. When can I taper?!?!?! This seems like the longest training in the history of training. All is going well *knocks on as much wood as she can find*, but it’s time to wrap it up. Sweet Unicorns. Let’s do this.

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Welcome to Week 16 of Colby’s Magical Boston Marathon Training with Sir Hansons Marathon Method. I am in the Homestretch. Two weeks to go before I’m toeing the line in Hopkinton, smiling ear to ear with a combination of butterflies and straight up nerves.  Why aren’t you tapering yet, Dear Colby?

Because Hansons Marathon Method has what we call in the biz, a short shit taper.  Ten days. The first time I used Hansons- which is what got me into this mess and Boston in the first place- the taper came as a complete surprise to me. How had I missed it? A 10 DAY TAPER???? I was despondent. I will say that despite my initial shock, horror and reservations, it really worked for me. Brilliantly. Come race day I felt shockingly fresh. I need to focus on that memory. Put it smack in the middle of my mind’s eye. So, in the spirit of Trusting Thy Training, I am trying to head back into that head space. The “10 Day Taper Makes You Feel Like a Zippy Running Fiend!” head space.  And not let the people all over social media who have been tapering for WEEKS – Ok. I’m being dramatic – ruin my mind set –But THEY HAVE BEEN!!!  See? It’s work, Poodles. I’m a lot of work.

Here’s how last week went!

Monday: Easy 6 miles. 9:23 pace. A lovely First Day of Spring Run with the Incomparable Drunk Otis! It was beautiful out. We had a blast. Until Oats almost ate a small poodle en route home. #snack

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 4 x 1.5 miles, 800m recovery. 8:13 pace. 10 miles total. Thank goodness these are almost over. Believe me. l will not be sorry to see these little bastards go. However, I will say that if you are training for a marathon- either with Hansons or without- intervals work. They make you run faster. They make you run stronger. It’s been amazing to see the progress. Awww. Maybe I’m not happy to see them go…

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Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. Zero miles. Two glasses of Rosé. And Wine Bingo. Or, W-I-N-E-O as it were. It’s like real BINGO but waaaay better. So much fun and silliness. Perfect Rest Day shenanigans.


So much fun!

Thursday: Tempo Run. 10 miles at 8:35. 12 miles total. GET ‘ER DONE! A chorus of angels croon “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS-AH.”

Friday: Easy Run. 6 miles. 9:30 pace. Tired, heavy sausages. That’s what my legs felt like. Awful, tired run.

Saturday: Easy Run. 10 miles. 9:12 pace. What a difference! It’s this bizarre phenomenon. The Easy Run after the Tempo Run totally sucks. Sausage Suffer Fest every damn time. Then Saturday’s run? Heaven. Never fails.


I love my Janji hat but I’d like to stop wearing it. Because Spring.

Sunday: Easy Run. 10 miles. 6 miles.  8:55 pace. Why? Because Brunch with Friends. Here’s what happened. There was an awesome trail race in my town. The Bimbler’s Bash. It’s one of my all time favorites. However, with my knack for falling on my face and winding up with plastic surgery, I decided to pass. Besides, I like my teeth. My friends were running it though. So my plan was to run to the race, cheer them on, run back to town and eat brunch all together. Only I passed on the “run back to town” portion of that sentence and ate a delicious omelette, drank coffee, laughed with friends and planned our June Dirtbag Adventure. (Stay tuned!)

I regret nothing.

  • Total number of miles run: 50
  • Number of times Drunk Otis turned around and gave the side eye to that poodle whilst running: 3
  • Number of substantial runs that stand between me and my taper: 2

How long do you taper for? Do you get punchy while tapering? When’s the last time you played a game? 


17 thoughts on “The Weekly Running Recap: Are we there yet? 

  1. When you only run once per week, maybe twice if the wind is in the right direction, your taper is just one week. OK, maybe 2 as I only ran 9k last Sunday and I’ve been away for the past few days (see post to come) but I’m already itching to go… 🙂 My ribs are still not perfect, but I generally don’t notice them now (unless I twist or bend in the ‘wrong’ direction), so all should be well on that front. Good luck with your last 2 efforts. No doubt you will be posting something more before the event… 🙂

    • I’m so happy to hear the ribs are better! And now I can’t wait to see what beautiful part of the world you were in!!! Thank you! And same to you! The posts will be coming. That’s for sure! 😊

  2. You asked that same question last time you did the marathon training…. How long do you taper for?…

    Being that I’m still on the right side of the grass, I don’t taper. We can get away with this on a bike though.

    I think I’m 37 for 37 days right now, since my last rest day. I may try for 60 for 60 but I’m starting to feel it a bit. I may take a day off next week.

    • It’s funny. I always wonder that because I see such a large swath of people who taper for a lot longer. I’m intrigued. I guess if it works for them, then have at it! This time around I notice that even on my rest days my legs get twinge-y. Like I’ve got my foot on the gas and I’m pumping the breaks. The longer taper might make it worse. The right side of the grass! Ha! Peddle on!!! I’ll be on the bike in no time! Looking forward to it.

  3. I understand the taper madness…but the last time I did a “real” taper, I got miserably sick and ended up only being marginally healthy enough to run. So now I embrace the “shit” taper! I think it’s definitely less of a shock to the body. Even if you really just want to lay down and never run again haha.

  4. I’m not doing a marathon this year, but I kinda wonder based on the last two cycles if I need a longer taper. I did a two week taper for both cycles, but my fastest race (on an equivalency basis) came two weeks after the marathon.

    • That’s an interesting observation. I wonder… I will say that despite cutting that 10 miler short for selfish reasons, my body was happier and my Tuesday intervals two days later were my best so far. By the way, I’m obsessed with your trip!!’ Gorgeous!!!!!

  5. I played Scrabble with my son when he was home on Spring Break. The game ended in a tie. I am not making this up. I start tapering two months out. I hate to do things at the last minute.

  6. Tapering makes me crazy. After all of that build up and intensity, it just doesn’t feel right not to be constantly running, thinking about running or doing laundry.

  7. how long do i taper? well ten fucking days apparently…wtf!! I hadn’t looked that far ahead. ok, well I’m on a bit of an extension while i work in a half and come back for my final 5 week of torture…you’ve done awesome and i love coming to get my weekly inspiration…when you are done with that race in Boston, can you at least keep posting for a few more weeks about your training, at least ’till my marathon on june 4..that would be good, thanks 🙂 enjoy that well earned taper and go rock Boston, Cheers!

    • You got it, Toots!!! Final 5 weeks!!!! And torture it is. But you’ll get through it. Know I will be sending strong and gritty vibes your way. And yes. 10 fucking days. I can’t tell you how relieved you will feel. My mood has increased exponentially. Run on, Friend!!!! Xo

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