The Return to Earth

I’ve been floating waaaay above the atmosphere post- Boston Marathon, riding a unicorn in a straight up stupor with Drunk Otis in tow. Wondering if it all just happened.

 adventure time sky clouds jake finn GIF


What just happened? Was it all a dream? Did I really just run Boston? YAAAAASSSSSSSSQUEEEN. You did. And I’ve got the pics to prove it! I never usually buy the “official” marathon pics. Because:

  1. I usually look like a sweaty boy with a gigantic face and 17 more teeth than a normal human boy should have in their mouth. And,
  2. They’re expensive AF.

I usually despise every race photo, critiquing every square inch of myself. I’m never happy with the boy girl I see.  I am too… *insert rotten adjective here.*  Why is that? It’s terrible.  I am way too hard on myself with race photos. In my head I never look “athlete” or “fit” enough.  It’s the whole candid camera thing. The “Oh my god. That’s what I look like???” candid shot. I never like what I see. A selfie you can control. A race pic is a crap shoot. Uh, yeah. Issues much, Colby? However with this being Boston and all, I figured I’d suck it up, search for a coupon and buy them. I’m glad I did. While I didn’t have a ton of pics, I did have one that was special. I had one that I actually loved.img_0037

This picture sums it allllll up. That’s how I felt. Right there. On Boylston. Just before the finish. Tears in my eyes and a smile from my core with all 49 teeth visible. Complete pure, honest, JOY. Ahhhh! The thrill of the done! That’s it right there! The work. The tears. The moment. Every time I look at this picture I’m sent back to that exact second and I smile that same smile. That, Poodles, is a feeling I will never forget. To the Marathon Foto photographer who took this picture: I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for capturing this special moment. I see one strong, happy girl right there. One who is so grateful for running.  This time, I love the girl I see. And I’m so happy that girl is me. ❀

Do you usually buy the race pics? Have you ever gotten one that truly captured the moment?


22 thoughts on “The Return to Earth

  1. OMG!! I love this post, pic, and everything about it!!! I did get a little teary eyed reading the end, I will admit. The finish line is such an emotional place, and that photographer captured every single thing you were feeling, amazing! I too hate candid pics of me, hate them… so when I race I am always looking for the camera and when I am in front of the photographer I give a huge smile(Showing all of my teeth as well) and I also throw up two thumbs up… yup.. that is my go to race pose, since the candid ones make me look I’m running drunk.

    • Thank you!!!! I usually try and spot those little buggers but this time I was so focused on keeping my shit together, I rarely saw any! Of all the races this is the second one I’ve purchased- teeth and all! To big smiles! Cheers, Friend!

    • They should do more of that!!! I love a free race pic. And not for nothing, race entry fees are so pricey, they should throw in a pic. They could brand it and get advertising with every share.

  2. No, I never buy them (as I always look gormless and/or knackered !) but that’s a fantastic picture Colby – you look SUUUUPER happy – and so you should after all that hard work. Congrats again on finishing. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  3. That is an awesome race photo you look great!!! I don’t ever buy them for the same reasons as you, I really look like a boy in them, I’ve even tried wearing pink still look like a boy!! Congrats again on finishing!

  4. That is an awesome picture and so cool it captures that special moment. For something like that, I would probably buy the pic. Usually I look mostly horrendous though I have bought a few in the past – my first marathon in Tucson, RnR Seattle the first time come to mind. I did buy a great pic at Chicago 2015 as I PRd and broke 4 hours for the first time and I looked pretty badass amazing – of course it was in the recovery area holding my second beer, with an iced towel around my neck about 15 minutes after I crossed the line πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  5. 49 teeth and all (hey girl, you’ve got a great smile), you look awesome and happy there. Congrats on this feeling and the marathon.
    Also, I think the self-critique of photos is the most normal thing. If everyone liked their photos, race organizers would not have to send out five million emails reminding you how it’s the last day to buy some. πŸ™‚

  6. I love that pictures of you. It is just everything that you could ever want. I go about 30% on race photos. I usually try to ham for the cameras lol

  7. Hahaha!! I have almost the same pic from Boston and, like you, normally race pics capture the WORST of me. But the one from Boston has me running, with my arms above my head clapping my hands! lol

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