It starts with one.

One blog post. After 6 months of not posting.

One trail race. After running the race of my dreams.

One goat yoga class. After realizing my hip flexors were so tight I could play the opening chords of Stairway to Heaven on them. (And because baby goats. Let’s be honest.)

One amazing dirtbag adventure. After months of planning with The Gang.

One 200 mile bike ride across the great state of Massachusetts. After committing to kick cancer’s ass in my 13th Pan Mass Challenge.

One week spent in Wellfleet eating oysters and drinking delicious IPAs. After riding said cancer fighting bike like a Cancer Fighting Boss.

One time out.
To regroup.
And say…
Now Fucking What?

mrs roperI think there comes a time after accomplishing a goal when you’re left a little dumbfounded.  Maybe dumbfounded isn’t quite right. Stunned? Stupefied? Dazed? All of the above?!  You may even find yourself a little lost. Funny. You think the momentum of achieving a goal would buoy you into setting another. But alas, Poodles. It did not. Not for me. The tide did not work that way for Colby. I stayed kinda still. Sure. I basked in the achievement. I even did stuff. Athletic stuff. And then I wandered around my own head a bit.


Boston was the cherry on the tippity top of my sundae. A big old exclamation point at the end of a long run on sentence. Even though I didn’t have the race I trained for, I had the race of my dreams. I felt so damn fulfilled afterwards. Like, if I never ran another step I would be OK with that. I felt like I had come so far. That my training was the best I had ever done. I felt like I was in The Fittest I had ever been. And it would have been ok if I never ran again. Hung up my Hokas and sat the eff down.  Because I felt like I was at the top of my game. And that wasn’t even with a PR. 

That was really how I felt. About running. About where I was at that point and time. I was all set. I know. Crazy talk. But true. And seeing as how I’m being honest and all, my body was honestly beaten down to a goddamn pulp after Boston. Totally broken. I was exhausted. I needed a time out. Big time. So I put my Hansons Marathon Method book back on the shelf- where I could still see her- and ran when I wanted to. Not because I had to. And I rode my bike. A lot. I hiked a ton and even managed to do some yoga. I even have been hitting the trails. But now, I’m getting a lil’ antsy.

It’s time.

I think I’ve asked myself – So now what, Colby? About a million times since running Boston. I’ve run, raced, yoga’d with baby goats (EPIC!), traveled, ridden, laughed with My Other Half and tooled around town with Drunk Otis Brown for months. But now. I think it’s time to jump back IN.  Into what,  I’m not sure. A kiddie pool of unicorns and BQs? A race in another part of the world? A half marathon PR?  Another stab at an ultra?  I’m not sure yet. But I’m ready. Stay tuned.

To being back! Cheers, Friends!

Have you ever found yourself semi-paralyzed after achieving a goal? Or, do you set another one right away, raising the bar higher? 


34 thoughts on “It starts with one.

  1. Come to Colorado and run TransRockies next year! It’s a point to point Stage race, kind of like the Tour de France on trails!

    • Ohhhhhh! Now that’s a GOAL!!! Part of my Dirtbag Adventure with The Gang was in Colorado. I love it there. We all pretended we just lived there. Like as in, We’re home now. That kinda thing. I’m intrigued…

  2. Hah, that was me after my BQ race last December. I was super excited to build on my training & run a wicked fast half in March, but after that marathon I suddenly had no interest in running (or at least not following a plan or formally training anything) for like six months. The mind needs a break!

    • You’re totally right. The mind needs to chill. After Boston, I had intentions of running another marathon in the hopes of BQing. I figured. What the hell? I’m fit. I can power through a few more weeks and run the race I intended. Yeah. No. Legs basically gave me the finger. 😢 My recovery was awful. Boston (and its heat) sucked the life out of me. Damn unicorn. 😉

  3. Boston is epic! But post race blues are a thing. I had them after working a year towards a marathon PR, getting that PR, and then yeah, now what? I got right back into running and kept pressuring myself to set a new goal, do something newly epic. I ended up injured and frustrated. Taking a break (which I’ve now done) is the best thing to do. And then, just do what you feel like. 🙂

    • I think part of what happened after Boston was that I felt invincible. After every marathon I’ve ever run- and we’re talking roughly 2 a year for years- I was right back to running within a week. Really running. But this time, I just didn’t recover well. Which was frustrating. I think it caught up with me. I still ran. But not far. And not every day. I did other things. And you’re right. It may have been the best thing for me. 😊 Now I feel excited.

  4. Welcome back Colby. I can sympathise with that What Next? question, but I’m sure you will find something that grabs your attention and gets those mental taste buds going again! There are soooo many races out there, it is hard to find the right one, but I’m sure you will know when it smacks you between the eyes! 🙂

      • Sorry, I don’t know anyone who has done it (and I struggled to find the route, but then, who cares ?) 🙂
        Another you might like to do is the Jungfrau marathon. It’s definitely the best and most scenic that I’ve ever done (and that includes, London, Edinburgh, New York, Prague, Dublin, Lausanne, Geneva, The Swiss Alpine (which isn’t bad), Ascona/Locarno and Zurich to name but a few… (that I can remember!)

      • Ohhhhh Prague!!!! I forgot about that one. Locarno is beautiful. As is Zurich. I’ve visited, but haven’t run. London is on my list. I’ll look into Jungfrau! 😊 I can only imagine how beautiful it is. You’ve amassed quite the list! Big Sur is probably the most beautiful one I’ve run. Simply breath taking.

      • Yes, the Big Sur was on my ‘must do’ list when I was in my pomp, (20+ years ago), as was Boston, but I never got to do either. 😦 I’m going to have to satisfy myself with Zermatt (hopefully next year, if my body holds up). I know a lot of it is uphill (like the second half of the Jungfrau btw), so I know some walking will be involved and at least I’m still able to do that!! Good luck with your search.

  5. It happens to me after every big race, and I had the race of my dreams in Beantown, so that’s where I found myself come May 1st. I had to repair a broken body and take the summer off triathlons and anything endurance, just do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. It’s a weird place to be, choices and all, so I finally figured it out and have my next year planned. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re up to….. just don’t wait another six months to spill it. Please 🙂

    • Broken bodies are NO JOKE. That’s never really happened to me before *knocks wood*. But, doing what I want when I want was definitely a treat. I’m currently Googling my face off trying to figure it out. So happy you’ve got a plan! What’s on tap? I’m almost there… 😊 xoxo

      • Besides wanting to sign up for EVERYTHING during post-race depression and getting my credit cards and internet taken away, I finally realized that when I ran my BQ race in 2016, I had a little left in the tank, so I’m going BIG in Houston in January. We also have a home-town race in March, so I know one way or another, unless something BAD happens, I’ll qualify at one of those. It doesn’t hurt that I aged up this fall, so I have a little more room for error. Pretty much the only good thing about aging…. Then we (the hubby and I) are hitting the trails for the year and planning to do a big race in Colorado next summer.

      • YAAAASSSS TO AGEING UP!!!! Is that really a word? Looks weird. You know what I mean. 😉 I am also all for a big Colorado race with the Other Half. We spent some time out there milling around and totally fell in love with Colorado. We shall return! That’s for sure!

  6. Great post and insight…love the honest commentary! Have you done much in the triathlon world..half-iron, full-iron? I thought I might be able to relate but this year has been a train wreck for me, so I’m just saying hello and cheers!

    • Hello and Cheers!!!! And thank you! Sadly, I am NOT a swimmer. Cannonballer, yes. Swimmer, no. Never. Gah. Just not my jam. It’s a shame because I do adore my bike. And I’ve been know to run wild. 😊 I’m sorry your year has been a train wreck! Here’s to a better time! Cheers!

  7. The email announcing your post jolted me back to these pages where I have been absent since the end of June. Did I miss anything in the news say in Washington DC?

  8. The problem with me, is that I just get injured after achieving a goal. Which kind of sucks because you can’t do anything about it, or the next step. But I’m very excited to see what you come up with next!

    • Oh, Poodle. That stinks. I have to say, after Boston, I had a hammie that was absolutely miserable. First time I had an soft tissue injury that really stopped me in my tracks. That. Sucked. To our next acts! (Yours is super duper exciting!!! #yoshi)

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