3 Day Juice Cleanse: Success!


72 hours of not chewing a damn thing. No food. No tacos. No nothing. Just juice. And dark green juice at that. Done-zo. I neither fainted nor died. Which were both pluses. I managed one run, two walks and a Bikram Yoga class. Otherwise, I laid low. It’s not really the time to run Yasso 800s when you’re consuming just juice and are damn near glycogen depleted. I mean I’m nuts and all, but there was just no way my legs would do it. Nor did I want to. This was a reset for me. A nice calm, green reset.



I am pleased to report that I did not cheat. Not. Once. Even though I did make dinner for My Beloved which was both torturous, cruel and unnecessary. (I wanted to stick my face in it for Pete’s sake.) Even though He stocked our fridge with my favorite Bordeaux and IPAs. Even though there were homemade dark chocolate covered pretzels on my counter. And Christmas cookies at every turn. I held steady. Here’s why…

Doing this was quite the undertaking. I shopped, juiced, prepped and cleared my schedule of Holiday Shenanigans for 3 days. Note: Buying lots of organic produce ain’t cheap. I also planned it around my training schedule. Because continuing training at my “normal” pace during this would not be conducive to life. I’d be belly up on the floor.  Finding 3 consecutive quiet days in December was harder than I thought. I know. All of this is total selfish nonsense, #firstworld to the max. But investing in your health during the season of over indulgence is important. It sets the tone for the year ahead. So I’ll take being a lil’ selfish.

There were definitely some low, hangry moments. Day 2 was a bear for me. There were also some verrry tempting moments on Day 1 that tested my commitment. I’m looking at YOU, gallon of peanut butter pretzels 3 feet from my desk. Another unnecessary bullshit hurdle. If all of the tempting hurdles taught me anything, it was that I could clear them. Easily.  Will power is really like a super power sometimes.

Somewhere late into day Day 2, it actually became easy.  In a bizarre twist, I had tons of energy and felt sharper. No joke-more clear headed  and with an awful lot of focus. Maybe it’s no sugar? No caffeine? Maybe I imagined it? I really have no definite proof other than to say that come Day 3, I really felt great. I slept soundly. I felt leaner. Slightly meaner 😉 and definitely more clear headed.

So now what? Welp. I am far more motivated to eat cleaner and mind the sugar and caffeine. Maybe limit myself to one coffee, instead of a pot. Or two. Limit the carbs a bit. Clean up the edges. It also eliminated comfort eating. You know when you pad around the kitchen, opening the fridge 100 times then settle for a box of half stale Reduced Fat Wheat Thins? Yeah. That kind of comfort eating. When I felt hungry, I had a glass of water *lightbulb* which curbed the craving. Simple. Basic. And no damn surprise. I haven’t felt this hydrated in months. In fact, I haven’t felt this AWARE in months. Let’s hope it sticks. 😊

What’s your go to comfort food? Do you hang up your water bottle come fall? Would you ever do this?

21 thoughts on “3 Day Juice Cleanse: Success!

  1. Well I just polished off a box of Pizza Hut pepperoni (it was even thin crust!). As you know, my diet sucks, and I’d like to think I could do a cleanse. I think maybe I could if it was already prepared for me, lol! A couple of years ago, I tried a 100 Days of Summer No Soda Challenge. I thought I would die but amazingly, I made it the whole way (did you read my blog then?). Of course on Day 101, I had a Coke to celebrate….sigh….

  2. Technically, Colby, scientifically speaking, water can neither be created nor destroyed, right? So, water, filtered through ground up coffee beans is still water. So is ice, just water in a semi-solid state… Cassie should have been like, “Listen, body, you shut it!”

  3. I’m impressed! I don’t think I could do it and I DEFINITELY couldn’t do it in December. Maybe I’ll start the new year out this way. Can you provide any detail as to what went in your concoction?

    • Sure you can! You’re a runner. You can do anything! At least that’s what I tell myself. I actually posted it on day one…but here’s a copy paste from that post. If you want specifics, I can email ya!

      As you know, I kicked off my 3 Day Juice cleanse yesterday. No time like a Monday in December when you have a Christmas Cookie Swap at Tina’s the end of the week to start a cleanse. Never fear. It will be wrapped up by then. Yesterday wasn’t so bad! I was juiced, packed and prepped early. Here’s how the 3 Days will go:

      8am- 10oz of Grapefruit/Orange Juice Combo. Freshly squeezed. Freshly fresh.

      10am- 10oz of Green Juice. This is the main staple of this particular cleanse. It consists of kale, spinach, romaine, green apples, parsley, celery, lemon and cucumbers. I might be forgetting shit. It’s all green. With a splash of yellow. Freshly juiced. Freshly fresh.

      12am- You guessed it. 10oz of Green Juice. Again. Uh. huh. Green. Glug, glug.

      3pm- 10oz of Lemonade. But not Country Time. Fresh lemons, lime, Grade B Maple Syrup (which, BTW no longer is called that. Now it’s GRADE A, DARK AND ROBUST! I added the exclamation point because it seems necessary. And I love syrup.) and cayenne pepper. I don’t know why, but drinking this makes me feel like Beyonce. If only…

      5pm- 10oz of Green Shit Juice. I kid. I love you Green Juice. You make me feel whole.

      1hr before bed- Cashew “Milk”. Raw Cashews, that delicious syrup Vitamixed to a creamy elixir. It is a delight.

  4. hey Colby…what up?!!! I’ve been in a bit of a back injury from hell induced hiatus for a couple months so trying to catch up and your juice post popped in the reader…I had to do a double take, this is juice not beer right, wtf!! well congrats…i think congrats is in order anyway!! as for would i try this, haha, no fucking way, unless it fixes my ruptured disc but no green shit juice for me anytime soon…i am, however, about to pour myself a glass of my favorite comfort food, cheers!!

  5. Congrats on your cleanse. I am now inspired to give up drinking 12 Diet Cokes per day and 8 hours of television. What will I do with all my free time and clear thinking?

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