About Us!!

Colby and Tina, The Happy Bloggers!

Colby and Tina, The Happy Bloggers!

We are two forty-somethings who have been friends for decades, share a passion for running and yet started running races TOGETHER in 2012. What on earth were we waiting for?!? We thought we had fun spending time together before, but that didn’t hold a candle to the fabulous times have shared since becoming Running BFFs. Tons of laughs, tons of triumphs- The tough moments made all the more bearable because we had each other. Now that’s friendship! While we spend most of our time running, we like to think we’re up for just about anything. Except swimming. Never swimming. Cannonballing definitely. Swimming? Not an option. No Tris here. Ick. We’ve run 5ks, half-marathons, marathons and even qualified and subsequently RAN BOSTON together!  Race of our DREAMS!!!  Cycling up a monster hill, running a hot hideous half-marathon, slogging through a mud puddle, jumping over fire, snowshoeing in sub-zero temps – they all sound pretty good to us.

Adventure? Good times? Self discovery? Bring it. And Bring It Together.


Colby and Tina


That time we both ran BOSTON! Boston Marathon, 2017!

Warriors!  Warrior Dash - September, 2012

Warrior Dash – September, 2012


Warriors Dashing Part Deux.  And drinking. There’s always drinking.


Fenway Spartan Sprint. We won!!!  JK. But the Red Sox did!!

The Happy Finishers!

The Happy Finishers! That’s how puffy my eyes get whilst snow shoe running in sub-zero temps. Brrr.


The race where it all began for us! Hilly and fantastic! Some of our best work. 🙂

41 thoughts on “About Us!!

  1. Wow you gals sound awesome! It’s great that you’re able to do all of your adventures together–it’s always better with a companion! No swimming? Man that’s the only thing I like! Hah. Thanks for following my blog! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Love your blog! My best friend and I just committed to running our first 5K together! We are in our late thirties and have been friends our whole lives, but have never run a race together. Thanks for the inspiration and laughs I gained through reading your blog today! Melissa.

    • Welcome! And thanks! Congrats on planning the race with your friend – it is so much fun. I have always had fun running races, but never laughed so hard about them until Colby and I started doing them together. I wish the same for you and your friend. Keep us posted on how it goes (will you be posting about it on your blog?)!

      • Ohhhh! Keep us posted!!! Nothing like running, training, bitching, laughing, and sharing the experience with a friend! Clearly up our alleys. :-). Thanks so much for your kind words-and WELCOME!!!!!

  3. I am curious to know how your Newton Momentum’s hold up in training for a marathon. I just bought them (switched from Lady Isaac’s) and I am going to run another 1/2 with them…contemplating my first marathon….I love the Newton’s but I worry if there is enough cushion to get my sore feet through 26.2 miles of madness.
    I also run with a longtime friend…we do races together…laugh, cry talk alot about everything on our long runs….I seriously don’t know what I would do without her, it’s like therapy but better!! Love the blog! Good luck in the marathon!! Happy running!

    • Hi Lori!
      They sure do! Funny you should ask- I just bought a new pair of Newton’s- Newton Gravity. I really loved the Momentum’s. They have over 400 miles on them and, at least for me (and my gazelle like running form. 😉 ), I was due for a new pair. It was time. I thought they held up well. Once I got used to them, I had zero issues. In fact, I thought I recovered much better. It’s official. I’m a convert.

      Now onto your Marathon….DO IT!!! Why not? Such a sense of accomplishment. I love that you have “A Tina” in your life. There is nothing better than a good friend. Girlfriends and running (oh and wine and vodka) I don’t know what I would do without them. Thank you for your comment! Please, stop by again soon. 🙂


  4. I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing! I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.

    • OH HEY WOW!!!! What a wonderful little note to wake up to!!!! THANK YOU!!! How exciting! You like us! You really like us! {insert Me, waving, weeping and clutching a tiara. Why tiara? Why the hell NOT I say!} We love your blog as well!!! Us crazy runners need to stick together. Again, many thanks. You have kicked off our weekend with a smile…..and a long run…..and a pint of beer…..CHEERS! 🙂

  5. I also run often with my Best Friend. We also have been friends for decades and just started running together in 2012 because– well– that was when I started running. 🙂 God we have so much fun traveling together to do races! (She is in Vancouver, I’m in LA)

  6. I am so stoked I came across your blog, ladies! You totally rock! I wish some of my friends were as much into sports as you. I’m even kind of jealous of what you guys are sharing hahah! Looking forward to getting to know you more! xoxo Olena

  7. I’m with you 100% on the ‘no swimming’ rule! I love biking and running but a healthy fear of drowning keeps me out of the water. Glad to have found your blog!

  8. Just came across your blog and am thinking that you’re local since your first marathon was in Danbury (i’m in Norwalk). I love finding local blogs!
    Just got back into running, although I can’t say I was ever really into it before and am training for the Sono Half in October.
    Looking forward to reading more from you guys!

    • Awesome!!!! Yes both Tina and I are local- CONNECTICUT!!! Tina’s first half was Danbury- which seems like ages ago now! Good luck at the SONO Half! If it fits in my training, I’ll be there! 🙂 thanks for stopping by!!!!

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