The Return to Earth

I’ve been floating waaaay above the atmosphere post- Boston Marathon, riding a unicorn in a straight up stupor with Drunk Otis in tow. Wondering if it all just happened.

 adventure time sky clouds jake finn GIF


What just happened? Was it all a dream? Did I really just run Boston? YAAAAASSSSSSSSQUEEEN. You did. And I’ve got the pics to prove it! I never usually buy the “official” marathon pics. Because:

  1. I usually look like a sweaty boy with a gigantic face and 17 more teeth than a normal human boy should have in their mouth. And,
  2. They’re expensive AF.

I usually despise every race photo, critiquing every square inch of myself. I’m never happy with the boy girl I see.  I am too… *insert rotten adjective here.*  Why is that? It’s terrible.  I am way too hard on myself with race photos. In my head I never look “athlete” or “fit” enough.  It’s the whole candid camera thing. The “Oh my god. That’s what I look like???” candid shot. I never like what I see. A selfie you can control. A race pic is a crap shoot. Uh, yeah. Issues much, Colby? However with this being Boston and all, I figured I’d suck it up, search for a coupon and buy them. I’m glad I did. While I didn’t have a ton of pics, I did have one that was special. I had one that I actually loved.img_0037

This picture sums it allllll up. That’s how I felt. Right there. On Boylston. Just before the finish. Tears in my eyes and a smile from my core with all 49 teeth visible. Complete pure, honest, JOY. Ahhhh! The thrill of the done! That’s it right there! The work. The tears. The moment. Every time I look at this picture I’m sent back to that exact second and I smile that same smile. That, Poodles, is a feeling I will never forget. To the Marathon Foto photographer who took this picture: I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for capturing this special moment. I see one strong, happy girl right there. One who is so grateful for running.  This time, I love the girl I see. And I’m so happy that girl is me. ❤

Do you usually buy the race pics? Have you ever gotten one that truly captured the moment?


My First Running of the Boston Marathon


Pure Joy.

It was everything.

And more.

I have spent the past several days ruminating.  Chewin’ the cud, so to speak. Compiling my thoughts. Sifting through my emotions. And riding the wave of an unimaginable runner’s high. I am on Cloud Freaking 9.  Or 10.  I suspect I will be for quite some time. It wasn’t because I nailed my goal after months of training with Hansons Marathon Method. SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t. I didn’t PR. I didn’t BQ again. I guess I should be disappointed.

But I’m not.

It wasn’t because Hansons failed me. It didn’t. Not by a long shot. That plan works. I have never felt stronger. Or faster. Or more “runner” than I do right now. My 45 year old self can kick the snot out of my 25 year old self. Then run a half marathon, throw on heels and go out for cocktails right after. I used to strictly believe that perfect results require perfect conditions. I still believe that to be somewhat true. However, I think I need to redefine the terms a bit. “Perfect” comes in many forms.

This was my 10th marathon. I will go on record saying that I trained my heart out to run Boston. You know it. I know it. I worked. I wanted to prove to myself that I belonged. Crazy, I know. I qualified and all, but I’m just being honest. I also gave this race EVERYTHING. Everything I had. This is The One Marathon that I gave everything I had to give. Period. Physically. Mentally. All. I finished Depleted. I’ve never felt more spent in my life. Or more accomplished.  I ran the last 5 miles on The Edge. You know what I mean about The Edge, right?  It’s that point.  The limit. Your limit. That threshold. It was foreign ground to me. I reached my body’s limit. I toed that line, willing myself to go faster.  “This is BOSTON, Colby.  And this is YOUR fucking day. GO.”   Over and over in my head I shouted. And my legs? The wouldn’t. They wouldn’t go. They revolted. And cramped. It was so, so hot. So I backed off. And toed that line. That Edge. For the rest of the race. And soaked in every single drop of Boston. It was epic.

I’d never pushed myself that hard. Ever. At a point when I should have felt defeated, I didn’t. It was quite the opposite. Forget the goal. Forget the time. Embrace the effort. The work. The accomplishment. In that moment I have never felt stronger. It chokes me up thinking about it even now, 1 week later. This journey has taught me so much about myself.  I am so much stronger than I think I am.  I love what running has done for me. It has built me back up. Running has made me believe that anything is possible.  Anything.

The heat was oppressive last Monday. It was way hotter than I think anyone anticipated. And it was run mostly in full sun. Brutal temps with no lead in to acclimate. That’s a death sentence for me. Hot weather runner girl, I am not. I dumped roughly 22 cups of water over my head. I’m not even kidding. And drank even more during the race. And I’m still thirsty. Even without the heat, the course is relentless. The down hills. The down hills tear your quads to shreds. To me, they were far worse than the climbs, which were ample, long and steady. Cresting Heart Break Hill and thinking about all of the running greats who have crested before me made my heart swell.

It’s a course so rich in history. You feel it with each mile. As grueling of a road race it is, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I adored every hot minute of it. I did. I ran a 4:04:40 last Monday. And I am so goddamn proud. Right on Hereford. Left on Boylston. Then soar. Honoring those along the way and sopping up every ounce of emotion with a smile as big as the sun. I ran right down the center. Like I belonged. Fists pumping, tears falling. Such gratitude.  What a moment. Sometimes you may not run the perfect race you trained for, but somehow it still winds up being the perfect race of your dreams. ❤


The Thrill of the Done


I can’t thank all of you enough for all of your warm wishes! And of course for following along on My Journey. I’ll post a more detailed recap next. But honestly. This week post-marathon has been so special. I’ve been replaying the race over and over in my head and soaking it all in all week. What a day!

One more sleep…

The Boston Marathon is mere hours away. I’m laying here in my snuggly hotel bed with a belly full of pasta getting my head set. I just felt like writing….

I will be at the starting line in Hopkinton tomorrow morning nervous, teary eyed and just so damn excited. I can’t believe it. Me. Running Boston. And yet, here I am… 

When I started running longer and longer distances 9 years ago I never, ever thought I would run Boston. It wasn’t on my radar. Like, at all. Not because I hadn’t dreamed of running it. I had. But to me, it was fantasy, a Legendary Beast, a Unicorn that I never thought I’d catch. I never thought I would be fast enough, good enough or runner enough to qualify. No one told me this. No one told me any of those things. I had told me. In my mind, I had decided it was so. And so it was. I believed it. Until last year…

When I decided I was going to try. Really try. I mean, give it all I had. In my head I thought it was going to be a one shot deal. I’d give it a go and if I failed, at least I’d do so trying. Hold head high, move on along to the next adventure. But then it happened.  Lo and behold I’d qualified. I had the race of a lifetime. And I was elated. Until now…

I have just pinned on my bib, laid out my clothes and crawled into bed with a belly full of pasta and a smile so large it will carry me all the way to Boston. My heart is so full. I have learned so learned so much about myself along this journey. 

I AM fast enough. I AM good enough. I AM runner enough. And no matter how tomorrow goes, that is simply good enough for me. 

Much love,


The Weekly Running Recap: And now, the end is near, and so I face the final tempo run…

My friend, I’ll say it clear. I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain…


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No offense Hansons, but I am STOKED. The work. The stress. The tired legs. The “No thank you. I’ll just have water” is fucking done-zo. I couldn’t be happier if I tried. Week 17 of training with Hanson’s Marathon Method ended not with a bang, but with a gentle, exhausted whimper. And maybe also with a firm fist pump. We have arrived. Welcome to Taper Town. The speed limit is 3mph. Don’t over do it. I’m overwhelmed. I’ll admit it. In fact I’ll save my hysterical thoughts for another post. For now, here’s how the final week of Colby’s Magical Boston Marathon training went! 

Monday: Easy Run. 6 miles. 9:13 pace with my chocolate monster, The Incomparable Drunk Otis Brown. This has become the routine. And he knows it. He grabs his leash and puts his face in my lap, both drooling and completely prohibiting me from lacing up my kicks. He’s a mess. But I love him. 

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 6 x 1mile, 400m recovery. 11 miles total. 8:10 pace. AND THAT’S A WRAP!!!! Best I’ve felt this whole Strength Interval section. For reals. Brought a tear to my eye and everything. Ahhhh. Done. 

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. Zero miles. Pace 0mph. Absolute. Zero. 

Thursday: Tempo Run. 10 miles at marathon pace, 8:35. 12 miles total. There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING like running your final tempo run. My legs were TIRED. My glute was not happy. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But I finished that shit like I broke the tape on Bolyston. WINNNNNNER! It was ugly. But it was done. And now I must rest. 

Friday: Easy 7 miles. Ummmm. No. Instead, 60 minutes on the elliptical followed by a deep tissue massage. My legs were not happy. They were miserable. So instead of slugging through 7 painful miles, I cross trained and went to my gifted massage therapist. When I got there she said:  Looks like I’ve gotta clean this shit up. And then I burst into a sweat. 

Saturday: Easy Run. 8 miles. 9:01 pace. New. Legs. I’m not kidding. So much better. Find a good massage therapist. Someone who gets it. They will change your life. And keep you moving. 

The Thrill of the Done

Sunday: Easy Run. 8 miles. 8:58 pace. New Legs Act II: Shut up and Taper. 

  • Total Number of Miles Run: 45
  • Number of Hours Spent On The Elliptical Because I Felt Broken: 1 hour
  • Number of Times I Had To Pinch Myself Because I Still Can’t Believe I’m Running Boston: 6  

When is the last time you’ve been genuinely, legitimately excited about something? How do you celebrate a monumental occasion? When is the last time you cried from pure joy? 

The Weekly Running Recap: Are we there yet? 

For the love of fartleks, are we there yet??? I mean. ARE. WE. THERE. YET.  I’ve aged.  I am haggard. I’m crying into my delicious IPA nightly. When can I taper?!?!?! This seems like the longest training in the history of training. All is going well *knocks on as much wood as she can find*, but it’s time to wrap it up. Sweet Unicorns. Let’s do this.

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Welcome to Week 16 of Colby’s Magical Boston Marathon Training with Sir Hansons Marathon Method. I am in the Homestretch. Two weeks to go before I’m toeing the line in Hopkinton, smiling ear to ear with a combination of butterflies and straight up nerves.  Why aren’t you tapering yet, Dear Colby?

Because Hansons Marathon Method has what we call in the biz, a short shit taper.  Ten days. The first time I used Hansons- which is what got me into this mess and Boston in the first place- the taper came as a complete surprise to me. How had I missed it? A 10 DAY TAPER???? I was despondent. I will say that despite my initial shock, horror and reservations, it really worked for me. Brilliantly. Come race day I felt shockingly fresh. I need to focus on that memory. Put it smack in the middle of my mind’s eye. So, in the spirit of Trusting Thy Training, I am trying to head back into that head space. The “10 Day Taper Makes You Feel Like a Zippy Running Fiend!” head space.  And not let the people all over social media who have been tapering for WEEKS – Ok. I’m being dramatic – ruin my mind set –But THEY HAVE BEEN!!!  See? It’s work, Poodles. I’m a lot of work.

Here’s how last week went!

Monday: Easy 6 miles. 9:23 pace. A lovely First Day of Spring Run with the Incomparable Drunk Otis! It was beautiful out. We had a blast. Until Oats almost ate a small poodle en route home. #snack

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 4 x 1.5 miles, 800m recovery. 8:13 pace. 10 miles total. Thank goodness these are almost over. Believe me. l will not be sorry to see these little bastards go. However, I will say that if you are training for a marathon- either with Hansons or without- intervals work. They make you run faster. They make you run stronger. It’s been amazing to see the progress. Awww. Maybe I’m not happy to see them go…

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Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. Zero miles. Two glasses of Rosé. And Wine Bingo. Or, W-I-N-E-O as it were. It’s like real BINGO but waaaay better. So much fun and silliness. Perfect Rest Day shenanigans.


So much fun!

Thursday: Tempo Run. 10 miles at 8:35. 12 miles total. GET ‘ER DONE! A chorus of angels croon “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS-AH.”

Friday: Easy Run. 6 miles. 9:30 pace. Tired, heavy sausages. That’s what my legs felt like. Awful, tired run.

Saturday: Easy Run. 10 miles. 9:12 pace. What a difference! It’s this bizarre phenomenon. The Easy Run after the Tempo Run totally sucks. Sausage Suffer Fest every damn time. Then Saturday’s run? Heaven. Never fails.


I love my Janji hat but I’d like to stop wearing it. Because Spring.

Sunday: Easy Run. 10 miles. 6 miles.  8:55 pace. Why? Because Brunch with Friends. Here’s what happened. There was an awesome trail race in my town. The Bimbler’s Bash. It’s one of my all time favorites. However, with my knack for falling on my face and winding up with plastic surgery, I decided to pass. Besides, I like my teeth. My friends were running it though. So my plan was to run to the race, cheer them on, run back to town and eat brunch all together. Only I passed on the “run back to town” portion of that sentence and ate a delicious omelette, drank coffee, laughed with friends and planned our June Dirtbag Adventure. (Stay tuned!)

I regret nothing.

  • Total number of miles run: 50
  • Number of times Drunk Otis turned around and gave the side eye to that poodle whilst running: 3
  • Number of substantial runs that stand between me and my taper: 2

How long do you taper for? Do you get punchy while tapering? When’s the last time you played a game? 

The Weekly Running Recap: Bonus Edition. Hello, April! 

It’s been a few, Poodles. And by a few I mean a few miles, a few bitter cold windy days, a few inches of snow and a few freak outs. Ok. I lied. That last one may be more than a few. Like, a whole goddamn bunch.

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Training with Hanson’s Marathon Method never ceases to kick you in your cold, tired ass. It’s a beast. But it works. At this point for me, it’s more mental than physical. I am tired. I have been training for months. I have been trying to eat well, sleep soundly and keep the IPA swilling to a minimum. I have not skipped workouts. I have not bailed on my chosen paces. And now, my legs are tired. That’s it. I am tired. So fucking pooped. I hope these tired stems are ready. I feel like they are. My mind however needs a little bit of work.

It’s almost taper time. All that stands between me a my “micro-taper” – it’s a mere 10 days- are a set of strength intervals and one last Dreaded Tempo Run. Look towards the sky this Thursday and listen carefully. You’ll see fireworks and hear a deafening cheer laced with profanities followed by the crisp pop of an ice cold beer. Then sobs of joy. I swear. Getting through this training in one piece is almost better than crossing the finish line. Unless of course it’s Boston. Then it’s unicorns and glitter bombs galore. Here’s what I’ve been up to besides losing my shit. We’ve got lots to cover. So I’ll be brief.

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Yeah. Right, Colby.

Colby’s Training from March 13th to March 26th, Weeks 14 and 15 of Hansons Marathon Method. I know, I’m behind. 😕

Monday: Easy Run. 6 miles. 9:23 pace. The Incomparable Drunk Otis Brown accompanied me. He’s ridiculous. 

Tuesday: Blizzard. Not kidding. Restfuckingday switched. I hate when that happens. Snow days however, I love.

Wednesday: Strength Intervals. 2 x 3 miles with 1 mile recovery. 8:19 pace. 9 miles total. Here’s when the freak outs began. Sometimes training isn’t all “I NAILED IT!” Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s just give it all you got, super hard work.

Thursday: Easy Run. 6 miles. 9:31 pace. I had to switch things around. No way was I doing a Tempo Run on the heels of the Struggle Bus Strength Interval Tour.

Friday: Tempo Run. 9 miles at 8:35. 11 miles total. Much. Much. Better. Phew. Crisis averted.

Saturday: Easy Run. 10 miles. 9:28. On Easter Island. Jk. But it looks like it, right?!?! I love my town. 

Sunday. Easy Run. 10 miles. 8:57 pace.  Dude. It was like Groundhog Day. Only FASTER! And minus the moai. I felt great. I also didn’t look at my Garmin. I just ran. And was surprised at the end. It was faster than it should have been. But I needed that. Like, desperately. 😊

Monday: Easy 7 miles. 9:32 pace. I couldn’t remember if it was 6 or 8 so I split the diff.

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 3 x 2 miles with 800m recovery. 8:19 pace.   8 miles total. I cut the last one short due to a very pissed off hamstring. Whaddya gonna do? Wrap it up. That’s what.

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. Zero miles. Rolled my hammie. Stretched. Ate all things. Good night. 

Thursday: Tempo Run. 10 miles at 8:35. 12 miles total. Woop. There it is. The Double Digit Dreaded Tempo Run. Sweet Jesus. That’s tough.

Friday: Easy Run. 7 miles total. 9:36 pace. Jello. My legs were like green jello. For St. Paddy’s Day. ☘️☘️☘️

Saturday: Easy Run. 8 miles total. 9:06 pace. Whaaaaat? It’s funny. My “normal” tired easy run pace has gotten quicker with this round of training. Dare I say I’ve gotten stronger? This run was supposed to be slower, but like the previous week, I ignored my Garmin and just ran. Wild. Like my Jani capris. 👌🏼

Sunday: Long Run. 16 miles. 9:18 pace. And there it was. The Last Long Run. And it was GLORIOUS. Funny how you go from exhaustion’s door to Running Queen in a span of days. This was the confidence boost I needed. Happiness. Oh.  And this came. *Squeeeeeeeee!*

We’ve got a couple of Boston Bound Badasses here!!!

  • Total Number of Miles Run Over 2 Weeks: 110 miles
  • Number of Times I Thought I Was Injured: Twice. 
  • Number of Hours of Sleep Lost Obsessing About Phantom Injury: 5 

Do you panic about any muscle twinges or phantom injuries before a marathon? How long is your taper? 

Weekly Running Recap! The Quick, Cold and Miserable Version. 

Because nothing says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” like a micro pig in a top hat pushing a shopping cart of Guinness.

Sweet Baby Leprechauns. It’s St. Paddy’s Day Eve and I haven’t blogged a lick about LAST week’s Boston Marathon training with My Beloved Hansons Marathon Method. Nevermind mind that THIS week’s running recap is a mere pint of Guinness away. Ok. 3 pints. A blizzard and far too many annoying treadmill runs got in my way of blogging. Seriously, Poodles. I’m starting to freak out a bit. Boston, like Winter, is (still) coming. Fast. I’ve been anxious about it all damn week. More of my Boston Marathon Neuroses later. Promise. Let’s talk about last week, shall we? At least before I freak about this week.  Here’s how it went!

  • Marathon Goal: 3:45
  • Marathon Pace/Tempo Run Pace: 8:35
  • Easy Run Pace: 9:35 to 10:35
  • Speed Interval Pace: 7:35
  • Strength Interval Pace: 8:15

Monday: Easy run. 8 miles. 9:28 pace. And just like that. Cumulative fatigue has reared it’s dead head. I was tuckered. I rolled. I stretched. I drank a beer. Nothing helped.

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 3 x 2 miles, 800m recovery. 8:16 pace. 10 miles total with warm up/ recovery. Hard. These were hard. Especially considering Monday’s run was spent jogging through a kiddie pool of cumulative fatigue and regret. And guess what, Colby? The next few weeks of training? Stinks.  It’s awful. They’re the hardest weeks. Physically, mentally – all a Sufferfest. I’m talking to myself in the third person so I READ THIS SHIT AND REALIZE THAT I NEED TO SUCK IT UP. BOSTON IS COMING, COLBY. GET IT TOGETHER. DO WERK.  EYE OF THE TIGER, BITCH!

Sorry. That needed to happen.

Wednesday; Restfuckingday.

Clearly, I needed it.

Thursday: Tempo Run. 9 miles at 8:35. 11 miles total. Although I felt as if every damn run was killing me softly, this one actually felt good. Despite my angst, the training is working. The paces ARE becoming comfortable. Familiar, even. Trust the training, Colby.

See?!? There I go again. I need a serious talking to.

Friday: Easy Run. 7 miles total. 9:20 pace. And the miles just keep on coming! Long day. Long run. Late supper. Agony.

Saturday; Easy Run. 8 miles total. 9:22 pace. Bitter. Cold. Wind. I just….can’t. Or, couldn’t. This run was such an effort. It amazes me how you can run an out and back and have a bone chilling fierce headwind THE WHOLE GODDAMN TIME.

Sunday: Long Run. 16 miles. 9:28 pace.  And here I thought Saturday was miserable. So cold. With wind chill it was a single degree in the morning. Looking on the brighter, warmer side, I should really be thankful.  I’ve been training all winter in New England. It’s usually a Snowy Shit Show up in here. While this winter was relatively “mild”, days like this make me realize that I could have been a miserable, cold Snow Monster for 3 months instead of 3 days.

So at least there’s that. 😊

  • Total number of miles run: 60
  • Number of hours of lost sleep panicking about running Boston: 5
  • Number of tears shed whilst running into a bitter cold headwind: Too many to count. Besides, they were frozen. 

Do you experience a Pre-Marathon Nervous Breakdown while training? Do you occasionally burst into tears while training or am I the only one? 😫

Weekly Running Recap! From shorts to snow suit, we’ve covered it all this week. 

One day you’re debuting a cute new pair of kicks sans socks, and the next you’re swaddled in wool and sporting Joan of Arctic Sorrels. Helllooooo, March. You vicious Lion. 

Get it together, Mother Nature. PICK A DAMN SEASON. I’m ALL for cold temps, but I draw the line with cold temps AND frigid gale force winds. That’s a bit much. Even for me. I shouldn’t really complain, as far as New England winters go, this one has been more kitten than lion. But even still. You know you’re in trouble when you run an out and back and have a bitter cold head wind the whole damn time. How is that even possible?  Minus the 3 day chill and wind burn, it was a solid week of training with my beloved Hansons. In case you’ve forgotten,  because I sure as shit haven’t, here’s the scoop. 

Marathon Goal: 3:45
Marathon Pace/Tempo Run Pace: 8:35
Easy Run Pace: 9:35 to 10:35
Speed Interval Pace: 7:35
Strength Interval Pace: 8:15

Monday: Easy Run, 6 miles total. 9:15 pace. Gotta admit. Kinda tuckered. I had a FANTASTIC, confidence boosting 16 mile run the day before. So I wasn’t expecting unicorns and rainbows here. Just 6 sludgy miles. Gah. 

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 4 x 1.5 mile, 800m recovery. 9 miles total with warm up/cool down. 8:15 pace. Nailed it! YES! Then promptly celebrated by heading to a local Italian joint for “Ladies Night” with my sister and BFFs.  Complete with delicious half price apps, copious amounts of half priced wine and a dude in a fedora crooning Sinatra on a keyboard, it was EPIC.  

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. 0 miles. 

Thursday: Tempo Run. 9 miles at 8:35.  11 miles total. I would also like to add that the last two miles were run at 8:15. WHAT.  True story, Poodles. Had to be the half price apps. 

Friday: Easy Run. 7 miles at 9:20. Treadmill city. And after a long ass day. I was happy to simply be done. And then go home. And eat my face off. 

Saturday: Easy Run. 10 miles at 9:00. Bitter. Cold. Wind. However, I’m starting to think my legs like bitter cold wind because I was far zippier than I thought and should be, ATH. (According to Hansons.) I rolled with it. After all, I wanted to hurry up and chill with My Other Half who is also training for Boston with Hansons. He’s SUPER FAST. We still love him though. 

Date Night Pizza Fest

Sunday: Easy Run. 10 miles at 9:04. Bitter. Cold. Wind. What is this? Groundhog Day? Pretty much! Afterwards I literally snuggled under blankets on the couch beneath a pile of dogs. Chilled to the bone. I then proceeded to do absolutely nothing. No cleaning. No grocery shopping. No cooking. Zip. It was glorious. ☺


  • Total Number of Miles: 53. 
  • Number of Half Priced Apps Consumed: 3.
  • Days Until I Toe the Line in Boston: 42! Squeeeeee! 

Have you completely misjudged your pace, swore you were practically running in reverse then were thrilled when you looked at your watch?  Do you run by perceived effort or strictly stick to actual pace?  Favorite appetizer. GO! 

Weekly Running Recap: Highs and lows notwithstanding, I’m coming for you Boston! 

Though my legs be but tired. They are jazzy AF.

Two high points this week whilst training with Hansons Marathon Method, Poodles. High Point Number 1: The Cassie Rift Valley Running Capri by Janji. {See: Jazzy AF, above.} I’m obsessed with these capris. They are stunning, comfy, super flattering and provide a year of clean water to a person in Kenya. WINS all around. They’re my new favorite thing. I swear they made me run faster all week. High Point Number 2: I ran IN SHORTS in New England in February. Unheard of up in here. It was 70. Drunk Otis even went swimming. Bananas.

Of course with the High Points, come the Low Points. Sadly, it’s about balance. I wouldn’t have minded a little lopsided teeter tottering in the High Point direction after last week’s Bacterial Bonanza, but alas, this is my real life. And sometimes it’s straight up Crazy Town, USA. Low Point Number 1: I missed a run. Life, work, responsibilities all collided, resulting in a 2 mile walk and swim with 3 dogs and a kid instead of a 7 mile Easy Run. It happens. Everyone is probably all the better for it- the dogs and kid especially. But I did selfishly stress my face off about missing a scheduled run. If that one missed run derails all of these 18 weeks of busting my ass to run Boston, then I have much bigger problems. Like biting off a goal way bigger than I could chew.

Low Point Number 1. #notreally

Low Point Number 2: An incomplete Tempo Run due to a crazy high heart rate. What in the name of tachycardia was that about?!? Stress. Dehydration. Overexertion. Remnants of my aforementioned Bacterial Bonanza. All of the above? I’m not entirely sure but it freaked me out enough to slow down and call it quits. The good news is that it hasn’t happened again. But I’ve got my eye on you, Ticker.  Drama Rama. Here’s last week – the drama + the miles.

Monday: Easy Run. 7 miles total. 9:17 pace. After coming off of a Long Run and wrapping up antibiotics, this run was a bit of a struggle. I know, SHOCKER.

Tuesday: Strength Intervals. 6 x 1 mile, 400m recovery. 8:12 pace. 10 miles total. Tough stuff. For the remainder of this god forsaken training, my speed intervals turn to strength intervals. And I promptly rock in the corner and sob, loudly.

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. 0 miles total. If I could have gotten around via Roomba I would have. Tuckered.

Thursday: Tempo Run. 8+ miles total. This is where my heart beat faster than my legs would carry me. 1 mile, warm up. 6 miles were at marathon pace, 8:35. The rest? No good. I stopped. I was slightly freaked. Eventually, much longer than normal, my heart rate came back down. I honestly think it was because I was dehydrated. I fixed that super quick. *chug, chug, chug*

Friday: 2 mile walk. Now that I’m actually putting the week together, it was probably a good thing that my missed run followed my “episode.” Uh, yeah Dumb Ass. Chill, Girl. Chill.

Saturday: Easy Run, 9 miles. 9:30 pace. Super. Hilly. Heart rate completely back to normal. Phew.

Sunday: Long Run, 16 miles. 9:05 pace. WHAAAAAT?!?! Hello, High Point Number 3!!! Where did that come from? Heaven. That’s where. One of my best Long Runs in recent memory. Heart rate normal. I was thrilled. Thrilled! The work is paying off despite a few speed bumps. I couldn’t be happier. After my heart pounding, rollercoaster of a week, I’ll take it. And hug it and wrap it with a big glittery bow. It is about balance. But every now and then, a little lopsided happiness spills right on over and out. 😄

Happy Face.

  • Total number of mile run: 50
  • Number of miles walked with 3 dogs and a kid: 2 
  • Number of beats per minute before I decided to pull the plug on my Tempo Run: 178 bpm 😳 Yeah, no. 

Do you pay attention to your heart rate while running? Is your resting heart rate low? 

Weekly Running Recap: 10 Weeks of Hansons!

I’m runnin’ down the back side to Boston, Poodles! How bah dah? Ten weeks of training with Hansons Marathon Method down, 8 weeks to go. I have officially turned the page. I am also officially pretty damn tired. That may have had more to do with the sinus and double ear infections I was diagnosed with last week, but there you go. What a mess. (Note: The next time you are seated next to a screaming crying baby on a plane who is tugging her little ears, cut Baby Girl some slack. Ear infections suck. Like, bad. #IFeelYouBabyGirl) If we can recall from last week’s training recap, I was feeling super under the weather. In fact I trimmed my freezing cold snowy run down from 15 miles to 10 last week because I could neither stop coughing nor hear a goddamn thing. Broken rib or chiseled abs? It was a coughing toss up. Despite my affliction, I still managed to get in a solid week of running whilst on antibiotics. I know. I don’t reccommend it. But here’s how it went.

Monday: Elliptical, 45 mintues. Woke up. Dragged my coughing, clogged head to the gym. Attempted to run. No bueno. My teeth felt like they were falling out. Ellipticaled instead. Dumb? YES. However, I did leave the gym and march directly into my doctor’s office. I left with multiple prescriptions, double ear infections and a sinus infection for good measure. I haven’t had an ear infection since I was 4 years old. I’ll take kid diseases for $400, Alex. That seems to be the thing with me lately. Kid diseases. *sigh*phoebe

Tuesday: Easy Run. 3 miles. 9:05 pace. Why? Because although I couldn’t hear, I felt better. Should I have stayed home in my comfy lil’ fleece nest cuddling with Drunk Otis and My Other Half on Valentine’s Day? Yes. But I couldn’t. Because Boston. I’m training. And I’m a stubborn Italian who can NOT sit still if she’s feeling better. Somewhere Little Gram is smacking me upside my head. With a dish towel.

Wednesday: Intervals, 3 x 1600, 600m recovery, 7:25 pace. 7 miles total. Holy torrent of snot. Seriously. I have never had such a runny nose in my life. I thought my nose was going to fall off Walking Dead style. Ugly. I was an ugly mess. But it was done.


Not bad for a stop light sunset.

Thursday: Easy Run. 7 miles total, 9:15 pace. Less snot. Less coughing. More antibioitics. Not bad, Colby.

Friday: Tempo Run. 8 miles at marathon pace, 8:35. 10 miles total. YAHOOOOOO! What a difference meds make! Felt good. I honestly did. And as my Tempo Run Reward. THIS. Behold! The elusive Pliny the Elder! Cheers! And cheers again. Pliny, the beer equivalent of finding an East Coast Unicorn, did not disappoint. De-lish.


Oh, Hey Pliny!

Saturday: Easy Run. 8 miles total. 9:15 pace.  For me, the run following the tempo run is the worst. My legs are usually half dead. Which is why I have taken to rolling the hell out of them which helps tremendously. What a gogeous day! It was spring like! Gone was the snot and much of the snow. Nothing but mild temps and a new dope running hat from Janji by Ciele Athletics. That’s a collaboration made in heaven. Hat on point!img_8587

Sunday: Long Run. 15 miles total. 9:28 pace. As promised, this was my do-over run from the previous week. The last 3 miles were a bit of a struggle but it was so nice out and there were so many birds chriping that it didn’t even matter to me. Happy Sunday!

I must admit, considering how the week started and knowing how much I despise having to juggle around my schedule, I was pretty damn proud of myself. The week ended on a high note. Of that I am certain. It’s getting closer by the mile. And I’m so excited I can scream. I’m feeling like my substance runs (Intervals and Tempo Run) are really coming together. Next week my Intervals switch from speed to strength which is a BEAST for me. It’s at a slightly slower clip than speed intervals, but with more total miles. The goal now that I am no longer infectious, is to stay that way. To sound sleeps, rolled muscles and healthy weeks ahead!

  • Total number of miles run: 50 miles
  • Number of minutes spent on an Elliptical feeling like a zombie under water: 45 minutes
  • Boxes of Kleenex used: 4. I am not kidding. FOUR BOXES. 

Do you do stupid things like run while on antibiotics or drink tough to obtain IPAs while taking them?  When is the last time you had an ear infection? How has the weather been in your neighborhood? 


Drunk Otis, Editor.