Sending out a GPS- Garmin, Polar or Suunto? Help!

Sending out a big, fat SOS, Poodles! Or, GPS as it were.

My Garmin died.
Sweet Dreams, Garmin Forerunner 410. It’s been real.

The party is over for her.We had a good time, she and I. But she’s gone to that place where she’s always charged and her satellites are always found. 


I’m running Marine Corps Marathon in 3 stinking weeks and my Garmin shit the bed. There’s a part of me that truly could care less. Much like how I’ve felt about my training as of late. Is it over, yet?!?! Gah. However there is a MUCH BIGGER part of me that ABSOLUTELY CARES WITH EVERY FIBER OF HER EXHAUSTED BEING! I’ve been training with Hansons’ Marathon Method and let’s just say that I’m plum tuckered. I can’t wait to run this marathon. Mostly so I can sit my tired can down and relax for a hot minute. 

I had my “peak week” last week. And after 63 miles, two crying fits and a case of pink eye later, I’m ready to wrap this puppy up. And then of course, My Garmin bit it which was simply the cherry on top of a Shit Sundae. You know how it goes. The hysterical exhausted break down that occurs roughly 4 weeks out? It’s awful. Add Dead Garmin and conjunctivitis and it becomes catastrophic. Onto the real question, Dear Readers. What kind of GPS am I getting? I’m just starting to look around, read blogs and reviews and get my act together. I know I don’t want one that will require a Ph.D in programming from MIT simply to turn on. Let’s keep it kinda simple, semi feature loaded and easy to upload. If it can yell obscenity laced cheers at me, all the better. 

So. Whatcha running with, Poodles? Help! 


Ready for this crazy talk? Sweet Sacred Unicorn! I am running the Boston Marathon. I trained with Hansons Marathon Method. I ran the Baystate Marathon. I qualified. I registered. I got accepted.

Me! Me. Me? How in the actual fuck did that happen? If you were to have told me 7 years ago that I would be running the Boston Marathon, the Holy Grail of running, I would have laughed straight in your pretty little face. Never. Never in my life did I think I would be fast enough. Runner enough. Athlete enough. To qualify for the most sought after marathon around. Just never. 

I didn’t believe I had it in me. It wasn’t even on my radar. It was a mythical beast, a literal and figurative unicorn that existed only in the pages of Runner’s World. BQ? I hadn’t seriously considered it. Then last year rolled around. I decided THIS WAS IT. I am giving it all I got. I discovered Hansons Marathon Method and decided to give it a go (here). I also decided to blog about my weekly running recaps (here’s number 1 .)  It was my first REAL BQ try. I blogged faithfully. Each week I posted “Colby’s Week In Running” all the while apologizing for the profanities, beer and sweaty tired miles. Humor me, Poodles. Just read this. It kept me honest. It kept me accountable. Then I ran the Race of My Life (here and here) with Tina. Best Day Ever. That is, until yesterday. 

I found running, or rather running found me, in what seems like a million lifetimes ago. It was during one of the lowest points in my life. I have to say, I didn’t feel worthy of anything. I’ve blogged about that time before (here)  and several other times over the course of This Little Blog’s tenure. Running became my constant companion. It was my control in my time of chaos. I ran to feel pain that pieced the numbness and ran to let it all go. Each mile taught me I was capable of moving forward in the truest sense. It was transformative. I started to believe in myself. Believe that I was capable. Believe I was strong. Believe I could…{insert anything here}. 

So when I saw that email telling me I had been accepted into The Boston Marathon, I had the feeling that this arc of my life, from low to high, was closed. And I accepted it with an open heart. I started in one place and landed in another, having run the whole way. Never forget where you start- where you really start. It will give you the greatest perspective on where you are now. What a journey! I discovered who I AM!  Strong. Worthy. Capable.  

And in the process, found a damn unicorn. 

5 Things I Did While I Wasn’t Blogging This Summer

Welp. I’d love to say this was my list:

  1. Wrote the great American novel
  2. Found a cure
  3. Danced in a Sia video in a unitard and cool wig
  4. Won an Emmy
  5. Found The World’s Best Lobster Roll – and it’s sold right next door to my house!

Yeah. Not so much. I may not have written the Great American Novel, but I did ride my bike in support of a cure for cancer. I also did get tickets to Sia and I wrote my Emmy acceptance speech in my head during one of my god-forsaken Hansons Marathon Method Tempo Runs and I did find a delicious lobster roll on MY DAMN RUNNING ROUTE! I know!??! Right?!?! Good times, Poodles. Good times. Here’s want really went down in Colby Town this summer. That is, besides lobster rolls and IPAs.

Nom nom nom…
1. Rode in my 12th Pan Massachsetts Challenge– with Tina! 200 miles in two days in support of cancer research at The Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Hands down, THE best weekend of the year. For one weekend, I feel as if I am a part of something great. Something impactful and meaningful. Something much bigger than myself. Happiness times 12.

Why I Ride. (📷

Your long lost cancer fighting bloggers!

Good Morning, Day 2! Bourne Bridge.
2. Rang the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Yup! True freaking story. That beats winning an Emmy! It was such an amazing experience made possible by my amazing friend, Mark. Mark is a survivor, a Marine, a veteran, a fellow PMCer and most importantly, a friend. He works tirelessly for Verterans and may be one of the most selfless people I have ever met. Tina and I were honored to be a part of such a special day with our friends at Convergex and the Pan-Mass Challenge. It was surreal!

Selfie at the NYSE!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Colby and Tina at the NYSE!
3. Gutted my bathroom and remodeled my kitchen! I should also add:  “without killing one another.” I live in a small house, not a hipster trendy Tiny House, but a small house in a great spot. As you are well aware, I also live with My Other Half and our 3 Stooges- Leon James, Evil Beagle and Drunk Otis Brown. So. Maneuvering 2 humans, a pit bull mix, an Evil Beagle and a massive chocolate lab around while we gutted our home was…well…a goddamn comedy show. At the end of the day, my house looks fantastic, no dogs were harmed, and I’m in still in a loving relationship. In other news, I am also thinking about being a Paint Master for Benjamin Moore. You need a gray? I got it. 

I am in love with my bathroom vanity.

I am obsessed with this granite.
4. Hansons Marathon Method Training. Version 2.0.  I can’t. I love to hate Hansons Marathon Method. It’s hard. But it works. This time around, I was juggling a new job, a remodel, training for a 200 mile bike ride and a god forsaken cold/disease/plague for ONE MONTH right around marathon training kickoff. I can cry thinking about it. My training suffered because I was sinking in a Petri dish of despair and infectious yuck. I got in as many miles as my legs and lungs would allow, but it wasn’t perfect. Life isn’t. Which is why I need to accept the early weeks of training for what they were- an imperfect struggle- and embrace the final 8 which are feeling pretty good. I’m beginning week 14 which culminates with the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of week 18. It might not be my prettiest marathon, but it will certainly do.

She’s baaaaaack!
5. I registered for the Boston Marathon! And like thousands of other anxious runners, am chomping at the goddamn bit patiently waiting to hear if I am in. I should know by this week. I have over a 3.5 minute cushion. Cross your paws that it’s enough. Tina is IN! My BFF is wicked fast!  And she had the run of her life and qualified with ample time. What I wouldn’t give to run it with her. Say a prayer! Burn sage! Light a goddamn candle! Either way, I BQ’d. And PR’d. And also have a feeling I’ll be live tweeting the result from a local brewery. Stay tuned. I hope I find that unicorn. 🦄

Isn’t she glorious?
Have you lived through a renovation? Has a nagging cold sidelined your training for more time than you liked? Are you waiting to hear from Boston?!?! 


Everybody Just Keeps on Talking…


But Nobody seems to be listening.

I’ve been sitting with Colby on the “Stop the Madness and Step Away from Social Media” train.

Ducking and hiding for months. Kinda still am.

It seems the world is going mad and I for one am not hopping on the ride.

None of the noise is helping. Anything. I’ve been a lawyer for 25 years. I have 3 strong willed children. I live negotiation, argument and dispute resolution. I could work for the freaking UN.

And no one – no one succeeds at making a point when they are screaming, enraged and irrational. Like everyone seems to be these days.

So I have checked out. I know my thoughts on subjects. I’m interested in hearing views when they are expressed thoughtfully and respectfully. But “thoughtfully and respectfully” seldom show up these days. It got too hard to weed through the crazy, so I took a big leap back from all things social media.

But like Colby, I’ve missed our little blog.  I’ve missed interacting with all the great people here. So I hope I am in a place where I can start posting more. ‘Cause it really is our happy place.

Language and the ability to communicate are such gifts. Being able to voice our opinions freely is a privilege that not everyone in the world  enjoys. And frankly, the collective “we” have been pretty obnoxious about it lately. Just because you have the right and the ability to say something doesn’t mean you should yell it. Constantly.

My 5 year old nephew, W, is deaf. Fortunately, he is a rock star when it comes to sign language and is able to communicate (Every thought and emotion. Just ask my sister). But obviously, it is way more difficult for him to communicate than a hearing person. And I think of him when I see people spouting nonsense. Abusing their gift.

Last week my cousin posted 2 different videos for my sister on deaf experiences. Showing what a gift the ability to communicate really is. How lost we would be without it. They are great little videos and worth a watch. My favorite part?

They really make you think. Not talk.




Top 5 Reasons I Haven’t Blogged All Damn Summer

Well smack my ass and call me Slacker!  I nearly forgot I had a blog. Actually. I’m fibbing. I did remember I had a blog. In fact, I missed This Little Blog dearly. But I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and write.

Even though I had tons to say.
Even though I missed writing with all of my heart.
Even though I had been running and riding my legs off.
Even though I jotted thoughts down, in the hopes of circling back are writing something hi-larious about running or lobster rolls or Drunk Otis or Life According to Colby…

And yet, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t.

Because I was disgusted.
Because I was sad.
Because I was overwhelmed.
Because I was enraged.
Because I had had it up to HERE with social media, current events, comments, lies, opinions, points of view, the election, and the goddamn Know It All’s who are The Authority on Everything. And by Everything, I mean everything from gorillas, to gators, to behavior, to child rearing, to religion, to immigrants, to race relations, to police, to foreign policy, the Election, Brangelina and any other topic that happens to be trending.

Who knew Everyone Knew Everything?
Everybody except Me, apparently.

Current events have been OFF THE RAILS enough without the torrent of hateful commentary that swims along in a sea of lies and untruths following each and every single unprecedented event as of late. Integrity may be dead. Or, minimally it’s being held hostage somewhere. I can’t wait until it returns. Hatred is oooozing from every outlet, hiding behind the din of a computer screen. I can’t. I couldn’t.

Come on, People. We can do better. In every damn area.

I write a silly little irreverent blog, peppered with profanities, delicious IPAs and running. It’s filled with My Point of View. And over the past few months I felt like all I was getting was POINT OF VIEW. I was sick of it. It was from EVERYWHERE. And it was LOUD. Which is funny because I’m loud. I live loud. But there are times when even a Running Megaphone with a Ponytail needs a little quiet. Needs to try and make sense of a senseless time. Needs to clear their head.

Thank god for running.


Have you been rendered speechless lately? Have you reached your social media saturation point? Have you unplugged this summer?

Spotted: A Unicorn in TJ Maxx. 

Before I launch into my rant about running, TJ Maxx and counting chickens before those bastards actually hatch, I’m pleased to announce that WE HAVE A SKRATCH LABS HYDRATION PACK #GIVEAWAY WINNER up in here!!!! Congrats, Adrienne!!! Stay hydrated, Girl.🙂

Drink up, Adrienne!

I love a #Giveaway. Probably because I am a sucker for a deal. However, I don’t like to feel like a sucker when I stumble across a deal that reaches up and slaps a big old sign on my back reading “You’ve Been Hosed!” This brings me to my next point. Settle in, Poodles. This one got me. Here’s what happened. 

I woke yesterday all full of ambition and decided to put on my new Janji duds and head out for a run at ass crack o’clock in the morning.  It was barely light out. And it was glorious. Crisp. Cool. Gorgeous. I had a fantastic, zippy 6 miles by the sea. Before coffee. Before avocado-sriracha-toast which I am totally obsessed with lately. It must have been the shorts. Cute, right? Adorbs

Anywho, my run totally rocked, I had my coffee and toast, showered, fluffed up and skipped off to work feeling accomplished. With OODLES of time left after work because I ran early, I took a spin to my local TJ Maxx.  Mill around, check out shoes and possibly snag a new pair of jammies. (Negative.) What do I stumble across in clearance? This. *jaw drops*

Yup. A freaking 2015 Adidas Boston Marathon jacket. FOR TWENTY BONES. There was a rack of them. I just purchased one for my Other Half- I ordered it in advance- and paid the original price of $110.  Just so he’d be guaranteed to get one in his size to wear AFTER he finished. He didn’t even try it on before for fear of bad running juju. 

Now here’s the thing. I know this is last year’s. I know it’s on clearance. But what in the actual hell is it doing in TJ MAXX to begin with?!?! Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird? I didn’t even want to touch the thing because I’m superstitious. Try it on? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sacrilege! BLASPHEMER! That’s like the Holy Shroud of Running. In TJ MAXX.  For twenty bucks. That jacket is earned. I can not wait to have earned mine. And next year, *makes sign of the cross, sprinkles holy water on head* I will slip mine on, selfie the hell out it, and cry with glee. 

But for twenty… 



Not until it’s earned. However, I do believe I’ve earned this one. And yes, of course I bought it.

I wouldn’t buy that jacket out of superstition, but I will admit that I booked my hotel for next year. Totally uncharacteristic of me. And I don’t even know if I’m in Boston 2017 yet. I mean other than death and taxes, is anything in life a given?  I’m willing to take my chances. Either way, at least one of us is running. I have a high 3 minute window and my Other Half and Tina have gobs of time to spare. So minimally, I’ll be a spectator. In a phat hotel. While there have been some chatter on the interwebs about prospective qualifying times and cut-offs for Boston already, it remains to be seen. Patience, Colby. Patience. If I don’t get in, I’m buying that damn jacket. At least I qualified in 2015.

There is ALWAYS an opportunity to run the Boston Marathon for an amazing charity.  Like Miles for Miracles and Bain Capital benefitting Boston Children’s Hospital! They reached out to us with an amazing info graphic to share. See what great things they did in 2016 below. Running for a reason is always an incredible experience- Boston notwithstanding.  And if I miss the cut off?  At least there are wonderful options to run for another. Besides, I’ve got the hotel room. 

And quite possibly a jacket. 😋
More Than Miles 2x

What’s your greatest TJ MAXX find? Would you purchase and wear an item for a race you haven’t run? Have you ever run for a charity? 

Happy Anniversary Drunk Otis! 

The Incomparable Drunk Otis.
One year ago today, our lives were forever changed by a huge, slobbery, brown, frat boy who came BOUNDING into our lives, full tilt boogie. One minute he could be on the cover of Field and Stream, then next he could be the centerfold of Campus Lyfe, complete with a cone on, throwing back Jaeger Bombs and doing keg stands. He has his own Instagram. He’s huge in the New England Cyclocross Scene. He has a sick and expensive sock fetish. He’s our Drunk Otis Brown.
It’s all fun and games until someone winds up in a cone.

And he’s a hot mess.

Happy Rescue Day, Oats!

It’s great to be ALIVE! And RESCUED!

For all of his “drunken” antics, that boy loves to RUN. I’ve said it before, he is the Scott Jurek of Dogs on the trail. Focused. Driven. Happiest. He aims to please you in a way that our other pups, Leon James and Pearl “Evil Beagle” Anne just don’t do. Leon James is the sensitive, sweetest boy. He’s a loyal mush ball. My Most Handsome Leon James is what I call him. Sweet Butterbeans. Such a good dog. I adopted him during Colby’s Life Part 1, from a local rescue group. He was a love from the go. Evil Beagle on the other hand, is a different beast. Evil Beagle could frankly give a shit less about loyalty.  

“Whaaaaaat?!?!? Oh Heeeeeeyyy Everybody!!”
*ticky tacky, ticky tacky*  

That’s her.

Evil Beagle.
She is a non-stop, tri-colored wag fest. But show her a baby bunny and she’ll have that thing pinned and de-fuzzed in 3 minutes flat. I’m not kidding. She’s gotten two. I give her some slack. She’s a former laboratory research beagle I rescued from a pharmaceutical company. It took her a while to become A Real Dog. Much of it I owe to Leon James.
Three Amigos.

He was so patient with her. Now? She’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She’s a DOG. A real dog. Who fetches. And runs like hell. She’ll lay smack dab in the middle of the yard, sun on her face, tattooed ear flipped, like she’s posing for her Glamour Shot. Drunk Otis adores her. And quite frankly, other than antagonizing the snot out of Evil Beagle, and pissing off his brother Leon James for sport, he’d much rather be with his Humans. I’ve never had a dog like Drunk Otis. He’s just…well…different. He’s a lab. And a chocolate one at that. Which I swear is a totally different thing. I keep asking My Other Half, who always had labs “Uh. Babe. Is he ALWAYS gonna be like this?” He shakes his head yes. Ever so slowly. Every single time.

Two Peas.
Rescue a pup. Don’t buy one. There are so many Evil Beagles, Leon James’ and Drunk Otis’ out there. A rescue dog’s capacity to love unconditionally knows no bounds. Sure, they’ll drain your bank accounts, eat your socks and wreck your hard wood floors.  But trust me.  They are worth it. Each and every silly one of them. 
Squad goals.
Have you ever rescued a dog? Did you grow up with dogs? Do you run with your pup?

PMC Training and Gardening with Drunk Otis. 

It’s raining cats and dogs. Like, pouring out. Sheets of rain. Drunk Otis, who spent the entire weekend either swimming in streams, belly flopping in puddles or lounging in his kiddie pool “helping” me weed, apparently is afraid to go outside to pee in the rain. So instead, he just lifted his leg on the porch. About an inch from his sister, Evil Beagle. Girl was not amused. She responded by biting him on the face. I can’t say I blame her. 

Hey, Lady. You gonna clean my pool or what?
In addition to Gardening with Drunk Otis, which ended with me sprinting around the yard swearing at him while a gallon container of delphiniums dangled from his mouth, I got in a nice long bike ride.  Which I really need to do more of, considering I will be riding in my 12th Pan Massachusetts Challenge in a few months. Funny how it sneaks up on me every year. I usually ride with my Other Half, which is on par with riding the Giro D’Italia or any other European Classic. Saturday, I rode alone.

Prior to my Other Half, in what I like to refer to as Colby’s Life Part One, I did all of my training alone. Much like my running. In Colby’s Life Part Deux in 3-D, we ride together. And I love it. There are some days though, I adore a solo ride. I just kicked off fundraising for the PMC, a two day almost 200 mile ride across Massachusetts, aimed at funding life-saving cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Kicking off fundraising means I wrote my annual appeal which means I get very contemplative. I always do when I think about why I ride. Especially when I put words to my feelings. It chokes me up. Cancer always does. 

Both Tina and I have written several posts on the Pan Mass Challenge. In fact, they are some of our most read. Take a minute and give them a read. 

And you’ll understand when I say that being a part of the PMC Family means the absolute world to me.  We are all riding together, unified by our common goal- our desire to put an end to cancer. There is such amazing, selfless energy that weekend. Such passion. Such emotion. For that one weekend, we are a part of something great.  It’s so very palpable. We are making a difference in the cancer research landscape one pedal stroke at a time. I feel that. I believe that. And I am honored to be a part of it. 

Riding #StirlingStrong!

Do you have a cause near and dear to your heart? Ride 100 miles or run a marathon? GO! 

 Hate cancer? Me too. To donate to my ride: Click HERE

Don’t forget to enter our Skratch Labs Hydration Pack Giveaway! Click HERE for link to ENTER! 

Skratch Labs. We’ve Got a Giveaway Up in Here!

Skratch LabsIn celebration of Global Running Day, which also happens to dovetail sweatingly with The Hottest Half Marathon I Have Ever Survived, we here at It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint thought it appropriate to do a Skratch Labs Hydration Pack Give Away!!! Skratch Labs  has been my go-to for all things hydration for the past 6 years. Girlfriend is brand loyal. Because when you find good stuff, you stick with it.

Skratch Labs Giveaway Hydration Pack! All this can be yours!

Back in the day, I knew it as Secret Drink Mix. How badass was that? I felt like a hydrated spy on my whip.  It was big among cyclists who wanted an alternative to what was on the market. It was known as a hydration mix that was easy on the belly and made from “skratch”- no coloring agents, artificial sweeteners, synthetic flavoring agents or excess chemicals. In short, real stuff. Good stuff. For that reason, I tried it.

What followed was a borderline obsession with all things Skratch Labs. These hydration mixes, and since last year, their fruit chews, have fueled me through centuries, half-marathons, marathons, snow shoe races, an ultra marathon and all the way to a BQ. I found a unicorn whilst hydrating with Skratch Labs. #truestory. I chug the Exercise Hydration Mix before, during and after exercise. I’m partial to raspberry, but all of the flavors are delicious- pineapple especially.  The matcha + lemons hydration mix is the only one that contains natural caffeine. Zing! They also make an apples and cinnamon hydration mix which is sipped hot. It’s a hug in a cup. Actually, it’s a hug in a non-GMO + gluten free + dairy free + vegan + kosher + delicious cup.

Skratch Labs for days!

And if you enter this give away?

You’ll get a taste of all of them!

With hydration requirements reaching a fever pitch, HELLO SUMMER!, we thought it was time to put together a Skratch Labs Hydration pack. We care about you. Stay hydrated, Poodles. So go on, enter away.  Giveaway ends June 8th at 11:59pm! We’re linking up with the lovely Erica and Smitha to #WinAllThePrizes in their #Giveaway Roundup! Check them out. Tons o’ giveaways! Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter! And good luck!

Skratch Labs Rafflecopter giveaway!

Some rules. Otherwise, I’d just toss the stuff around like pixie dust. Or better yet, glitter.

Giveaway ends June 8th at 11:59 PM EST. Open to Residents of the US only.  Prizes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. Winner will be selected by and be notified by email. The product provided for the review was free of charge from Skratch Labs.  Colby is a Skratch Labs Taste Agent, however, her opinions, of which she has many, are her own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. We do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner. 




Vermont City Marathon 2016: Feelin’ the Burn.


I would like to preface this piece by stating straight on up front that the 2016 Vermont City Marathon and Relay was the hottest race I have ever run. EVER.

How hot?

It was soooooooo hot….

That they cancelled it. 

Yup. Cancelled it. Black flagged. As it was in progress. Done. Finished. Over. Stop, drop and melt.  Or, find a lovely Vermonter to hose you down and pad you with Popsicles whilst you wait for a school bus to drive your desiccated ass back to the finish. The news was trending on Twitter on Sunday. Vermont was trending on Twitter. How the hell often does that happen? That’s how hot it was. It was no joke.

It was the first time in Vermont City Marathon history that the race was halted. I ran the marathon as part of the 2-Person Relay and for those quoted with saying “it wasn’t THAT hot,” to you I say LIAR, LIAR, RUNNING SHORTS ON FIRE!!!  Because they goddamn were. You know it. I know it. We all know it. It was hotter than Hell. So unless you swiftly tucked your horns under your visor or jammed your forked tail into your running shorts, YOU, Overheated Devil Runner, are full of hot baked beans.

Brutal. All I kept thinking about as I watched the course warning move from moderate to HIGH, was that I felt like I was running a half marathon in a Bikram yoga class. Only add direct sun. There was no shade. No breeze. Nothing but heat. And it was radiating up from the lava field  we were running upon. There is a section called the Beltline which was easily the hottest spot in the North East that day. I can’t even explain how I felt. Cooked? Braised? Slow roasted?  All of the above!?!?  That was by mile 4. Within an hour, the warning had moved up to HIGH HEALTH RISK. I saw a runner down around mile 4. And from there until mile 13.1, I saw at least 5 more. It was horrible. The sounds of ambulances were becoming frighteningly common.  No bueno.

burlington free press image
Source: Burlington Free Press.

It was roughly 90 degrees by noon, which is not the only reason why the race was halted. There is something called the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature which I didn’t even know was a thing until I read about it on the Vermont City Marathon website. They did an outstanding job of keeping runners abreast of the heat situation via messaging and posting. Having run the full marathon a few years ago, albeit with a black eye, I can’t tell you enough how much I love this race. I’d run it every year. They do a great job. Besides, I love Burlington. And it’s vibe…and craft beer….and tacos…..and did I say beer?

A photo posted by Colby (@runcolbyrun) on May 28, 2016 at 3:17pm PDT


So. Back to the WBGT. The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature is a composite temperature determined by measuring ambient air temp, humidity, wind and solar radiation on humans.  It’s used by athletes and even the military, to determine a person’s exposure level to high temperature. On Sunday, the WBGT exceeded 82 at 3 consecutive readings along the course. Because of this, officials were forced to halt the marathon due to the extreme heat. Tough choice? You bet. But I believe it was a smart, responsible one made by the Race Director and folks at Run Vermont. Would I have thrown myself into Lake Champlain if I was this close to finishing and it stopped? You bet.

I would have had such conflicted emotions. That’s a lot of training and sacrifice lost. Such time and effort. But let’s be honest, even in the most perfect training conditions, anything can happen on race day. With regard to the weather, it’s a total crap shoot.  I’m not sure who was going to bust out a personal best in extreme temperatures in light of the complete lack of extreme temperatures in the week’s leading up to the race. At least in this part of the country. Other than an 80 degree shake out run the day before, I hadn’t run seriously in the heat since last summer. Expectations definitely needed to be tempered. Or, completely thrown out the window. Among the runners I chatted with, they certainly had altered their goals. I know I had. It was so unfortunate for them. I would have been devastated if I were running the full. No doubt. But at the end of the day, it was the right thing to do. They called off the race at roughly the 4 hour mark. My heart breaks for all those who didn’t finish. Darlin’ Rae especially. I feel you, Girl.😦

And me? My race was a hot mess. Literally and figuratively. I am happy to say I finished with my all-time slowest half marathon time, chafing in places that will go unnamed and 2 serious heart palpitations that made me stop in my tracks and walk. What. The. F*ck. And I was salted, trained, hydrated and Skratch Lab’d up.  See why I think it was smart to stop it?  That’s scary stuff. Fortunately, I was absolutely fine. I was just overheating and overexerting myself like 1000s of runner’s that day. I am also happy to report that my running partner and I finished in under 4 hours. Right before the Black Flag unfurled. We were lucky. I’m proud of our run. I’m even more proud of the gracious Vermonters who stood out in that heat and cheered, hosed, iced, Popsicled and orange sliced their way into this hot runner’s heart. Thank you! It was a tough choice, but a safe one. One hot run does not a bad race make.  Run Vermont. I know I’ll be back.🙂

A photo posted by Colby (@runcolbyrun) on May 29, 2016 at 1:24pm PDT


Have you ever run a race that was stopped due to weather? How would you have reacted? Hot weather runner or cold weather runner? GO!