3 Day Juice Cleanse: Homestretch!


I’m so close to the end I can taste it. And it doesn’t take like Green Juice. It tastes like pure joy. I’m not gonna lie. Day 2 of this 3 Day Juice Cleanse  was rough. Talk about peaks and valleys. I was a mid-day mess. I may have even gotten a little snappy or, hangry as the kids say. Late afternoon yesterday was the low point. Hungry and just plain pooped. But then things shifted inexplicably and I started to feel much, much better as the day went on. Energized even.


Me. 3:17pm yesterday.

I am moving on along though, the end CLEARLY in sight. Which brings me to my next point, clarity.  I don’t know if it’s the caloric reduction, the lack of caffeine or what, but I seem to have crazy focus. I also feel a little bit like a fog has lifted. Maybe not fog. Maybe film. I had felt like everything lately- mind included- had been dulled. Like covered in a film. I felt sharper last night and super focused. It was odd. Of course maybe it was just the Herculean willpower I displayed last night, cooking My Other Half dinner. WHICH I DIDN’T EAT. What kind of complete and utter shit is that? I must realllllly love him. I feel like I can hang this over his head a bit. I feel a “Remember that time I was doing a cleanse and was starving and STILL made you dinner like it was 1954 and I was in the kitchen in kitten heels and a cute apron COOKING FOR MY MAN?!?!?!” in my immediate future. I survived though. And he enjoyed supper.



Last day, Poodles. I’m curious to see if the increased energy/clarity or whatever I’m experiencing hangs through today now that the hump of Day 2 is over. I’m also curious to look around the interwebs and see if people report feeling this way. And of course if there is any scientific proof of it- because I’m a science dork at my very core. Whether it is real or simply perceived doesn’t matter. I feel it. So I’m goin’ with it! 🙂

Have you ever done a fast? Have you ever done a cleanse? Who makes dinner at your house? 


9 thoughts on “3 Day Juice Cleanse: Homestretch!

    • Oh, Gurl. I had no idea! Well, for shitty diets you’re both flippin’ fast! Here’s the thing. I love to cook. I’ve also been told I’m pretty good at it. I mean, I had two Italian grandmothers and my mom cook’s like a BOSS so it’s kinda in my blood. BUT, when we both stopped eating all meat (we do eat fish), I had to really get my shit together and teach this old dog some new tricks. So I guess what I’m getting at is it is totally possible to learn. It’s just far more convenient to not! At least for SOMEONE I know who lives with me and shall remain unnamed!

      • LOL! Yes, the convenience factor is big. Someone else who lives here also likes the convenience of eating out so that doesn’t help. I always wonder how much a change of diet would help with my running but that’s honestly the ONLY area of my life where I lack commitment/discipline. Anything else you tell me to do, I’ll get it together. But eating healthier, nope. With this BQ business, I’ve even contemplated a nutritionist or food delivery service LOL

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