Today’s Lesson: You gotta run fast, to get fast.

If this were a year ago and I called and told you I was done with a lactate threshold track workout totaling 9 miles on a HUMID AF summer day by 8AM you would have thought I was clearly pullin’ your leg. Like, hard. Up and out the door by Ass Crack O’Clock with coffee no less? To THE TRACK?  No way. No how. No never.

Oh, but wait….



I swear to you. I don’t even know who I am anymore. All of this shape shifting started about a month ago when I hired a Coach and got back to blogging. Since then, I have been diligently logging my prescribed miles, interacting with my Coach and sweating my face off. Humid summer runner I am not. But I need to be. STAT. Today was Track Tuesday. It’s been mega humid here in New England. Saturday’s long run was the worst 15 miles I have run in a decade. I’m not even exaggerating. Slowest run in 10 years. I can’t even believe how bad it was. “Long and Hilly, Colby!” did not bode well for me with 90% humidity and 83 degrees. That was at 6:30am. So much for early. I died a thousand deaths. And promptly sweated out every ounce of confidence I had in me. I hate when that happens. As I was reminded today, confidence and positivity training is just as important as physical training.

Track Tuesday

My Local Track, aka The Surface of the Sun.

After Saturday’s cluster fuck unfortunate run, I began self-sabotaging. You know, looking ahead to my workouts and straight up panicking at the paces and distances whilst weather stalking? THAT’S NOT PRODUCTIVE, COLBY. Not even a bit. So today rolled around and I told myself that I was not going to let a little humidity thwart me. So what I’m suffocating? I CAN run fast. And I WILL run fast. Dammit.

Today was a lactate threshold run which simplistically speaking means you hold a faster pace for a longer time, multiple times with a short recovery, then repeat it. I mean, that’s why we train for a marathon in the first place – run faster, longer. Once you’ve built your running base, lactate threshold training is the key to getting faster – at least according to Running Yoda’s Everywhere. Pushing yourself and maintaining a semi-uncomfortable pace with a short recovery then doing it all again. In my case, I ran 8 x 1k’s with a 90 second recovery. When your body produces more lactate then it can utilize and you’ve created more waste products than you are able to clear –  BINGO! – you’ve hit your lactate threshold. It’s a tipping point. Going beyond your lactate threshold makes your legs super tired, super fast. The goal here is to train them not to, to put it off as long as possible. Toe that line. Improve your lactate threshold and improve your tipping point.  So off I went, totally effen intimidated.

Stay in the Fight!

Here’s what I learned this hot, humid Track Tuesday. And, Dear Reader, I feel compelled to share these pearls of wisdom with YOU! #LuckyDuck

  • You can convince yourself that you are NOT imploding from the heat by visualizing yourself making snow angels in the buff instead of running circles on the surface of the sun. Just stop obsessing about it. It’s hot. Get over it. You can do this without melting. I promise.
  • Running fast is hard. It’s supposed to hurt. You’re supposed to want to give up. BUT DON’T. Stay in the fight! I yelled that out loud multiple times. Like a maniac.
  • Don’t be intimidated. It’s circles on a track. Figure out how to program a workout on your Garmin, and GO. Make it mindless. Stop thinking so much. Don’t be scared. Just run. For f*ck’s sake Colby, JUST RUN.

And the most important thing I learned today?

  • I am faster than I think. I need to tell myself that every day. And I’d better start goddamn believing it.



Do you self-sabotage? Are you a hazy hot running rock star? Do you yell at yourself out loud while running?  Do you get intimidated by track workouts? 



When is it time to hire a coach? Answer: NOW!

So I did a thing a few weeks ago. I hired a coach. WHHHAAATTT??? I know.  I don’t even know who I am anymore. What prompted this very Adult-Runner decision was running yet another marathon –  and missing my mark. I ran Sugarloaf Marathon in Maine several weeks ago and while I didn’t have a horrible race, I did fall short of my goal. As per recent years, I trained using my beloved Hanson’s Marathon Method which kicks your ass, then hands it to you in a fatigued, sweaty heap.  You’re exhausted, but you are ready. Hanson’s is tough. As I know from experience, it’s quasi-unorthodox method works for me. At least it had until it didn’t. My training block went well this time around with Hanson’s.  I believe I only missed 2 runs due to minor injury,  but after reflecting on Sugarloaf, I felt like my training was missing something.  I ran the miles. I hit the paces. I checked off the boxes as I had in the past. I even had some really excellent tempo runs. But, it seemed like something was off. Did I have Hanson’s Fatigue? Was my body getting too used to this type of training?  Did I need something different to mix it up? My running needed SOMETHING more. *cue hiring Coach*

There are a million reasons why you fall short of reaching your goal. Physical, psychological, mother nature, the course, your stomach, your ankle, the stars not aligning properly, not wearing you’re lucky ponytail holder…..the list goes on, real or perceived. No matter how many marathons you’ve run, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. For me, after many cycles with Hanson’s, religiously following their sadistic program,  I felt like it was time for a change. Don’t get me wrong, Hanson’s got me all the way to Boston. It works, but now I feel like I’ve plateaued. It’s not you Hanson’s, it’s me.

its not you its me

Here’s the short list of why I hired a coach. Again, in the interest of full disclosure. I’m not some super-certified running guru. I’m just a girl with a blog who loves lobster rolls, IPAs and running. (A lot.) I’m also a girl who has goals. It’s been almost 2 weeks with my new coach and here’s why I’m loving my decision already.

  • Accountability. I never really had a tough time being held accountable. I documented my running exploits often on this little blog.  I put it out there. But something about having a Running Table for Two makes the accountability even more real. It’s keeping me honest and completely on-task. My Garmin uploads directly to the training app we use the moment I hit save. I can count on feedback within the hour. It’s magical.
  • Interaction. This is key. Having someone to really talk to about your runs, how you’re feeling and where you’re at is something I am finding invaluable. For instance, I had a horrible cold last week. Previously I would have just plowed on through. It’s on the schedule, therefore I must run in spite of this hacking cough! Let’s be honest, we runners are terrible patients. With my coach, he adjusted my workout based on my need. As a result, I had a much better speed workout because I was rested. Who knew? (I’m laughing. We all know. We just don’t do it. Until someone we respect tells us to. Directly.)
  • Fit. If you are going to choose a coach, make sure it’s the right coach for you. I spoke with several of of my coach’s clients – super fast, fast and downright normal runners – and got feedback from each one. Pluses, minuses, likes, dislikes, whether or not they improved- anything I could think of.  Usually coaches have options available.  Whether they put together an individual plan for you or have one on one coaching with feedback – there are usually multiple plans to choose from ranging in  the amount of interaction and cost to fit your budget.
  • Variability. I am digging the variability in the workouts! I mean, it’s running. You run. How fun can it be? OH BUT WAIT, POODLE! It really can be fun!  Mixing up speeds, times, distances, surges, intervals- it’s not just the same old same old. In order to get fast, you need to run fast. And I ‘m learning that there are MANY ways to do so. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
  • Permission. Here’s a surprising one. Like I mentioned before, I was sick all week. I had a full running week as well as a 50 mile bike ride on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. My coach messaged me and wished me luck for Saturday’s ride then added – let’s see how you feel for Sunday. I’d rather have you get some extra rest. I don’t want this cough to linger. So instead of running long, I ran easy and short, just enough to shake out the legs. It may sound silly, but if I’m going to follow a plan, I FOLLOW THE PLAN. I spent 13 years in Catholic school. Discipline and guilt run strong up in here. I wasn’t slacking. I was sick and resting. I’m sure we can do a full on psychoanalysis of this another time,  but being given permission to sit on the couch and catch up on Real Housewives instead of slogging through a run just to get the miles in, meant an awful lot to me. It was a stress lifted. Permission granted and accepted.
  • Motivation. I have been more inspired to run in the past several weeks than I have in a very long time. I attribute that to the decision to hire a coach. It’s new. It’s fresh. And I am excited! Running was starting to feel like a chore for me. It was sapping the fun out of it. Even though you have big goals and are serious about what you’re doing, doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable doing it. Just keep that in mind. 🙂

Have you thought about hiring a coach? Do you have one? Are you one?! What would you look for in hiring a coach? Do you love lobster rolls as much as I do? 

Weekly Running Recap: 10 Weeks of Hansons!

I’m runnin’ down the back side to Boston, Poodles! How bah dah? Ten weeks of training with Hansons Marathon Method down, 8 weeks to go. I have officially turned the page. I am also officially pretty damn tired. That may have had more to do with the sinus and double ear infections I was diagnosed with last week, but there you go. What a mess. (Note: The next time you are seated next to a screaming crying baby on a plane who is tugging her little ears, cut Baby Girl some slack. Ear infections suck. Like, bad. #IFeelYouBabyGirl) If we can recall from last week’s training recap, I was feeling super under the weather. In fact I trimmed my freezing cold snowy run down from 15 miles to 10 last week because I could neither stop coughing nor hear a goddamn thing. Broken rib or chiseled abs? It was a coughing toss up. Despite my affliction, I still managed to get in a solid week of running whilst on antibiotics. I know. I don’t reccommend it. But here’s how it went.

Monday: Elliptical, 45 mintues. Woke up. Dragged my coughing, clogged head to the gym. Attempted to run. No bueno. My teeth felt like they were falling out. Ellipticaled instead. Dumb? YES. However, I did leave the gym and march directly into my doctor’s office. I left with multiple prescriptions, double ear infections and a sinus infection for good measure. I haven’t had an ear infection since I was 4 years old. I’ll take kid diseases for $400, Alex. That seems to be the thing with me lately. Kid diseases. *sigh*phoebe

Tuesday: Easy Run. 3 miles. 9:05 pace. Why? Because although I couldn’t hear, I felt better. Should I have stayed home in my comfy lil’ fleece nest cuddling with Drunk Otis and My Other Half on Valentine’s Day? Yes. But I couldn’t. Because Boston. I’m training. And I’m a stubborn Italian who can NOT sit still if she’s feeling better. Somewhere Little Gram is smacking me upside my head. With a dish towel.

Wednesday: Intervals, 3 x 1600, 600m recovery, 7:25 pace. 7 miles total. Holy torrent of snot. Seriously. I have never had such a runny nose in my life. I thought my nose was going to fall off Walking Dead style. Ugly. I was an ugly mess. But it was done.


Not bad for a stop light sunset.

Thursday: Easy Run. 7 miles total, 9:15 pace. Less snot. Less coughing. More antibioitics. Not bad, Colby.

Friday: Tempo Run. 8 miles at marathon pace, 8:35. 10 miles total. YAHOOOOOO! What a difference meds make! Felt good. I honestly did. And as my Tempo Run Reward. THIS. Behold! The elusive Pliny the Elder! Cheers! And cheers again. Pliny, the beer equivalent of finding an East Coast Unicorn, did not disappoint. De-lish.


Oh, Hey Pliny!

Saturday: Easy Run. 8 miles total. 9:15 pace.  For me, the run following the tempo run is the worst. My legs are usually half dead. Which is why I have taken to rolling the hell out of them which helps tremendously. What a gogeous day! It was spring like! Gone was the snot and much of the snow. Nothing but mild temps and a new dope running hat from Janji by Ciele Athletics. That’s a collaboration made in heaven. Hat on point!img_8587

Sunday: Long Run. 15 miles total. 9:28 pace. As promised, this was my do-over run from the previous week. The last 3 miles were a bit of a struggle but it was so nice out and there were so many birds chriping that it didn’t even matter to me. Happy Sunday!

I must admit, considering how the week started and knowing how much I despise having to juggle around my schedule, I was pretty damn proud of myself. The week ended on a high note. Of that I am certain. It’s getting closer by the mile. And I’m so excited I can scream. I’m feeling like my substance runs (Intervals and Tempo Run) are really coming together. Next week my Intervals switch from speed to strength which is a BEAST for me. It’s at a slightly slower clip than speed intervals, but with more total miles. The goal now that I am no longer infectious, is to stay that way. To sound sleeps, rolled muscles and healthy weeks ahead!

  • Total number of miles run: 50 miles
  • Number of minutes spent on an Elliptical feeling like a zombie under water: 45 minutes
  • Boxes of Kleenex used: 4. I am not kidding. FOUR BOXES. 

Do you do stupid things like run while on antibiotics or drink tough to obtain IPAs while taking them?  When is the last time you had an ear infection? How has the weather been in your neighborhood? 


Drunk Otis, Editor.

The Weekly Running Recap. Blizzard Edition. 

Welp. It only took until February for Old Man Winter to rear his frozen crusty ass. And boy did he. We essentially got a 1-2-3 punch. Right in the kisser, the chin and the kidney. Which, due to onset of said blizzard, had me missing my scheduled run! GASP! True story. Listen. I’m nuts. But not nuts enough to run in high winds, driving snow and- wait for it– THUNDER. Yup. Thundersnow. That’s a real damn thing. And it happened. I heard it. And promptly went back to bed. Of course, the day before the Thundersnow, it was 60 degrees. And of course, it was my Rest Day. I know. Piss poor planning, Colby. Funny how that happens.

Nevertheless, here’s what else happened during Week 9 of Hansons Marathon Method!

In case you’ve forgotten (because I sure as shit haven’t), here are my paces:

  • Marathon Goal: 3:45
  • Marathon Pace: 8:35
  • Easy Run Pace: 9:35 to 10:35
  • Interval Pace: 7:35
  • Tempo Run Pace: 8:35

Monday: Easy Run. 9:19 pace. 7 miles total. In all, not a bad run. I was coming off of a very sore ankle from my Adventures in Vermont and was pleasantly surprised my ankle held up. As a reward, I took her out for froyo.

Tuesday: Intervals. 6×800, 400m recovery. 7:35 pace. 7 miles total with warm up and recovery. Not bad. I don’t want to say that they’re getting “easy” but I’m definitely recovering better. Pretty soon my speed intervals turn to strength intervals and that’s when I rock in the corner. Strength sessions fine tune you for marathon specific adaptations- lacatate clearance, lactate tolerance, improved endurance and improved 02 delivery, among other things.

Wednesday: Rest Day. Yes, it was 60 degrees. Yes, I went out and drank a couple of lovely IPAs called ‘Sip of Sunshine’ in honor of the temps. Yes, I thought about running my Tempo Run instead of tomorrow. But I just couldn’t. I was pooped. No way was I running two super hard workouts back to back again. Hard. Stop.

Thursday: Snowthunder. Total miles 0. Total inches of snow 14.  Instead I did a killer HIIT workout in my living room with My Other Half. I nearly died. I crawled around on the kitchen floor afterwards looking for tools to craft a home made defibrillator while he repeated the workout. LIKE IT WAS NOTHING.  Poodles, I’m in decent shape right now.  He is in other world shape. Little shit. If I didn’t love him, I’d hate him.❤

Friday: Tempo Run. 8 miles at 8:35, 10 miles total. On a damn treadmill. Which, I might add made me sick. {Spoiler Alert!} I swear. Happens every year. Every damn time I spend time in that petri dish of a gym, I wind up with some infectious disease.

Saturday: Icy, snowy Easy Run. 8 miles total. Cold. Miserable. With a very tired, almost sick face.

Tired face.

Sunday: Easy Run, 10 miles, 9:35 pace. I contemplated running my scheduled long run which was 15 miles but with driving snow and a miserable cough, I decided to go for as long as I felt like. I’ll re-do my long run this Sunday. Hopefully without issue. It was such a weird week with all the snow and ice and rearranging. Despite that, it wasn’t that bad of a week running-wise. Sometimes you get what you get, and you don’t get upset. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 😊

  • Total number of miles run: 42
  • Number of minutes spent on the kitchen floor, gasping for air post HIIT workout: 6
  • Total inches of snowfall all week: 17 give or take.

Are you good for one doozy of a cold per year, or a bunch of annoying small episodes- How often do you get sick in winter?  When do you stop- fever, antibiotics, broken bones?!

A Fortnight of Forgotten Runs

Fourteen Runs. Two entire weeks of training- poof!– done in a few shakes of Drunk Otis’ tail. Training for Boston with Hansons Marathon Method is flying by. Or maybe I just black out every week and forget the agony. Yeah. That’s it. Repression at its finest. That also means I’m behind 2 weeks of blogging, Poodles. I’m quitting the small talk. WHAT?!! And hopping straight to it. We’ve got miles to cover!

Monday: Easy run.7 miles total. 9:12 pace in sunny Florida! When we last we spoke, I was recovering from a bout of amoebic dysentery. Or, a stomach bug. Same diff. This was my first real run post gut issue. I felt great. Couldn’t possibly have been the view? Nah.

All runs are better along the sweet blue sea.❤️

Tuesday: Rest Day. Flight from 84 degree weather to 24 degree weather. I had to flip flop my scheduled rest day. Which meant the rest of the week would be chock full o’ pain.

Wednesday: Intervals. 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400, 400m recovery, 7:34. Warm up/recovery. 9 miles total. This is a tough one. I’d like to call it the Ladder of Pain. And Suffering. And All Things Unpleasant. I did it though. So at least there’s a little bit of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy, painful, cold, Not Florida day.

Thursday: Easy Run. 7 miles. 9:21. Here’s where things get hairy. Usually, there is a rest day between Intervals and The Dreaded Tempo Run. Because I had to shift my Rest Day to Tuesday, I was going into a new cycle sans rest. Remember, Easy Runs don’t seem so easy on tuckered legs. They stink.

Friday: Tempo Run. 7 miles at 8:34, 9.5 miles total with warm up and cool down. *cue choir of angels* YES!  Shock of all shocks, I felt great. And here I thought It was going to be hairy. Success! I rewarded myself with 2 beers. Cheers!

Take THAT Tempo Run!

Saturday: Easy Run. 8 miles total at 9:18. Not gonna lie. I was pooped. And it was cold. Really cold.

Sunday: Long Run. 14 miles total at 9:29. Nice and steady. Cold and windy. Money in the bank. Cha-Ching.

Monday: Easy Run. 6 miles total at 9:18. Rest Day? Where are you? Little did I know that I would have to flip-flop ANOTHER WEEK OF TRAINING because of work, weather and a gym that closed early. A “dusting” turned into 4 inches of snow and ice. Thanks, Mother Nature. You rat.

Tuesday: Welp. I got my Rest Day a day early. Which was fine. Except now I’d have to run another hard week. But then again, what else is new? It’s Hansons. Welcome to the Sufferfest.

Wednesday: Intervals. 3 x 1600, 600m recovery at 7:37. 6.5 miles total with warm up/recovery. These sucked the life out of me. Mostly because I drank the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of water all day. Not. Good. Tip: Just because it’s cold and icy out, you still need to hydrate. Preferably with Skratch Labs. I also found out I am a 2017 Taste Agent! See…Pop-Up Interval Day wasn’t all that bad after all. Good things happen to those who are dehydrated and exhausted. They drink Skratch Labs. 

Thursday: Tempo Run. 7 miles at 8:35. 9 miles total with warm up/cool down. Awful. And after my previous killer Tempo Run, so stinking disappointing. That’s what happens when you do two “SOS” runs back to back. (Something of Substance in Hanson’s speak.)  Which by the way, you shouldn’t do. There’s usually a rest day between them. This was a 1-2 punch. Tip: Don’t do this. You will be disappointed and beat yourself up. Especially if you do it on the soul-sucking treadmill.

Friday: Easy Run. 6 miles at 9:15 with Drunk Otis! He loves easy run days. He also loves Vermont which is where I headed after this run.

Hey, Lady. Get out of the car. We’re running.

Saturday: Easy Run. 10 miles at 9:18 in lovely, bitter cold Vermont! Beautiful run. Beautiful part of the country.

I ❤️my new Atlas snow shoes.

This run was followed by a 5 mile snow shoe hike with our Partners in Adventuring and Beer Drinking, Anthony and Carly. So much fun with great friends. Happiness abounds! And exhaustion.  But, whatevs.

Vermont trail porn.

Sunday: 3 mile hike in Vermont. 45 minute spin. Why no run? Because my ankle was not happy post snow shoe adventure. Girlfriend was super sore. In the spirit of listening to thy body and after consulting with my Partner in Adventuring and Beer who is a health care professional, we decided that ice and Advil would be better for the long term. Better to miss a run now, then be injured later. And in deference to my pin-containing ankle with limited mobility and lotsa issues, that’s what I did. But I didn’t like it. Not one bit.  I also obsessed about missing a scheduled run, resulting in my friend, Carly giving me a “Bitch, you cray. Chill.” talking to. Thanks, Girl. Thanks. I needed that. 


Total number of miles run in 2 weeks: 92. Damn. That’s a lot.
Number of miles hiked +/- snow shoes: 8 miles. 5 of which were up-up-uphill in said shoes.
Minutes I spun on my trainer because I bought I hadn’t run enough: 45.  

Do you obsess about missed runs due to injury as much as I do? Have you ever run or hiked in snow shoes? 

The Weekly Running Recap. This is NOT a test. 

If I had to grade myself on this Week’s Hansons Marathon Training with Colby, I’d give myself a big, fat “C.”  Welcome to Medicore Ville, can I take your sub par order?kim-kardashian-on-giphy

Gah. It was like I studied all damn semester, popped a Red Bull and crammed for the test, only to bomb it. I still ran ALL THE MILES. I even nailed my pace during The Dreaded Tempo Run. But Intervals? Fail. I bombed that test. It certainly wasn’t The Final. That’s Boston. So what was it? A quiz? A mere 5% of my grade? So, why did I beat myself up about it all week then?

I tend to think about marathon training like a series of tests, which you study for allllll effen semester, each one building on what you’ve learned and retained all semester long. The final of course, is cumulative. This week I had a bad session of intervals. A bad stomach (I’m looking at YOU New England clam chowder), a busy, screwed up day and the wrong workout entirely contributed to my “failure.” It was a Trifecta of Suck. I was convinced my GPA had plummeted.  I was bummed. After a series of panicky  texts to Tina, my BFF, she said something that calmed me.

Boom. There it was. Training. It’s training. And it was rough. And I didn’t fail. Why? Because my BFF told me so. That’s why. Calm, plainly and oh so, pointedly. And she’s right. I put so much pressure on myself. Unnecessary pressure. It’s not an Organic Chem final. Or the goddamn SATs. It’s one workout. Chill. Out. Sometimes I think I need to train my mind, more than my legs. Does Hansons make a training guide for that? I’m a hot mess.  Let’s get on with the running…

Monday: Easy Run,  6 miles. Pace, 9:15. Yawn. Not a great run. Not a bad run. It was just “Meh.” And it was on a treadmill. And my sports bra bit me. See? I should have just stayed in bed all week. 

Tuesday: Intervals, 7 miles total. 4 X 1200m, 400m recovery, warm up/cool down. 7:35 pace for two, then it went to shit. Literally and figuratively. I am blaming this on the chowder. Nothing like a hot, heavy cream and clam based soup prior to make you SPRINT to the loo. Bad. All bad. It was even the wrong work out. It was supposed to be 5 X 1000m. Goofed all around. But it’s training right? I will say that I did cover the miles. So there’s that. 

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY. 0, miles. Zero chowder. 

Just stick a clam in his hand and its me.

Thursday: Tempo Run, 8 miles total. 6 miles at 8:35, warm up/cool down. Even though this was a strong run, I was still bummed about my Intervals. I know. Build a bridge, Colby. And get the hell over it. 

Friday: Easy Run, 7 miles. Pace, 9:17. My legs felt like sausages, but otherwise it was good. It was really good for Drunk Otis. He got a new baby! 

Meet, Baby. He hasn’t put it down yet.

Saturday: Easy run, 6 miles. Pace, 9:20. Run, hair cut & color and a Surprise Birthday Party for one of my oldest and dearest friends. Such a great day! Jonna is the friend you could not see for 5 years then get together and not miss a beat. That’s my Jonny. I adore her. And cherish our decades long friendship. 

Sunday: Long run, 12 miles. Pace, 9:22. Cold, icy and moderately hung over, this run was beautiful. 


Total number of miles run: 46 miles
Number of bowls of New England Clam Chowder consumed: 1 too many
Times I doubted myself: 100

How do you deal with a “failed” workout? Do you beat yourself up about it all week or just suck it up? New England, Manhattan or Rhode Island clam chowdah? Go! 

Running, Celebrating and Settling In…

The final miles of 2016. 😊

Well roll my quads and call me Baby New Year! Happy 2017, Poodles! Finally. Next chapter. Page turned. A fresh clean slate. Ahhhh!  I love it. I love that ambitious feeling of I CAN DO ANYTHING! that accompanies each New Year. Of course, that’s after the hangover has worn off and you locate your missing winter running glove which you pad around looking for every damn day. I’m looking at YOU Drunk Otis Brown.

What? Me?!?! I only eat socks.

New Year’s Eve was lovely. Me, My Other Half, Thai food, friends and plenty o’ champagne. Perfection. Oh and running. There was plenty of running. In fact, I really feel as if I’m settling in to the miles nicely. It’s strange. Perhaps it’s because I started with a decent level of fitness after running the Marine Corps Marathon? Or, perhaps it’s because of all the HIIT workouts, lifting and stair milling prior to starting Hansons Marathon Method? It’s probably a bit of both. I’m also trying to get a solid night’s sleep each night. That’s definitely helping. Lord knows it’s not because I’ve been laying off the sauce. Colby needs a detox. Clearly. Here’s how Week 3 of Hansons went!

Marathon Goal: 3:45
Marathon Pace: 8:35
Easy Run Pace: 9:35 to 10:35
Interval Pace: 7:35
Tempo Run Pace: 8:35

Monday: Easy Run, 8 miles. Pace, 9:42. This was making up for Senior Skip Day on Christmas. After eating and drinking, and eating some more, this run was a bloated mess. There must be some bizarro time warp that happens between Christmas and New Year’s.  I swear, each year I lose all concept of space and time.

Tuesday: Intervals, 8x600m, 400m recovery. Pace, 7:32. With warm up and cool down, 7 miles total. YES! These felt good! Probably because I actually drank WATER and got a decent night’s sleep. Imagine? Huh. Who knew?

Wednesday: This was supposed to be a rest day but because I decided to make Sunday my rest day, I ran. Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace, 9:59. Hey, I didn’t say it was pretty. But I did get it done. Besides, Thursday’s are for Tempo Runs beginning at Week 3. And that’s what scares me. The Dreaded Tempo Run. That’s where the magic happens.

Thursday: Tempo Run, 6 miles at 8:35. With warm up/cool down 8 miles total. Why do the Tempo Runs on Hansons terrify me? Because they’re truly the dress rehearsal for the marathon. That’s what they’re designed for. They are run at your goal marathon pace. Which also means that if you’re not sustaining your goal pace during these runs, perhaps Girlfriend should adjust her goal. However, one bad tempo run does not mean throw the baby out with the bathwater, the tub and the rubber duckie, but if you’re struggling to maintain the pace, you may want to adjust. There are tons of benefits of the Dreaded Tempo Run on this program- training your legs and internalizing marathon pace is key as is improving running economy at goal pace and improving endurance. This week? My tempo run was on point! And so became my confidence. #winner

Friday: Easy Run, 7 miles. Pace, 9:08. What a difference a day makes! I think it was the Tempo Run. Or my new found confidence. Either way, I’ll take it.

Saturday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace, 9:13. The last run of 2016! Always my favorite run of the year. Quiet and contemplative, this run always makes me smile. To health! To happiness! To moving forward and never looking back! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday: Long Run, 10 miles. Pace, 9:32. This run was brought to you by the letter “H” for Hungover.Thank you SkratchLabs for keeping me together. I know, I did it to myself.

Total Number of Miles Run: 52
Number of hours spent dreading Tempo Run: 24
Number of times I blamed Drunk Otis for taking my shit: 6

What did you do for New Year’s Eve- Stay In or RAGE? Do you savor your last run of the year? Am I the only one who is a blown out mess? 

Running with The 7 Fishes

Ho, ho, ho, Poodles! Week 2 of Hansons Boston Marathon Training with Colby began with a very chilly wet run and ended with Santa, gallons of wine and a traditional Italian Christmas Eve Feast with The Fam. No shock that Christmas Day was spent hung over in jammies.  But as they say, ‘Tis the Season. Here’s how Week 2 shook out. 

Marathon Goal: 3:45 
Marathon Pace: 8:35

Monday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace: 9:18. Nothing remarkable about this run except for the fact that I desperately needed to finish my Christmas shopping and I obsessed about it the entire time. Then I went to work and these glorious donuts appeared. Seriously. They were off the chain. Who needs presents anyways? 

Donut Crazy.

Tuesday: Intervals! 12 X 400m, 400m recovery. 1 mile warm up/cool down. 8 miles total. Pace: 7:35. I did these bad boys on the goddamn treadmill. It happens. I did feel good though. Even though I swear I was covered in bacteria. The guy next to me was a Petri dish. Ick. 

Wednesday: Rest Day!!!! Which turned into a marathon of shopping. I banged those gifts out in no time. CHRISTMAS COMPLETE! 

Thursday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace: 9:37. I know. It seems weird that my easy run pace is “slow-er.” On Hansons, it’s actually a range. My marathon goal pace is 8:35. ATH ( according to Hansons), easy runs should be paced 1-2 minutes SLOWER than marathon pace. So for me it’s 9:35 to 10:35. You don’t want to run so slow that you break down tendon and bone without aerobic benefits, but easy runs are super helpful. They’re not “junk miles.” One goal of the easy run is to tune your slow-twitch muscles to utilize fat for energy. The longer you burn fat instead of carbs, the longer it takes for you to hit The Wall. Ain’t nobody got time for that, so slow I will go. 

Friday: Easy Run, 5 miles. Pace: Who knows. I trail ran with my running partner in crime, Drunk Otis Brown. He needed to get out of the house lest he shatter every ornament on the tree. So trail run we did. It was great. I was supposed to run 6, but I forgot my Garmin. *Sigh*

Drunk Otis Brown, Trail Guide.

Saturday: Easy Run, 6 miles. Pace: 9:46. In the pouring, freezing, rain. I was mega miserable. Until I remembered that it was THE MOST WONDERFUL NIGHT OF THE YEAR! Christmas Eve! If you’re an Italian like me, that means you eat fish X 7 and drink gallons of wine. You also laugh your ass of with family. I adore my family. And you discover Snap Chat with your nieces and they laugh at just how excited you are. ​#latetotheparty

Sunday: Christmas Day aka Hung Over Blown Out Rest Day. Hey, it happens. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, POODLES!!!!! I hope your holiday was filled with lots of love and laughter! 

Total number of miles run: 31
Number of types of fish consumed on Christmas Eve: 7
Number of eyerolls given to me by my nieces regarding Snap Chat: 18

Do you have any Holiday Traditions? Do you strategically place rest days on holidays? Does Snap Chat crack you up? 

And so it begins…

Boston Marathon training officially kicks off this week, Poodles! {Cue hysteria.} Week 1 of 18. I am stoked beyond words. Fasten your 5-point harness. I’m blogging this magical journey! And I’m apologizing in advance for the profanities, saltiness and utter ridiculousness of my upcoming posts. I’m keeping it real. I’m going to be exhausted, discouraged, elated and thrilled all at once. Bear with me. That’s the Joy that is Hanson’s Marathon Method. 

I got to this point in my running with Hansons Method, qualifying for Boston at Baystate Marathon with the run of my life (HERE). I can’t quit you, Hansons.  Not now. There’s still work to be done. There’s a level of accountability that comes with blogging which far surpasses me blathering on about running to my poor friends and Drunk Otis. Christ, my mother doesn’t even like to DRIVE 26.2 miles, let alone run them or even hear about me running them. Accountability, Friends. I need it. And these posts are providing it. Like it or not, it’s gonna be a long sweaty frozen road. I’ve got a goal.  

My marathon goal is 3:45.  

There.  I said it. 3:45. And although my heart just felt like it fell out of my chest, It’s ON. I’m ready to give this everything I’ve got. A friend recently gave me some sage advice.

Train for Boston as if you never know when it will happen again

-Running Yoda

That’s sticking with me. Like Gorilla Glue. 

Today wasn’t officially a training run. That insanity starts on Wednesday. Why Hump Day? No clue. All I know is that today I ran 5 miles on the god forsaken treadmill. I sweated to death, came home, peeled my tights off to hop in the shower and found two dryer sheets stuck to my ass. 

And here we go…

Ermahgerd is right. Let the games begin. 😄

Do you find it helpful to blog or journal about your training?  What’s your 2017 Running Goal? Have you ever left the house covered in dryer sheets? 

While visions of unicorns, danced in her head…

Reality Check: Marathon Monday is in 19 Weeks. 

Reality Check Number 2: The party is about to be over.

I’ve got 7 days. So repeat after me.  Put down the IPA, Colby. Pick up your beloved Hansons Marathon Method. This will become your Bible. You will not complain about running in freezing temps.  You will lay off the suds. You will eat copious amounts of spinach and leafy greens. You will make sleep a priority. You will cross train. You will work your goddamn core. You’ve got one week before you start training to run the race of your dreams.  You waited your whole life for this- DON’T SCREW AROUND. 

*puts on game face*

Right after my game face was firmly planted, I randomly burst into tears. Yup. Totally true. While running intervals tonight it really sunk in- It was time to start training. Official Training starts next Monday. In one week. So like a total Crazy Pants, I sobbed.  Not because I was dreading training. Not because I was overjoyed. I cried because I was overwhelmed. I was beside myself. I’m training to run THE Boston Marathon. I can’t even wrap my head around it. Still! It’s a dream. The enormity of Boston. I never thought I’d ever run it. I never thought I would earn that BQ. It’s so damn big. 

So tonight, like I do every single time since I started this Boston Marathon journey, I visualized myself turning onto Boylston as I ran. I tried to imagine how I would feel so close to the finish. I visualized every breath, every stride. I allowed my imaginary feeling to sink in.  Such hallowed ground. I imagined myself seeing that finish line. I am Boston Strong. It moves me every time I visualize it. I finished my run, and headed home to find a package from my very best friend, Tina. What a nice surprise. She always knows exactly the right words to say at the exact right time. That’s a true Best Friend. If you find one good friend in life you are lucky. Me? I Found Tina. That means I hit the jackpot.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m taking my pillow to bed. I’ve got some dreaming to do. Thanks, T! Muahhhh!


Are you kicking off training for a Spring Marathon soon? Do you practice visualization techniques